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Thread: 1 Mar

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    Re: 1 Mar

    Greetings Abbers,

    Woke up with a sore mouth but a couple of Ibuprofen took care of that. No facial swelling this time which is a plus
    We went to Costco yesterday & Walmart today & experienced the panic shoppers. No need for all of that but what can you do?
    The coronavirus patient who showed up at the hospital where my daughter works was sent home to isolate. He/she wasn’t all that sick but did test +.
    I really think we’ll be OK if everyone uses common sense & follows some simple precautions like frequent hand washing & staying out of crowds for a while. Sadly I just heard Italy had 49 deaths today.
    While at Walmart this morning we ran into our son & DIL, haha! She & her Dad took a 9:30 pm flight from Orlando to Philly. My son picked them up & they delivered her Dad to the rehab very late last night. I think I’ll stop in maybe Sunday & see how he’s doing.

    PQ, hate losing a post, don’t blame you!
    I was surprised the dentist offered the implants. I saw my xrays & the bone loss is very evide
    Pauly, hormones run every system in our bodies. When they’re not at optimal levels then things go haywire. Doctors know this, why don’t they do better at offering some real help? Sorry

    Cyn, glad to hear your SD is improving. I was amazed at how quickly Tamiflu worked for YB.
    Blessings on you for getting your tax work done so early, yay!!

    Mick, my poor dog had a bad morning but she’s better now!
    I cut her food back from 1/2 cup twice daily to 1/3 cup twice daily because the vet says she’s too fat. This has sparked panic eating of everything & anything she can find outside ~ if you know what I mean. No wonder she makes herself sick from time to time, haha! Glad you had some sunshine today. We’re hoping to get some on Sunday.

    Hello to Det, hope you are doing well.

    Have a nice night all!
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    Re: 1 Mar

    Mae all -

    Lav, sorry for the sore mouth, hope that gets better today... oh, poor pup, but ack what they find outside!!! It's her revenge on you! I am assembling all our complicated tax info feverishly now because the accountant has a March cutoff date, and if you are late, he doesn't get around to them until June. We have paid some stiff penalties for being late... it keeps motivation high!

    Mick, yes, all we can do is be somewhat prepared, right? How was Julie's birthday? What are the rabbits up to?

    PPQ, so sorry you had to endure that meeting- did you say over two hours? What on earth could he talk about all that time? Hope your seesaw weather is favoring you today.

    Pauly, how's stuff going? I hope your business is still good and that people are not getting too nutty about going out and doing their stuff. Sorry about the iron being so complicated... crossing fingers for a fix soon.

    Det, how goes the days for you? Like Mick recommended, I use rubbing alcohol... I put it in a spray bottle, and spray a bit of that often when I am checking surfaces, easy-peasy. Hope some more jobs are coming through for you! Check for supplies at Staples - they had a surprising amount of paper goods and stuff.

    Sam, how are you feeling, any better?

    OK, wishing all well - off to the mines...

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    Re: 1 Mar

    Mae everybody, just wishing everyone a happy BF day for now-back later!
    I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

    I'm taking care of the "tomorrow me"
    Drinkin won't help a damn thing! Will only make me sick for DAYS and that ugly, spacey dumb feeling-no thanks!

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    Re: 1 Mar

    MAE ALL...

    Quick post as my weather is not favoring me today TG. Currently siting at 14F with a windchill of -4F with the snow just starting. Popping out as I need to refill a prescription. Will check in later...PPQP

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    Re: 1 Mar

    hiya all are we today then? all good I hope...still full of the sniffles here ,but apart from that no probs..another case not so far from us ,but the main things I can see is be sensible ,wash your hands etc...and most of all stop listening to the bloody media !!Panic buying has hit a high here big time..If for some reason I catch it ..the rabbits will be on half rations .Out detecting doesnt look too bad .

    hiya ppqp are you then ?hows things your way with this lot?is this virus thing a big issue your way too?or is it just the weather take care anyway did you get the cards in yesterday?

    hiya treacle ...hows you then? all good I hope Rabbits are doing good it was sunny yesterday...Ive sent you a pic of Bonnie struggling with life on messenger..As you say all we can do is be prepared as much as we can..all Im doing is change my routine a bit...stay away from crowded shopping centre ,go shopping first thing in the morning on weekdays ,wash hands clean work surfaces ...and stop watching the media rubbish.Julie was working on her birthday... but I made her fave meal when she got home ....and the other thing ...Upgraded our flight to Orlando to premium class..sounds crazy but its an 8.5 hr flight...oh and plus she had a choice of 2 birthday cards from moi..

    hows the dog Lav?she ok? heres a funny article to read ..

    Laxatives sell out as hoarders try to make use of excess toilet paper | The Chaser

    glad mouth hasnt swollen up ...mine is a wee bit sore .I dont know why it has hit Italy so badly .hope you have a good weekend

    hiya pauly ok?hope so

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    A) Hide their spades.

    I don't know why anyone would ever want a pocket calculator..

    It's really easy to count how many pockets I've got.

    Me and my limbo team go way back!

    Q) What do you call a man with a map on his head?

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    The manager responded, "Sir that's a personal matter

    Husband: "The window won't open! That's a maintenance matter!"

    After 25 years, I'm finally retiring for health reasons from my career as a Police Detective.

    I'd like to continue for a few more years, but my knuckles are much too bruised and sore.

    Fck me, I've done a bit of panic buying, 2 tins of lidl beans and a full half dozen eggs, I'll be buying a large loaf before you know it.

    The Premier League have banned pre-game handshakes between players to prevent the spread of coronavirus.
    Never mind the fact that they'll be rolling around on the pitch in each other's spit for 90 minutes.

    The World Health Organisation has stated that animals can't get Corona virus and that all dogs in quarantine should be released.

    WHO let the dogs out.


    Rather than wish to contract Coronavirus in order to have 14 days in isolation, pretend to have it and take two weeks off without feeling crap.
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    Re: 1 Mar

    Good evening Abbers,

    I have the company of my younger grandson, the eating machine tonight, Lol
    He’s turning 9 next month & as the appetite of a full grown man! There goes my stockpile if extra food, haha.
    Sunny today which is nice but it was cold & windy. Tomorrow is supposed to be near 60 - I’ll believe it when I see it, really!
    The dog is fine, no garbage eating today, thank goodness. Maybe she learned her lesson yesterday.

    Cyn, fortunately our accountant is an old friend of ours & he doesn’t get uppity if we forget to send stuff. We just get an email & we send him whatever was missing. Good luck!

    Pauly, hello to you!

    PQ, I ordered better weather for you, wonder what happened to it, geez. Sorry you have to deal with that!
    We’re having one of those super full moons on Monday & I noticed this evening the moon is already looking full. Hope it doesn’t bring winter back or anything.

    Mick, funny about the laxatives & toilet paper, haha! Those fools deserve what they get
    I hear cases of the virus are doubling daily in the surrounding counties. Nothing is under control yet.
    Good luck detecting tomorrow!

    Hi Det & Sam!

    Have a nice night one & all!
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