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Thread: 29 March

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    Re: 29 March

    Mae everybody, Cyn I was just thinking yesterday about the cost of all of this, I know alot of people don't have insurance and if they get hospitalized and recover will they have a hefty bill in a few weeks, that would be awful! Glad hubs is out of there and home Lav, sorry about the wind, think I hate that more than any other weather! My allergies are in full force! Thank goodness for Amazon cuz I can get my hylands a day after I order them, Mick, that's unbelievable in the Philippines! Guess you're right and they won't do it twice, hubs wants me to go to Walmart with him this morning I told him no way! They're starting to limit how many people go in and I'm not standing in a line waiting all day, did that at Whole foods last week and it made me irritable, keep thinking I don't even want to go back to that shop when this is over, then on the other hand I don't know if any other salons will be hiring right off the bat either, Kell wants to go back long enough to get caught up on bills then quit, sounds like a plan maybe, anyhoo much love to all and wishes for a great BF Saturday, shout out to PQ, Sam and Det love you all!
    I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

    I'm taking care of the "tomorrow me"
    Drinkin won't help a damn thing! Will only make me sick for DAYS and that ugly, spacey dumb feeling-no thanks!

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    Re: 29 March

    Hello and good afternoon to you? How are you all doing? Staying safe indoors and secure I hope the weather over here was supposed to be really hot today day, and people were panicking that the lunatics would be out disobeying the advice given to stay at home but fortunately the weather isn't that clever. Been busy in the garden this morning, on though I have had my ear chewed for it but I want to get the police sorted out ready for the stone and compost next week
    Hiya pauly how are you today then? hope all is well with you. Like you with your allergies, I have a cough that has decided not to go away it is more irritating than anything else. Yes certainly wouldn't break the curfew twice in the Philippines! You take care of yourself whether you're standing in a queue at Walmart or anywhere else

    Hiya ppqp and how are you then today? Did you manage to finish the May newsletter and is it still snowing? You take care

    Hiya lav hope all is well with you today yes I moved all the stone there is out of the road just waiting for the loose to come next week and then it's busy busy busy for a day I would suspect what are you planting up?

    Hiya treacle and how are you doing today then? how's hubby doing? Hope all is well you both take care

    Hello Sam the Man how are you doing today hope all is well with you

    Big hello to everyone else take care stay safe will put some jokes up later on I'm struggling at the moment
    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 8..done that bimbling into year 9..tick ..done that one he casually strolls into numero 10


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    Re: 29 March

    Good evening friends,

    Much better day here - no wind!!! Waited until after dinner to take my walk down the road, not bad at all.

    Cyn, I had a feeling. After seeing news reports that transportation by ambulance is going to be a thing. Glad he’s home & can rest in comfort. Keep up with his O2 & med schedule & he’ll be OK. I don’t imagine this virus disappears quickly for anyone. Did they order any nebulizer treatments for him?
    \Take care of yourself as well

    Pauly, like you I can’t. Stand waiting in line for anything. My ADHD shows almost immediately haha!
    I guess it’s kind of hard to plan returning to work at this point when no one really knows what’s going on in the world. Hang in there & be well in the meantime.

    Mick, I busied myself making soup & sewing face masks today. YB got outside & planted 120 onion sets & was moaning & groaning when he came back in, haha!
    I handed off a bag with 3 masks to a local nurse today. She was grateful & said she knows lots of people who wantthem so I’ll stay. busy for a while. Glad to be of help.

    Hello PQ, whatcha doing?

    Hi to Det & Sam & Pie if you’re looking in.

    Have a nice night everyone!
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    Re: 29 March

    top of the quarantine evening ABeroooooonies!

    oh my, still alive and kicking here but something had me going the other day. was feeling super crap and slept a couple days with chronically low energy and terrible headache which
    I never get, dunno what the heck that was but I'm mostly better now thankfully and busy as a one legged man in an ass kicking competition. Figure if we're mostly stuck at home we'll
    be productive so today we planted a patio garden which so far includes 3 varieties of tomatoes, sage, chives (garlic chives!) and a large tray of microgreens. Made Greek souvlaki and an
    insane Det version of a taboouli salad, yes I have pics somewhere... I've been taking short cooking video clips so that I have some footage to practice with. I'm going to make a tribute to
    Italy little cooking video which will be fun.
    Amazingly I do have a shoot on Monday in an abandoned house... perfect!

    TreeGirl, so glad you two are in good care.

    Lav, so busy there too I see. it really does help. that was lovely to gift the PPE to the nurse. the thought that for decades our medical
    staff have been so under-equipped for an anticipated threat in unconscionable. grrrrr.

    Pauly, loving the IG cops of your cuties! keep them coming.

    Sam, old or young we keep trucking man. awesome.

    PPQ, I'll be wanting to hide up there soon as it's getting warmish again.

    Mick, sorry to hear your humor is being challenged. It appears things are heating up with C19 very quickly for the UK and the US
    now. We are in for a bumpy damn ride folks. time for a group hug. dammit.. no hugs that really sucks but we'll pop through soon
    as humanly possible. one thing for sure is we are an incredibly resiliant species.

    apologies if I've missed anyone, playing catchup here and afraid to scroll back.

    Also continuing on DuoLingo to learn Italian, getting in walks around the gated community here, doing strange workouts using household things best I can.
    managed to strain my back from playing catch yesterday. wtf? yep. but it's just muscular strain, no biggie.

    and... still off the nic vape which is grand.

    Darlene has made some rather nifty masks for us as she's a master seamstress and so clever with the things Lav does. i can barely stitch a button back on. agh.

    holy crap it's late and I'm babbling on like a loon.

    be well loves!
    nosce te ipsum
    (Know Thyself)

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