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Thread: 15 march

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    Re: 15 march

    Greetings everyone,

    Had a sunny but chilly day here, no rain. Good day for a long walk down my lonely road with my doggie
    Seeing the pictures of usually busy places like Grand Central Station in NYC & Times Square almost completely empty is just strange. Sometimes you feel like you’re in an episode of The Twilight Zone, really. Just heard of the death of the first US nurse. She contracted the virus while overseas somewhere, 61 years old with a history of asthma. Sad times!

    Mick, you don’t usually run into a lot of people when you’re out detecting, do you? Maybe you can sneak a little time in tomorrow.
    With everyone losing jobs right now I think you’re right about the under bridge census - look out, Lol
    My Fit Bit gave up on me so I’m using an app called Pacer. As long as you have your phone in your pocket it’s counting your steps

    Hello to Cyn, hope you are OK today & enjoying some clear skies as well.

    PQ, how’s things up there in Canadia today?

    Det, what did you make for dinner? I made a big pan of oven fried chicken tenders & some sweet potato fries, yum.

    Sam & Pie, how are you guys?

    Pauly, check in with us & let us know you are OK.

    Have a decent night everyone!
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    Re: 15 march

    MAE ALL...

    Det...hope you had a good shoot. Pandemic Party 2020 T-shirts, like in "I Survived"? I'm not sure what Darlene does but I hope the turd closes up shop soon, this is way too serious.

    TG...some signs of spring around here would be really uplifting. Unfortunately more snow in the forecast. Nothing serious just annoying. are you doing? I find myself slipping into a funk after watching all this virus stuff on the tv. It's the same thing over and over again. I finally turned it all off. Keep your chin up and your elbow down. LOL

    Lav...glad you were able to get a visit in with your son, too bad about the teaching job. It was a warm sunny day today so I spent a lot of time doing short walks around the complex just to get out of the house. It's only been 5 days and they're saying 2 weeks is not going to be long enough...say it with me God, grant me the serenity....Made a big crock pot of spaghetti sauce which will end up becoming various different meals. Running out of space in my tiny fridge freezer. LOL

    Mick...if you go detecting tomorrow do you travel with your buddy or meet him there? Our news reporters are using hockey sticks with their mikes taped on them to interview people in person. It's about 6 feet. I'll send you one. I haven't experienced any shop mobs but then there's certain places I won't go, Walmart/Costco. Mainly people are still polite and patient here, nice to see. I refuse to use skype/video conferencing. Takes me long enough to look decent for work not doing that if I'm not going out. Boss finally sent a notice for our website so at least that's something. I'm sure he's going crazy and am grateful I'm not the one dealing with it. One of the bridge ladies called yesterday to see if I wanted to go to her place to play cards. She got back from Australia on Monday so it was hard but I passed. I just can't take any chances.

    Wishing all a peaceful night....PPQP

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    Re: 15 march

    Mae all -

    Quick goodnight - see you on the other thread. Hey everybody, stay safe out there!

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