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Thread: 27th December

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    Re: 27th December

    Mae all - just a quick shout out to all, happy new year, and may you all be safe and well throughout.

    Completely zonked... was having a nice day, took the dog for a ride, got a nice coffee and baked treat, walked in the door to the sound of my phone buzzing... work texting to remind me that we had a script rehearsal today. Today? I had it down for tomorrow... who schedules work in New Year's Day? Sheesh, so I raced to get some script updates done, did the rehearsal (not smooth) and spent the next 5 hours putting in new stuff. Gracious, what is wrong with these people? Okay, we have a big show on Sunday, but really? Amateurs... grrrr.

    Fortunately, I had done my special meditating and work on new goals earlier in the day... but I was looking forward to some time outside on the rail trail... errr, nope. OK, enough complaining... but I am tired, and going to hit the hay in a moment.

    Just wanted to,say how much you all mean to me, thank you for being here and being such solid friends.

    Happy New Year to all!

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    Re: 27th December

    happy knew year everyone. A day later and dollar short but there it is. Santa brought me a new guitar so I've been playing with our little pod group even moment I can. Good way to start a new year. so glad 2020 is over. now if we can just get past jan 6th and 20th without things getting crazy.

    be well good friends!
    Liberated 5/11/2013

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    Re: 27th December

    Hello all and how are we today then? Hope everyone is well well it is snowing over here coming down quite thick. The weather forecast looks pretty grim for the next few days so we should see how it goes. Still decorating made a bit of a mess on one of the pipe coverings so I've had to sand it all back and start again that's life I guess

    Hiya lav and how are you today? Hope all is well well did you get the freezing rain? A big pot of vegetable chowder now that sounds pretty good to me yes the same as over here yesterday we had the highest amount of positive ever which says to me something isn't working all you do is Hope and look after yourself you take care

    Hiya ppqp how are you today then question mark hope everything is ok with you full stop as far as the brexit issue affecting me me apart from the hiking prices which I'm sure will happen anyway but probably brexit will be the excuse used. We already have a trade deal with Canada haha and quite a few other countries we shall see. Hope everything is well with you take care
    Hiya det and how are you today then question mark hope everything is well . with regards to the fireworks
    It was the same over here. I remember years ago going to a firework display with Julie, and they let off these rockets I think they were but they made a sort of a whump noise and I remember thinking they were mortars! Haha. Glad you got through New Year ok in one piece my friend you take care

    Happy New Year back to you Sam the Man how are things with you? How's the guitar doing

    Hello tree girl and how are you ? Hope all is well despite being zonked out yesterday you take care and take it easy

    Write books that will do just now so take care look after your good selves and and I'll see you later on
    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 5..done that bimbling into year 6..tick ..done that one he casually strolls into numero 7


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    Re: 27th December

    Good evening friends!

    No rain today & the temp hit 50 for a few minutes, haha! We never did get the freezing rain, grateful for that.
    Nothing special going on here just cleaning up, paying bills, all the fun stuff.

    Cyn, geez I wouldn’t expect to be to tossed all that work on a holiday either. I have a feeling you’ll get a better idea of what they want & when then want it soon enough.
    Glad you got out for some fresh air, it helps a lot

    PQ, glad you’re having some quiet time before it’s back to work time again.

    Sam, Happy New Year & awesome on the guitar! You will be a busy guy for sure

    Mick, you may end up getting more snow than us this year for a change. Isn’t that special? Hahha!!
    Take your time with the painting & enjoy yourself. You won’t have anything to do once it’s done.

    Not much going on here & that’s OK. Don’t really feel like doing much anyway, LOL
    Wishing everyone a nice night!

    AF since 03/26/09
    NF since 05/19/09
    Success comes one day at a time

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    Re: 27th December

    Zonked again... nite nite all... Lav, I had a pretty good day going until I realized that I was about to miss another meeting... then it went straight through until now.. (10:30 pm). Off to bed...

    Hope all are well... stay safe... best greetings...

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