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    Re: august 9th...its nearly Christmas

    Good evening Abbers,

    It’s actually 75 degrees out with much lower humidity - Wow! NICE!!!
    I know it won’t last long & tomorrow we’ll be on the road half the day for the memorial service for DIL’s mom.

    Sam, they’re called covidiots these days, haha! The are everywhere & hard to avoid even though we try. I hope you have a lovely evening playing some tunes

    Mick, what kind of caterpillars are you getting on the kale? Haven’t had much problem with insects in teh veggie garden this year, just destructive groundhogs.
    Hope your van switch goes easily enough. You have lots to look forward to, lucky!

    Det, in my previous life I cared for GSW victims & stabbing victims & I can tell you right now, without a doubt I would rather be shot!! Stabbings are way too up close & personal & messy
    Hope today’s photoshoot goes well despite the heat. Guess you’re getting used to it now?
    Chick moving day has been delayed a little bit because YB decided we need add a wall inside the coop that the snakes can’t penetrate. I appreciate that because we’ve had so many snakes in there this summer & I can’t stand the things, ugh!

    PQ, won’t the boss be surprised when his butt hits the door? Haha!! He needs to get his act together, that’s for sure!
    Hope you found the garden in good shape today. Take care of yourself

    Hello to Pauly, Pie & Cyn.

    Have a nice night all!

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    Re: august 9th...its nearly Christmas

    Happy Sunday ABeroooooskies!

    PPQ, best to you on the tests, and the boss

    Lav, yay for better weather! I hope we can all avoid serious wounds of any kinds that's for sure... I haven't been to the ER in
    an impressively long time (for me) and hoping to keep it that way.

    I've never grown kale so no help on that one. I did however just finish a batch of chestnut flour blueberry muffins and they came out....
    pretty weird LOL. the texture is smooth and takes getting used to but I like the nutty flavor. will have to tweak that one.

    wish we could come up with a way to repair our 14yo problem child. she's a whiny, back-talking little turd of a princess that really doesn't
    care about anything. not one darn thing except that phone that's glued to her face. I'm looking at legal options regarding youth incorrigibility laws.
    I'm running out of ideas. aaaaagh!

    Sam, live music still something you're engaged in ? I really miss the ho-downs we used to attend when I was a kiddo.

    well, it's actually more like 112F here lately and it sure feels like it. Lav you'd asked if I was getting used to it and sadly my body just doesn't get
    used to severe heat. I really can't wait to get out of this filthy circus of a city. sorry to complain... just motivating myself to find a better spot to live.
    Europe is largely still shut for US travellers but there are a few interesting exceptions such as Croatia which is pretty darn nice.

    Mick, are you setting up your van with a pop-out tent? that's sure been popular here. have you seen the TY channel 'cheap rv living'? it's really good.

    girly is determined to lay in bed with her phone so the two of us will take off in a few to do errands, hit the gym and maybe a cafe for a cappuccino.

    last night I made garlic/butter puree'd rutabegas, suate'd mushrooms with rosemary and a tritip over pecan wood with dry rub. sooooo darn good
    if I may say so myself. moink!

    ok, off to brave the heat.

    be well loves
    nosce te ipsum
    (Know Thyself)

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