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Thread: 10 Jan ..

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    Re: 10 Jan ..

    Morning all!

    Thought I would write in the morning before I get exasperated by something or someone

    Really nothing much to report... just endless hours of work on time-sensitive projects. The pressure is getting to me. 3 more weeks of it after tomorrow... counting the days. I did try to get different health insurance, i think I wrote about that... no technical help ever arrived to unlock my account so that I could see my options, so I guess I'll stick with the $$$$$ for the next 5 months. Too dangerous out there to not have health insurance...

    Lav, rain here too - torrential this morning. We had a nice soft snow the other day,.. I think i prefer that... I know the dog does!

    Mick, I hope Jeeves is all right... I gues he just wanted a ride in the car!?

    PPQ, so glad that you are feeling better! Yes, sometimes I think I would like to have an office to go to... but no one else is here with me, so... probably wouldn't be any different.

    Pauly, Romeo will be 3... we are sure watching a lot of kids grow up here on the thread.

    Sam, Det and Pie, good luck on all projects...

    There is light out there above the clouds... I am seeing it in my mind's eye and embracing it.

    Wishing all well...

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    Re: 10 Jan ..

    Greetings friends,

    It rained all night & was bright & sunny when I got up so no complaints here.
    Made a pretty good sourdough coffee cake just for the heck of it And I wonder why my pants don’t want to button haha!!

    Cyn, hope you got the sunshine after the rain too.
    I have to admit I was scared going on Medicare 2 years ago but it’s turned out to be OK. We have good supplemental plan provided by Blue cross & paid for by his former employer by contract. It’s scary navigating the insurance world, sorry you didn’t get any assistance.
    I hope after the next 3 weeks you can settle down a bit & focus on doing the things you love to do

    Mick, does Jeeves have pert insurance? I’ve often wondered if it’s worth the cost. Glad he’s better & getting back to business.
    I hope you can find a helper for those fence panels. Please don’t attempt them on your own - thinking of your back.

    Pauly, I hope Romeo had a good birthday today!
    That reminds me my younger two are turning 10 in February & April - time flies for sure

    Hello to Det, Sam, Pie, PQ & Pie. Hope everyone is OK.

    Have a nice night everyone!
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    Re: 10 Jan ..

    MAE ALL...

    Lav...I think I'll be able to manage a few days at home and a few days at the office. Going to work on some programing for Childcare before we have to set up the new terms for September and the staff member would like to learn. Don't have a humidifier but have been looking at one made by Dyson, I think it would be a good investment. Glad you had a sunny day to wake up to.

    Mick...glad Jeeves is home and doing good. I agree with Lav, get some help with those fence panels. I loved the 24 series and was so upset when president Palmer was assassinated. To be honest I feel it went down hill from there.

    TG...I hope the next 3 weeks go smoothly for you. Turning 65 I am now exempt from my health insurance premiums. I am so grateful for our health care system.

    Quiet day here but did get out for a walk. Taking advantage of the mild temps as things are supposed to change come next weekend. Have a good night all...PPQP

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