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Thread: 22 Nov

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    Re: 22 Nov

    Mae all, good to hear everyone's stories... goodness, was I really gone from the thread all those days? So sorry. I hit a bit of a funky patch, and also believe that the extreme headaches and foggy brain and body aches and slightly elevated temps (and my hair falling out) shows a pattern that is looking a lot like Covid long-hauler syndrome. This is happened several times since early summer, and it's always the same thing, with a few variations. The brain fog is the worst, I just lose of time and objects, uuugh. Finally feeling better today, but it's been a trip...

    Lav, congrats on getting through the extravaganza... I have to say that I was thrilled not to have to do a big dinner this year... I ordered just sides from a local farm/food place, and it is delish... and finally enough delicious gravy! It was a little freaky being all alone... and I mean all alone, nobody else at all here at the motel. But the Sky and the moon were beautiful, so I felt like a friend was there. There are several folks here tonight, so that's good.

    I am glad to,report that my friend is doing well - really healing rapidly... I didn't think he would make it, but he really has done well, out of the ICU, and now nearly ready to go to a long-term neirological step down. He is conversant, and getting stronger. I guess it helps to be younger...

    Mick and Lav, I had no idea that you had both gone through such extreme trauma... it makes me so grateful for the people who cared for you, and for your strength of character, that you both made it out safely.

    Pauly and PPQ, so glad to hear how your lives are going!

    Hello to Det and Sam...

    It's been pretty dark and gloomy, but warm in the rain on Thanksgiving, so that was nice. Still, counting the days until the solstice and the light starts to grow! To the Light!

    So grateful for this thread, for the beautiful souls here, and this soft place to "land".

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    Re: 22 Nov

    Mae everybody, Mick sorry the site will be closed you're very creative with that stuff though so I know you'll think of something, Lav, glad your son stopped by to finish off the leftovers, I wish I had more leftovers, turkeys gone! Next year I'll make 3 haha, Cyn, you sound really good, glad your friend is healing up fast! Sorry about your symptoms, I hear of that prolong weirdness after covid, PQ, I'm sure you'll come up with a routine at least you're sort of used to working from home since December is a short work month for you I still have biting grabdpuppy and she's a bitch, no other words around it she reminds me of an old grumpy lady with curlers in her hair and a robe like the cliche old grouchy lady haha, she's only nice to me, hubs and Louie everyone else she growls under her breath at and completely barks at Michelle but at least she's here and not at the pound, she seems happy she just don't like people anymore I guess, much love to the gang and wishes for a great BF Saturday!
    I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

    I'm taking care of the "tomorrow me"
    Drinkin won't help a damn thing! Will only make me sick for DAYS and that ugly, spacey dumb feeling-no thanks!

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    Re: 22 Nov

    Greetings friends,

    Used the last of the turkey to make a pot pie. Now I have pot pie leftovers, haha!
    Mixture of sun & clouds here today, mid-50’s not bad at all. Got the 1st baby chicken egg today, big surprise as they are just turning 4 months old now. Having the older hens in the same quarters must have motivated her. YB got his mini drone & did the first flight this morning, very cool little thing & it takes great pictures. He’s been watching YouTube videos to learn all the ins & outs of flying this thing & landing safely.

    Mick, thinking about you& hope you feel better very soon

    PQ, I’ll bet it’s fun watching the snow melt, haha.
    There’s a big snow storm brewing up in the midwest but by the time it gets here Monday it’s going to be all rain, or so they say.
    You can trade your time commute for some exercise time - stick a video in & get moving

    Cyn, boy it must have been weird to be at the motel by yourself but glad there’s other folks there now. Sorry to hear you’re having some lingering covid effects. I haven’t seen any good articles on teh topic yet. I guess the researchers are still collecting data. Maybe you could offer your experience & help them out?
    Great news the young man is recovering quickly. Youth definitely has it’s advantages. You take care.

    Pauly, I bought the smallest turkey I could find & it worked out just right.
    Is there any chance you can get the grand dog to the vet for a check up? She might have some issues causing her to be so grumpy. They all develop something as they get older.

    Hello to Det, Sam & Pie.

    Have a nice night everyone!
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    Success comes one day at a time

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    Re: 22 Nov

    MAE ALL...

    It was a cooler day today with a north wind the just went right threw you, so no outside activity for me today. Been doing regular chores and playing games on the computer, perfect Saturday for me.

    TG...sorry you're still struggling with covid symptoms, it sure affects everyone differently, and glad you're feeling better today. Glad you were able to have a tasty Thanksgiving dinner, you can never have too much gravy. Good news about your friend, hope his recovery continues to be quick. of my brother's dogs didn't like anyone except me and my brother's father in law. If there was anyone else around he would usually go and hide till everyone left. I'm a little concerned about your grand/puppy's aggressive behaviour. Perhaps Lav has the right idea about a vet checkup.

    Lav...sounds like YB is going to have hours of fun with his new toy. Perhaps Det can give him some tips. I can not believe the weather we're having. This is supposed to be the coldest for the next 7 days. At least you can't blame Canada for your weather, yet! Sounds like you got a good batch of baby chicks if they're already producing.

    Mick...I hope you were able to get some relief today, it must be exhausting for you. You take care of yourself and just try and rest.

    Shout out to Det, Pi and Sam, always thinking of you.

    Have a good night all...PPQP

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