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Thread: June 14

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    Re: June 14

    MAE ALL...

    Pauly....I'm watching the pre-rally news and can't believe the number of people who have showed up. It's nice that LB was able to stay another week. Are you working on Saturdays again? Hope you have a good day.'s not quite 27 here but it's hot with predicted thunderstorms this afternoon. Hope it's nothing like last weekend. Hope the sunflower survives the move outside especially through a downpour. Nice that you were able to get out for a walk, I actually did the same thing. Was not going to waste this nice weather on work. Our management company went out of business during the epidemic and the complex is just a mess. Hope the Condo board gets something set up soon or we'll be inundated with dandelions. They're about 3ft right now. Been updating our website while I wait for information from the prog coord which was promised to me last Wednesday!!

    Lav...that's one way to get the plants watered. Hope you didn't get a deluge. Actually ended up having ribs for dinner and they were great, all food tastes better when I don't cook it. Has all the cement work been finished? Can't believe it's the first day of summer. Son went camping again this weekend but he actually asked me for a package of face masks before he went. Wonder if friends have been talking to him.

    Shout out to Pi, Det, Sam and TG.

    Since no further website updates have arrived I think I'll head down to the community garden and see how things are going. Will try and post a pic later. Have a great Saturday all....PPQP

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    Re: June 14

    Greetings everyone!

    Rain & sun here today, takings turns I guess haha!
    Made a quick stop in Walmart where I saw a few young men without their masks pulled up over their faces. Why wear it around your neck? It’s not going to do any damn good there.
    Everyone has a brain, why not use it?

    Mick, a 5 mile hike is a pretty good one for me, LOL
    Don’t know what ever happened to my package of sunflower seeds after YB said he would get them started for me. Who knows? He’s mad as hell today because he found 3 groundhogs in his garden chewing up brussell sprout, broccoli & cauliflower plants. He ran temporary fencing all around his garden area for now - at least he didn’t shoot them, haha!
    I hope your sunflower blooms nicely for you!

    Pauly, nice that your daughter is staying a while longer. Enjoy the time together
    I can’t imagine how bad things are going to be after that damn rally. I’m pretty sick of ignorant people. Did you see the picture of the guy in a diaper at therally with a sign posted on it that said ‘Covid my ass!’
    Can’t fix stupid!!!!

    PQ, we’ve bene having small frequent storms so nothing has washed out so far. We do have a flood warning up for tonight though.
    All of the outside work is done for now, I just need to get someone to powerwash all the grfeen off the house siding, haha! YB keeps saying he’ll do it but I don’t think he can.
    Let he dandelions grow, they’re good for the bees

    Hello to PIe, Detm Sam & Cyn.

    Take care everyone & have a nice night!
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    Re: June 14

    Mae everybody, Lav and PQ I love dandelions, they look like a mini sunflower but then I don't have a lawn so I have no room to talk, PQ, glad your son took some masks cuz I've noticed that alot of these new cases are the young 'uns 20+ at first it seemed only older peeps got it, ribs are always good no matter who cooks them haha! Mick, you summed it up pretty good right there, wishes for a wonderful BF Father's day for anyone celebrating it, hope everyone has a wonderful day!
    I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

    I'm taking care of the "tomorrow me"
    Drinkin won't help a damn thing! Will only make me sick for DAYS and that ugly, spacey dumb feeling-no thanks!

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