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Thread: 16th Feb

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    Re: 16th Feb

    Good evening Abbers!

    Sunny & a nice 50 degrees here today, spring is on the way
    There was too much on YB’s to do list today so my machine is still sitting idle. I showed him the youtube video & some other repair info so I hope he can fix it himself. I am not fond of working on things like that, I’m much more comfortable removing sutures & skin staples & redressing wounds, ha ha!! We all have our niche

    Hi PQ, is your weekend weather awesome too?

    Cyn, today is Saturday - good guess, haha! You’re not the only one who struggles with things like that!!!!
    My daughter & granddaughter were in NYC today having tea at the American Girl Doll store. It was a pre-birthday gift from her aunt. I got a few pics, looked like a nice day

    Pauly, you didn’t see any politicians this week? Lucky you!
    I hear you about your back handling those kids in those car seats, ouch! I made them jump in themselves as soon as they could manage then I buckled them in safely. If they can walk & climb on furniture they can climb into the car seat, haha!!

    Mick, I can’t believe it’s still raining on you, sorry. At least you can play with your trains & bunnies inside & stay out of trouble!!
    I hope you get some weather relief real soon!

    Det, great job on all the work! I’m happy for you!
    So you got to mingle with the politicians & you survived, LOL. Not sure if I would even walk across the street to see one these days.

    Sam, hope you are OK, we haven’t seen you for quite a while!

    I hope everyone has a decent night!
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    Re: 16th Feb

    Mae all -

    Well, from stuffed toilet rolls to dinner with a Presidential candidate, tea in NYC, etc, the news is hopping around here.

    Mick, what a clever way to entertain the peskies, loved imagining that. Lav, I really hope YB gets interested in fixing the machine... he needs a winter project, right? Pauly, so sorry about the iron issues, wonder why? And I like Lav's solution to the car seat - your back needs a break! I hear ya about the political situation - it's very upsetting. Det, congrats on all the shoots and getting to your special meetings, along with a fancy dinner? Sheesh! I don't seem to be able energy to muster for getting excited about any of them, ah well. Sorry about getting stuck... that would about drive me insane. Hello to PPQ and Sam and all dropping by...

    Wishing all a great Sunday...

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    Re: 16th Feb

    Mae everybody, I'll post when the new thread appears haha
    I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

    I'm taking care of the "tomorrow me"
    Drinkin won't help a damn thing! Will only make me sick for DAYS and that ugly, spacey dumb feeling-no thanks!

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