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Thread: 15 march

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    Re: 15 march

    Said his test was negative for the virus,...Lav self respecting germ would go near him
    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 5..done that bimbling into year 6..tick ..done that one he casually strolls into numero 7


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    Re: 15 march

    Mae all -

    Well another day... I am slowly bring boxes of things from our storage locker back to the apartment ( they will live under the piano). Now it looks like we will be headed to CA in the beginning of May, not the end of May... so all this stuff needs to be gone through and digitized... I have it here in case we must sequester... at least we'll have stuff to do. And I want to see all the family photos and those of the two of us over the last 20 years... everything seems much more precious now... it's a time to circle the wagons with love.

    Mick, are you seeing flowers yet? So many things burst into bloom suddenly here... cold, and supposed to rain, but nature seems happy. Lav, glad your family is well - hoping that continues. Thx for that scary but informative video on FB... know thy enemy - always a good thing. Det, I keep hoping something pops up for you. Pauly, yep, not only can I not do my work, but my hubs' job canceled everything so he's out too just one week shy of full-time, he will get no compensation of any sort. We can hang in, but the biggest part of our income is in the summer... if that goes away... not sure what to do. Health care jobs! The wave of the future! PPQ, you stay away from people,and stay safe, please! Sam, how's it going? Shout out to Pi, we are here - we are all walking each other home...

    Sending love and light to all ---

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    Re: 15 march

    Quote Originally Posted by Lavande View Post
    Greetings Abbers,

    Another day-of entertaining myself at home, not bad. I even got started on some garden beds. Supposed to rain tomorrow Iíll find something else to do.
    Everyone I know is still healthy so I am grateful. I do have to go get my BP checked tomorrow, hope no one is in there coughing, ugh.

    Pie, weíre patient & will be here when you are ready. Sooner rather than later is a good idea. You owe it to yourself, really.

    Cyn, I imagine a lot of your face to face contacts with people are on hold for the time being. Just as well, I want you to stay healthy too

    Pauly, you seem to be putting up a lot of resistance to things that none of us have any control over. Please donít do that to yourself, it wonít change anything. All you will accomplish is irritating yourself when you need to be treating yourself with extra kindness. There are a lot of unknowns we are all facing right now, believe me. You likely will be spending more time with the boys if their schools are closed. You could make some fun projects with them. Have you been seeing all the online resources to keep kids busy? Thereís a ton of them. Hang in there, we are all in this together.

    Mick, 45 was on TV this afternoon talking more BS but Iím sure yuo donít want to hear about it, haha!!Said his test was negative for the virus, too bad, Lol

    Det, PQ & Sam, thinking of all you guys!

    Gotta go close up the chickens, have a good night everyone!

    Lav, I know you only posted this to help but unless you're gonna help me pay rent, utilities and food please don't comment on my being stressed out,you're retired and home most of the time anyways,I'm in my mid 40's trying to make a living through all this still,this is my last post here for awhile I wish you all well and stay safe and healthy!
    I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

    I'm taking care of the "tomorrow me"
    Drinkin won't help a damn thing! Will only make me sick for DAYS and that ugly, spacey dumb feeling-no thanks!

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    Re: 15 march

    A good afternoon all... how are you today then? Things are certainly hotting up over here and I don't mean the weather as from today day- all travel abroad from the UK is is banned and all major sporting events are now banned all gatherings meetings etc are banned all public worship Iinchurches etc services are banned the only thing that's left open over here now strangely enough .. our schools because they reckon children aren't a high risk they still carriers aren't they? Also advising people not to go to clubs pubs or anything like that anymore which is going to have a massive impact on their businesses they reckon at least 50% of our Airlines will be bankrupt by the end of May but on the bright side it's not raining here haha

    Ok here's my thoughts on this....and the thread.. at the moment open to suggestions by whoever whatever it.. matters not but but I have no doubt at all people are getting stressed panicky worried and frightened of what the future holds I think we all want to help...between us there are thousands of miles but wherever possible I think we should try and help each other whether that be private messages, a laugh, open messages or whatever it matters not... that's where it's open to suggestion as long as we know we are all ok now I don't mind doing that at all in fact a lot of you will have seen me send me stupid things around through messenger.. that is part of it just to send a bit of stupidity lightness humour call it whatever you want whilst things are a bit grim..we all come from different walks of life but the common thing is is we are on here because we stopped and intend to stop drinking and stay that way ,so whatever you think whatever you decide, give a couple of minutes each day not just hi and bye just to to help each other out and yes I do realise some people have got more time than is entirely up to us.. that is simply my suggestion that's all
    On the back of the trump clown trying to buy the possible vaccine for this virus for his own self and let's make no bones about it it was to increase his own kudos for the electorate I saw that thing about the Americans queuing up to buy guns what's that all about?

    Hiya pauly.. how are you feeling today then? I do realise it's hard times for you struggling and also the added pressures of work... is it going to be in work, is there any income is my shop when I'm closed etc I also understand what you're talking about retired people with savings etc etc saying hey will get through this don't panic...things like that are way beyond our control, we can offer each other friendship support etc which was was all we needed and wanted when we first came here to quit drinking and that's why I'm saying any ideas anyone can come up with are welcome
    On a positive note however, none of the workers on my railway have yet got the virus or self isolating so business is as usual on there haha
    Ok folks that's about it for the moment like I said take it easy and let's be here for each other have a great afternoon

    There are three switches downstairs. Each corresponds to one of the three light bulbs in the attic. You can turn the switches on and off and leave them in any position.
    How would you identify which switch corresponds to which light bulb, if you are only allowed one trip upstairs?

    Your last good ping-pong ball fell down into a narrow metal pipe in concrete one foot deep.
    How can you get it out undamaged, if all the tools you have are your tennis paddle, your shoe-laces, and your plastic water bottle, which does not fit into the pipe?

    Three Masters of Logic wanted to find out who was the wisest amongst them. So they turned to their Grand Master, asking to resolve their dispute.
    "Easy," the old sage said. "I will blindfold you and paint either red, or blue dot on each man's forehead. When I take your blindfolds off, if you see at least one red dot, raise your hand. The one, who guesses the color of the dot on his forehead first, wins."
    And so it was said, and so it was done. The Grand Master blindfolded the three contestants and painted red dots on every one. When he took their blindfolds off, all three men raised their hands as the rules required, and sat in silence pondering. Finally, one of them said: "I have a red dot on my forehead."
    How did he guess?

    If you had a 5-liter bowl and a 3-liter bowl, and an unlimited access to water, how would you measure exactly 4 liters?

    The day before yesterday I was 25 and the next year I will be 28. This is true only one day in a year.
    What day is my birthday?

    Replace each letter for a unique digit so that the equation is correct.
    (J+O+I+N+T)3 = JOINT

    This corona virus must be serious.

    My local Burger King have cleaned their tables twice today.

    Just picked up a Big Mac Meal at the drive-thru.

    I'm not hungry, I just need the napkins for wiping my ass

    Minimal contact with the world outside home.
    No parties
    No going down the pub
    No visits to or from family and fruends
    No mass gatherings
    No trips to concerts or sporting events.
    I knew it!
    It was inevitable that the rest of you would catch up with my lifestyle at some stage.

    Top tip, if your down to your last sheet of Andrex and you have the flu, BLOW YOUR NOSE FIRST!

    I can't find any bog roll in my local shops so I've started panic buying imodium

    So how come it's only men & women getting killed by this Coronavirus? How come all the other 800 genders aren't getting wiped out?

    Are workers at hand-sanitiser and toilet roll manufacturing companies being sent home?

    In Tesco earlier and saw a man with a trolly full of toilet paper, hand sanitizer and baby wipes.. I then confronted him calling him a selfish sh.t and that he needs to think about the people who actually need it like mum's and elderly people etc... Told him he should be ashamed of himself... With that he said "I totally understand where you're coming from but I work here now if you don't mind I'd like to carry on stacking the shelfs"

    Scotland Yard are reporting theft of toilet rolls from the station.

    Apparently the police have nothing to go on.

    Never in human history has constipation been counted as a blessing before.

    I'm checking whether I'm insured against the Coronavirus.

    I think I'm Covid.
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    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 5..done that bimbling into year 6..tick ..done that one he casually strolls into numero 7


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    Re: 15 march

    MAE ALL...

    Mick...good job on keeping the virus out of your railroad. Alberta just announced a state of emergency and all community associations are closed. Boss had actually said if you've got things to do work from home. He has a conference call with the board right now and they'd decide what they were going to do. Guess the decision was made for them.

    Pauly...I'm sorry you were offended by Lav's post. I will miss you and hope you change your mind. When it comes to people giving me advice I have one rule...take what I need and leave the rest.

    As far as Mick's suggestion about the thread I know in the beginning I just needed someone to talk to, I was a mess. Knowing that I wasn't alone in my feelings made all the difference and gave me the courage to start stopping. It's not easy coming up with things to post all the time but sometimes reading about someone else's day gives me insights into things I can change in my life. I'm here to listen to anyone who wants to share and hope that the things I share help others in some way or another. We're all in this together.....PPQP

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    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 5..done that bimbling into year 6..tick ..done that one he casually strolls into numero 7


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    Re: 15 march

    Greetings all,

    Let me just say my only intention for Pauly last evening was to get her to stop beating herself up over something that’s not in her control!
    None of us have any control in this pandemic but was can make things a little easier for ourselves.

    And just to be perfectly clear we also pay a mortgage on this house & buy food to eat. Retired people pay bills too & even dip into savings too when needed. We are all being punished by this viral pandemic there’s no need to punish one another.

    Peace out!!!!
    AF since 03/26/09
    NF since 05/19/09
    Success comes one day at a time

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    Re: 15 march

    evening all
    well, these are serious times but I refuse to live in fear. I can't believe watching my savings evaporate.... but hopefully all will right itself eventually. I feel like I'm finally getting back to normal since my last bout with the flu. Sure don't need this other virus!
    Pauly, don't stay away too long.
    TG, you sound pretty busy!
    Mick, like the Irish joke... a good St. Patty's joke
    Mick & PQ, I'm pretty guilty of wandering off for awhile, but believe it or not I visit pretty regular and read. I still value the thread, there are times I just don't got much to say.
    Lav, hens are laying now! Much virus freak out up your way? This is when we give our chicken houses a good cleaning, went out to get face masks for dust the local store, all gone.
    went to the grocery store the other to get some cough drops, noticed that the shelves were bare, 'cept for the cough drops.
    Det, how's you be?
    Pi, come on back as often as you can.

    I hope everyone is well.
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    Re: 15 march

    Mae all -

    I managed to check FB last night, but fell asleep in the process! I am disciplining myself to go on and connect daily with friends across the nation... I think connection is crucial at this time. And that's why I am so glad we have this space to share our our struggles and victories, thanks all!

    Mick, am seriously living in your train kingdom in my mind! Peace, contentment. Thanks for that vision. Lav, I have this crazy idea that the gov't should train all citizens (kind of like the draft) in basic health care skills, so that they can be called on in an emergency... just basic stuff - remember the 'candy stripers' of our youth? Government should do it now and train and employ those people whose livelihoods have vanished. Det, I am thinking of doing grocery store work... they must need stockers in the middle of the night, baggers, checkout... would that be a stop-gap for you? Pauly - my husband is desperate for a hair cut, the place is closed - it made me think about you - here's a what-if - could you contact customers and give cuts in your home/backyard? In a park? Desperate times need desperate measures! Sam, sorry about the masks - I hate to hear you were doing that dusty work without a good mask! PPQ, wow, so glad that you can work from home - hope all keeps going.

    OK, I am off to figure out how we are going to pack up and move to CA in May on a shoestring... Fortunately I have always liked a good puzzle!

    Cheers to all - please stay in and stay healthy and enjoy every clear breath that we can take... what a gift that is.

    Hold the light -

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    Re: 15 march

    Greetings zombieland survivors of the highest order from citizen D in the Vegas cyberwasteland. wow, that was weird

    Sense of humor: holding
    Sleep: amost adequate after last night. yay
    Income: 2 potential small jobs for late in the week... hopefully yay!

    yes, Peeps are stressing hard here and everywhere. This country is just so lucky so much of the time that we aren't normally whacked with serious fears and now they are here and
    there are some mental and emotional gymnastics that inevitably take place. Community is everything I I sincerely appreciate the presence of each and every one of you.
    Tree, yes I agree and thank goodness we do have social media now when we have a real need for it.
    Did you guys see the article about people in Italy playing songs and singing from their balconies? neighborhoods are singing and playing music together as it echoes through their towns.
    So beautiful.

    Pauly, we're in the same boat and certainly not alone. I'm looking at all kinds of odd jobs here, applying and see what sticks. Supposedly our fearless leaders have appropriated a Trillion bucks to send
    emergency support funding to all citizens in need. That would be super great... standing by to learn more. I have extra beans and rice, so worse case scenario I can bicycle you some extra supplies!

    going to brace the 'great outdoors' and make a trip to storage and back with a few supplies as it looks like it's going to be a while before this blows over afterall.

    Day 9 of not vaping. boy do I have bad timing. ha!

    Darlene is at work and they are having meetings to disucss if they're staying open and for what hours etc.

    I made calzones last night which was fun, will have to think of something clever for tonight...

    ok loves, chin up, be well, and I'll catch you soon
    nosce te ipsum
    (Know Thyself)

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