Greetings all,

Sunny, hot & humid again.......
I am ready for that wonderful crisp fall air, LOL. Wonder if we’re even going to have a fall season this year. Everything is so messed up!
I have been no where & done as little as possible all day. ZERO motivation, honestly.

Det, hope you found something (anything) to do this weekend.

Hey Pauly, still working Saturdays or no?

Mick, are the bunnies socially distancing too? Haha!
Glad your day got a break from the rain

PQ, when I’m out & see someone without a mask or wearing their mask under their nose I quietly point it out to them. I point to my mask & point to them - they get the message. Not much more we can do.
Glad you’re keeping your Saturday work free

Hello to Pie, Sam & Cyn!

Have a nice night everyone!