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    Re: October the 18th ...

    Good evening friends,

    Still warmish here but dry. I think some rain tomorrow then colder air returns, we shall see.

    PQ, I was referring to nebulizer treatments. Not sure how they handle it up your way but if your doc orders them, you get a small machine delivered to your home along with whatever bronchodilators they order. Plug in the machine & it makes an aerosol that you breathe in through a mouth piece. Very effective & quick way to clear up the lung congestion. Insurance covers the cost here or no one would bother,Lol. Glad you're feeling a bit better, hope that continues. Narilly lives somewhere near you & she says it’s super cold & snowing so you need To stay inside for now. That’s an order!!
    Sorry about the dryer, hope it gets fixed soon, geez.

    Pauly, I made it all the way thru the debate this time. Trump is still an !!@#$%^. He was slightly more civil but he didn’t debate, he flung personal attacks & accusations at Biden & his family, that’s just wrong.
    Good luck if you take the older dog, they do get touchy especially around little kids. I give all my dogs doggie joint enhancers as they age to keep them more comfortable. I don’t want any dog snapping at a little kid. The one from 800 Pet Meds works great. It’s glucosamine, chondroitin & MSM. I hope your co-worker is healthy enough to return to work.

    Mick, what’s up with you today?

    Hello to Det, man of super-sized prints

    Hello to Sam, Pie, Anjicia & Cyn. Hope everyone is OK.

    Have a nice night all!

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    Re: October the 18th ...

    MAE ALL...Baby it's cold out there!

    Pauly...ok, now I got it straight. Yes, I remember you telling us about her punching her coworker. So did the all clear coworker show up yesterday?

    Lav...not warmish here, it's a balmy 6F. We have nebulizer treatments here but hopefully I won't have to go that route. Heeding your order and not stepping foot outside today. We have a pile of snow out there. It's supposed to get to 50F next week, the roads will be a mess with all the melting.

    Mick...should I look up, way up for your post yesterday? Is it out there in the universe floating around?

    Sometimes things seem never ending. Can't get my dryer repaired till Wednesday and the only reason I got that date was because there was a cancellation. I will sure be glad when I can get back to my normal chaos.

    Waves to the rest of you.....PPQP

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    Re: October the 18th ...

    hiya all welcome from the tier 3 rain soaked ghetto are we today then?all good I hope ....its 15151 and almost dark already..and the clocks change tonight we get up in darkness and go to bed in darkness .it is just pouring down in vertical starting to flood already .

    Hiya Lav are you today then? Reading that article with interest .hope all is well with you .Amy phoned us earlier ..she is leaving the nhs as a midwife ....she has been head hunted as a research nurse..cant say Im over pleased but its her life ..She is also going to do shifts on the bank that way she keeps her midwifery pin .

    hiya pauly ...did you take the dog?Jeeves pigged himself again yesterday we went through the belly rubbing routine and take care

    hiya ppqp are you then? have you got all the appliances in and working now...did you get a card game in too?yes you were right ..meds it was !!!hope you are feeling ok?

    hiya AJ hope you are doing ok?

    big hello to everyone else..

    Yesterday I met my Welsh girlfriend’s whole family for the first time.

    Her father, her uncle, her brother.

    Nice guy.

    If you were stuck on an island with Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran, and had a gun with only one bullet....

    ..would you shoot yourself in the temple or under your chin?

    I was surprised when my dad told me he's a retired dog walker.

    I don't know why he doesn't walk working dogs too.

    The England vs Barbarians rugby match has been cancelled because some of the Barbarians went for a meal against covid regulations.

    Because sticking your head between arses in the scrum, is much safer than ordering the meal for four, isn't it?.

    My mate has multiple personality syndrome.

    He's just been arrested for having a group of more than six in his home.

    Think I might give Halloween a miss this year … after all, I’ve been munching sweets and wearing a mask since March.

    Reports that Germans may be the most promiscuous people in Europe have been put down to wandering Hans.

    Tory MP Ben Bradley suggests free school meals cash went to 'crack dens and brothels'.

    Fck me, how much does a school lunch cost?

    Before I became a stunt man, I trained to make mattresses.

    Just in case I needed something to fall back on.

    I got arrested for spraying graffiti.
    I'm not surprised.
    The writing was on the wall.
    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 5..done that bimbling into year 6..tick ..done that one he casually strolls into numero 7


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    Re: October the 18th ...

    Greetings friends,

    Cold weather about to return overnight, enjoyed the balmy days while they lasted.
    This time next Saturday the craft show will be over & hopefully I’ll be sitting here with another fistful of cash, haha!

    PQ, that will be a big meltdown next week, geez! Keep staying in & take care
    Can anyone get to a launder mat to use the dryers if needed until yours is repaired or replaced?

    Mick, too much darkness makes me feel like I’m back on night shift again, haha!
    That’s great that Amy landed the research job - every nurse’s dream when they get tired of dealing with patients day in & day out. She’s young so switching jobs now is much simpler. I hope she does well & good that she’s keeping the door open To her midwife job.

    Pauly, hello to you & hope everything is OK.
    Hello to Det & the same to you!

    Sam, Pie, Anjicia & Cyn, hello to you all.

    Have a nice night everyone!
    AF since 03/26/09
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    Success comes one day at a time

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    Re: October the 18th ...

    Morning all sorry i have not been around fora few days now but was not feeling great and still not but doing my best. We have another strict lock down here which does not help and in place till December first that if the morans in goverment don't drag it on further. Chaos here here in whats deemed essential to remain open and whats not anyway i will say no more on that subject as it mostly likely in the news and part of Uk are i nther same lock down as us. All of ireland is phase 5 but on other countries only certain towns on high phase others not total madness. Anyway i did not drink tho my head and mental health are not the best. I am not afriad of catching a virius its the what the worldwide so called leaders are doing to us. I am on day 23 here and no desire to drink but i did have thoughts but i tell myself the outcome will be the same. A nice sunny day here and mild again for late October. Our clocks went back last night it always does this time of year so dark now by 5pm. Ok i will read back and check in when i can i needed a break from internet and i am just cutting down on time spent as a lot of gloominess about. Have a super sober Sunday x

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    Re: October the 18th ...

    Happy Sunday ABeroooos!

    Lav, hope the craft fair is fun and profitable for you. I love functions like that and hope more open up.

    Anijicia, the lockdown fatigue is really horrible in some areas and I'm glad it's not worse here. Being in Utah last weekend was so nice and
    almost surreal being in a place where it felt like regular society again... it was really a nice break. Being as helathy as possible is certainly
    going to be of biggest help to us so kudos on 23 days!

    I surveyed my gallery wall space on Friday and brought in all my smaller metal prints. Next weekend I'll be setting it all up... most exciting for sure.

    Mick, any new adventure plans with the new adventure van?

    Pauly, that's one cool thing about being a freelancer as I don't have any nut-job coworkers to deal with. I feel for you.

    PPQ, boy it got cold fast there. I'm looking for cooler climates but that's a bit much for me since I really hate snow/ice driving.
    You're a tough breed up there!

    girls want to go out for dinner tonight so I better poke around and come up with some ideas...

    just playing catchup this weekend with costco shopping and all that jazz. I actually fired up the xbox to play a game but it's been months
    since I turned it on so it's just sitting there updating for the last hour. ha!

    hoping you're all enjoying the heck out of yourselves in fun healthy ways this weekend.

    be well loves!
    nosce te ipsum
    (Know Thyself)

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