Good evening Abbers,

Sunny & warming up just like they said it would.
Left the house just once today & that was so we could get our flu vaccines. Getting them early this year is highly recommended due to all the Covid stuff. God help the person who comes down with two viral infections this year.
I’m about to finish up some masks & get them ready for mailing. I wonder how long they’re going to take to travel from here to Northen Lancaster County with the PO being so screwed up.

Mick, wow, that was fast. You’ll have your new driveway in no time! Take care of that aging back now......I totally get your pain.

Pauly, I have noticed that getting out isn’t as much fun as anticipated when you’re scared half to death of getting infected. I hope we feel easier about all this next year.

Hello to PQ, Pie, Sam, Det & Cyn! Hope everyone is happy & healthy

Have a nice night all!