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Thread: 20 dec

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    Re: 20 dec

    Greetings Abbers,

    Cold here only 21 degrees this morning.
    Nothing going here so we took a ride & saw what all that Christmas rain did to the rivers & reservoirs, wow! Lots of swift moving muddy brown water everywhere we went.
    At some point I have to decide what direction I want to take the crafty stuff next year. I have no idea yet if there will be any craft shows or not.

    Cyn, candlelight & music sounds perfect
    Hunkering down until most of the winter is over is a good idea too. I think that’s the way I’ll be going anyway. Stay warm & stay inside if possible

    Mick, good to hear Julie’s dad enjoyed the visit. I’m sure it meant a lot to him.
    The ham & bean soup was even better today, just saying

    PQ, if you have leftover gravy you can throw just about anything in a casserole, haha!! Good way to clean out the fridge!
    Hope the snow stays minimal. No need to have it piling up everywhere.

    Pauly & Det, hello!!

    Hello to Sam & Pie!

    Have a nice night everyone!

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    Re: 20 dec

    Mae all, thank goodness a dry, sunny day today.... I don't mind the cold, as long as it is sunny. The pup and I went for a ramble around the yard (big yard) and that was about right for a walk today. Worked on some business stuff, just to get it off of my head... then ran out to buy the canned beans I use in the homemade renal-diet dog food I make for my buddy. All OK. He ate, but I have no appetite tonight...

    Mick, of course my dog can drive - how do you think that I got all the way across the states? Once again, congrats on doing the right thing with Julie's dad... stars in your crown.

    PPQ - you sound like you are headed for a yummy casserole... enjoy!

    Lav, sounds like things are winding down for you, congrats.

    Pauly, Det, Sam, Pi and all else... wishing you well - don't forget, it is only the 2nd day of Christmas! Lots more time for festivities...

    Enjoy the growing light...

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    Re: 20 dec

    Ruston? Is that you from our old thread? If so, I send greetings, friend! Happy holidays!

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