Greetings Abbers,

Stinkerbell, haha Mick
Sounds like a bunny needs her jaws wired shut (just kidding). No more inside visits for her!!
The rain that was hanging over the southern states finally made it’s way here today. Leftover tropical storm remnants I think. Grandson has been occupied with playing online games all day so he didn’t even notice. Comes out to the kitchen every once in a while for a feeding, haha!

Pauly, sorry to hear about your car. Hopefully you can find a place that does decent body work.
I think there must be some maintenance person on duty to handle things like malfunctioning gates. Don’t these places have an office open on the property?
It’s great to be able to give the boys time away from each other. That’s basically why I’m watching this guy again this weekend. They enjoy the ‘only child’ treatment.

Hello to PQ, Det, Pie, Sam & Cyn!

Have a decent night everyone!