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Thread: 15 Nov

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    Re: 15 Nov

    Lav...thanks for letting us know about Mick, I've been thinking of him. I'm surprised about the diagnosis as well. I was going to get the vaccine but can't because of my biologics.

    Mick...hope you're finally getting some relief and as TG would say..."To The Light"

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    Re: 15 Nov

    Mae all,

    Just a quick pop in before I turn out the light... I'll be back tomorrow for more chatting. Long long and somewhat emotional day for me today, so I'm going to shut eyes now and take a crack at everything tomorrow morning.

    Mick! SO sorry about the shingles... dear me. I hope the meds are working.

    Det, sorry to,hear about the depression... I get it, sometimes things really seem overwhelming. So glad to hear that you have some support there. And we are always here for you! Take care -

    Lav, that soup was a winner... and since they already made it... hmmm, might have to go back for more. And their chicken soup looks so delish. It is so strange cooking for just 1... I really can't imagine making a whole pot of chicken soup now... maybe when I am closer to my friends and can share.

    PPQ, yes in a motel for the last month... cooking/cleaning up is a little interesting. But just 10 more days, and I will go into a rental house through March 31... I am ready for a little more space, and a real kitchen. Congrats on the zoom, and good luck with your organizing project.

    Pauly? Hope to chat with you here... Romeo sure was cute in that pic... hope you are doing OK.

    Hello to Sam and all else... be safe. It is really scary out there...

    Mercury Retrograde is OVER! Hopefully we can ALL move on now... gracious! What a world?!

    To the light...

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    Re: 15 Nov

    And good morning everybody how are we today? Hope all is well over there... there includes the United States of America ,Canadia and all points north. Pouring down with rain over here don't be too surprised at that one..... and yes it seems like I've got shingles. It felt pretty bad yesterday morning so I phoned the doctor they asked me to send photographs to the doctor's then rang back and we had a phone conversation. He described exactly where the spots were and where the pain was and where it started and finished and apparently it starts from the C8 nerve the one that I hurt I'm now on 5 horse tablets a day 800mg each for a week. He said I must warn you you in medical terms they will make you feel crap but in fairness I don't feel too bad at the moment though my skin in is so sensitive to touch and one minute hot the next minute prickly cold . I had to be different everyone else is getting covid not me I want shingles so we'll see how it goes
    Hiya lav... how's u then ? Yes I'm taking the tablets and will complete the full course! I've bought a trail camera just to see what happens out here at night in the Garden and in the fields behind us. I certainly don't think it will be anything as exotic as you get

    Hiya TG how are you today? I didn't realise you were staying in the hotel perhaps you should be an honorary jock haha. Leek and lentil soup is a good mix too plus you can completely change the taste with spices . you take care

    Hiya ppqp how are you today then ? hope all is well. Didn't realise that you couldn't get your vaccine hope that gets sorted out

    Hiya det how are you feeling today day? Hope it is a bit better my friend we are here if you need to talk but you know that anyway

    Hiya Pauly how are you? Haven't seen you for awhile on here hope all is well with you

    I have done this on my phone so I don't really know what it looks like but take care look after yourselves and I will tidy it up later on

    I bought an Electric car.

    It has petrol windows..

    I am a man that enjoys being ruthless.

    Ruth left me !!

    A man was found dead at his home days after he took a lie-detector test on the Jeremy Kyle Show.

    "I started getting suspicious," stated the next door neighbour, "after noticing he hadn't left the house in twelve hours to get another neck tattoo."

    Just had Radio One on, and heard their 'politically-correct' version of a classic Christmas song.

    Alternativelifestyletale of New York.

    Suppose you marry a widow who already has a grown up daughter and your father marries the widow's grown up daughter. Now the widow's daughter becomes your mother. Since your mother's mother is your wife, your wife is also your grandmother. As the husband of your grandmother, you become your own grandpa.

    Sweet home, Alabama.
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    Re: 15 Nov

    Mae everybody, Mick I'm sorry about the shingles hope you feel better soon, PQ, at least your son cleans , I have both Michelle and Brady living here and they don't lift a finger to help! Sorry I haven't been posting, caught Det's case of the blues as well and just really haven't got anything much to say, I care for you all, stay safe and sane and know I'm always thinking of you
    I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

    I'm taking care of the "tomorrow me"
    Drinkin won't help a damn thing! Will only make me sick for DAYS and that ugly, spacey dumb feeling-no thanks!

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    Re: 15 Nov

    Greetings Abbers,

    OK here today, mostly cloudy & not as cold as it had been.
    Grandson is happy & quiet & filling himself full as usual, haha!!!

    PQ, thatís right, you canít get those vaccines. I hope you never have to deal with shingles. We both got a vaccine a few years back & since then thereís a new one out that requires 2 shots but our insurance refuses to pay for it so far. Weíre keeping our fingers crossed. Hope your weekend is going well.

    Cyn, making a big pot of soup even for two can be difficult but we do have a freezer to save some so that helps.
    Let me know where I can send your truck ornaments when you can. I just mailed some out to a former coworker too. You really have been in motion this year, I imagine youíre ready for a staycation at this point

    Pauly, you are too nice to your grown kids, Lol. They would be given a list of chores & responsibilities in my house & an expectation they contribute $$ to the household. Enough already!!
    Donít let this Covid mess destroy your mood. We are going to get over this, I am feeling positive about the vaccines & the new administration coming in soon.

    Det, hope youíre OK.

    Hello to Sam & Pie.

    Have a nice night everyone!

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