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Thread: Feb 7th

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    Re: Feb 7th

    Good evening Abbers,

    Well i did post last evening but as soon as I hit Post Quick Reply I was signed out so I don’t know where it went, hmmm.
    Went with YB today while he had his monthly fire company meeting & I spent the time shopping with my daughter. Granddaughter has her 10th birthday coming up on the 26th & I needed expert advice on what to buy for 10 yr old girls these days
    The snow & rain missed. Us today but i hear it will be getting us the rest of the week. Guess I’ll stay put & get some work done.

    Mick, sorry to hear Jeeves is having issues again. I hope there’s something they can do to help him. Take care

    Pauly, I hope you’re enjoying your mild weather, sounds nice

    Cyn, I’ll have to put a limit on your buying soon, haha! I did receive a nice blanket today so I will get to work on that soon.
    Speaking of longer daylight I’ve noticed the chickens are staying outside until almost 5:30, smart girls!

    PQ, I hope you’re holding up OK in that frigid weather!! As much as I like cooler weather I’m just not sure I could cope with your current conditions, haha!

    Hello to Det, Sam & Pie.

    Hope everyone has a good night!

    AF since 03/26/09
    NF since 05/19/09
    Success comes one day at a time

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    Re: Feb 7th

    Mae all -

    Mick, oh no!!! Poor you, poor Jeeves, I really hope they can find out what is wrong. It is so stressful with our furry kin... my boy is definitely slowing down, having trouble standing, but such a sweet spirit and still interested in life, so we will see. Sending big healing hopes for Jeeves.

    Lav, yes, I better lay off of my orders soon - but I am happy for this one - that phrase was what my co-worker said to get each Salon going... it became our mantra! See, your chickens are smart... they are looking for the light!

    Pauly, sorry about the iron supps... good luck with that balancing act. I was in a Petco recently - I usually do not go into them... but the guinea pigs did look adorable! Take care...

    PPQ, hoping you are still able to cope with the cold. What's for dinner? I am getting really tired of cooking for myself... need a genie-chef to jump out of one of these bottles and whip something up for me...

    Det, your meals always sound great, but I'm afraid that I don't have the gumption to put in the work as you do. I like hearing about your meals, though!

    Sam, hoping all is well.

    Hello to all dropping by.

    Well, a steady nice snow all day today... probably about 6 inches of new... just enough to have fun shoveling a bit. Next snow sounds like it will be on the weekend... okay by me ��.

    Look for the light!

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    Re: Feb 7th

    Happy Humpday ABeroooos!

    still a big mess unpacking and building furniture, spice racks and all that jazz but it's coming together pretty nicely.

    We're going to take a car trip up to Park City to check it out today so that will be a nice little distraction and hopefully yield
    a few good photos.

    Mick, so sorry your animal is suffering. our kitty has survived the move pretty well, though she was super freaked out for a few
    days at first and had some 'pee accidents' being so nervous and out of sorts but all's doing well now.

    Lav, you're in luck... I'm the resident young teenager trend expert! who'd of thunk? hahahah!

    hydroflask water bottle
    a bag of 'scrunchies' hair bands in various colors
    'bling' phone case. or phone wallet-case

    I must be having an accidental effect on girly here as she wants a butterfly knife for her birthday. OMG it's kind of funny.
    those happen to be legal here (though illegal in many states for some obscure reason). anyhoo I'm getting her one that
    has a comb instead of a sharp blade so she can play with it and have fun without the danger of depleting our bandaids supply

    spirits are high and we're all very grateful for the move. I'm phone interviewing for a variety of jobs so we'll see what sticks...

    Treegirl, sometimes my meals are pretty darn simple. last night we were'nt super hungry so I made some hummus which we had with
    cut veggies, gluten-free chips and some gourmet cheese. There's a cheese maker about a half hour from here which we'll try to stop at on
    our way to Park City this morning. report to follow!

    hugs to Pauly, PPQ, Sam, anyone else out and about?

    be well loves
    nosce te ipsum
    (Know Thyself)

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    Re: Feb 7th

    hiya all how are we today then? hope all is well snowing here today. Got up this morning fully expecting to have to go to the vet avec Jeeves ,but no he seems fine this morning in fact he hasn't stopped eating ...that is unless to sleep .Ive been busy making an indoor hutch in the garage for them..a lot warmer in this cold weather .Just finished it ...28 inches wide 4ft high and 9ft long plus Ive tidied up ..there is nothing on the floor for them to hurt themselves ..or eat

    hiya Det ...hows you mate? havent seen you for a whiley .building furniture ? 1 x knockometer and a bag o nails...job done ..(Iwish) glad things are cool with you now that you are down wiv da kidz

    hiya teegee hows you then? Hope all is well Yes Jeeves has picked up well today ,his eating habits are crazy ...he will trough and trough when he can...I think maybe he was the runt of the litter and ate when and as much as he could .hope zander is ok .

    hiya Lav how are you today then?hope all is well..what to buy a 10yr old ..? years ago it would have been polly pocket or its likely to be an iphone or the like.Cold over here and snowing as well

    hiya ppqp ..hows you then ?apparently the weather is pretty friend was telling me was really cold ..but he braved the weather to go have a pint .he always was mad .You take care .

    hiya pauly how are you feeling today ? hope all is ok with you .

    The bartender asks the guy sitting at the bar, "What'll you have"?

    The guy answers, "A scotch, please." The bartender hands him the drink, and says "That'll be five dollars".

    The guy replies, "What are you talking about? I don't owe you anything for this".

    A lawyer, sitting nearby and overhearing the conversation, then says to the bartender, "You know, he's got you there. In the original offer, which constitutes a binding contract upon acceptance, there was no stipulation of remuneration".

    The bartender was not impressed, but says to the guy, "Okay, you beat me for a drink. But don't ever let me catch you in here again".

    The next day, same guy walks into the bar. Bartender says, "What the heck are you doing in here? I can't believe you've got the audacity to come back"!

    The guy says, "What are you talking about? I've never been in this place in my life"! The bartender replies, "I'm very sorry, but this is uncanny. You must have a double".

    To which the guy replies, "Thank you. Make it a scotch".

    A preacher woke up one Sunday morning and looked outside and saw it was a beautiful day. He decided to skip church and go play golf. So he called the junior pastor at his church and told him he was sick and couldn't give the sermon. The junior pastor told him not to worry, he would deliver the sermon.

    The pastor drove about 40 miles away from town to avoid being spotted. As he was setting up his first drive on the first hole, Jesus leaned over to God in heaven and asked him, "Are You going to let him get away with this"?

    God told Jesus not to worry, he would handle it. Right as God said that, the preacher hit the drive of his life. The ball traveled all 450 feet to the green, bounced once, and rolled in the hole. The preacher was ecstatic.

    Jesus asked God,"Why would you let him do that"?

    God said, "Because, who is he gonna tell"?

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    The survey was a huge failure...

    In Africa they didn't know what "food" meant.

    In Eastern Europe they didn't know what "honest" meant.

    In Western Europe they didn't know what "shortage" meant.

    In China they didn't know what "opinion" meant.

    In the Middle East they didn't know what "solution" meant.

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    A man entered the bus with both of his front pockets full of golf balls and sat down next to a beautiful blond.

    The puzzled blond kept looking at him and his bulging pockets. Finally, after many such glances from her, he said:

    "Its golf balls".

    Nevertheless, the blond continued to look at him for a very long time, deeply thinking about what he had said.

    After several minutes, not being able to contain her curiosity any longer, she asked:

    "Does it hurt as much as tennis elbow"?

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    "You are on duty. A car crashes in the middle of the road with two people inside the car, the two people are critically injured and the car is badly damaged.

    The ambulance arrives, but it is going too fast and crashes into the damaged car. The car blows up and causes the ambulance to flip on its side.

    A passer-by, while walking on the sidewalk is toppled, by the force of the explosion, into the river beside the road. Unfortunately he cannot swim and is drowning in the river.

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    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 12

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    Re: Feb 7th

    MAE ALL...

    Mick...I breathed a sigh of relief reading that Jeeves is ok. I was expecting the worst as I always do according to my kids. At least working in the garage does not involve climbing steps. LOL Yup, restrictions changed on Monday and there was a lot of people at restaurants/pubs regardless of the temp. We're a hearty bunch here.

    Lav...welcome to the lost post colony. I noticed you were on line and then poof, gone. Looked for your post and thought I was losing it. LOL Did you decide on a gift for your g/daughter? Holding up ok in the deep freeze but it's time for it to move out. Sorry, but it's probably heading your way.

    TG...ooh, can I have a genie-chef too? Ended up having ham and perogies for dinner. Quick and easy as I don't make my own like Lav. I'm not going to mention the "s" word as there's been none and I don't want to jinx it.

    Det...sounds like everything is coming together for you guys, slowly but surely. Only a Det step daughter would want a butterfly knife for her birthday LOL Learning how to cook is the best life lesson she can get from you. Enjoy your trip to Park City and looking forward to the pics. Good luck with the phone interviews.

    Pauly...hope all is good in your world today.

    Well I've ignored my work emails long enough. Procrastinating about getting started as today finds me writing documentation. I really have to be in the mood as I need to see it from the user's point of view. Have a great day all....PPQP

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    Re: Feb 7th

    Good evening friends,

    Cloudier today & the temp is dropping below freezing. Supposed to get a little S___ tonight, tomorrow & then a bigger amount 5-8 inches on Saturday, ho hum.
    Guess I’ll get to the store tomorrow morning for a few things. I’m happy to cook up a few things then live on leftovers for several days, haha. I don’t mind cooking, just don’t want to start from scratch every day. IT takes away too much of my crafting time, Lol.

    Cyn, I think you’re getting more S___ than I am. I’m OK with that haha. As long as I can get over to the chicken house a few times each day I don’t really care how much we get.
    Do you put a sweater or coat on Zander when he goes out? I’ve never done that with any of my dogs but it may not be a bad idea. Don’t know if they really help.
    I wonder if one of those meal delivery services would work for you. I wouldn’t mind trying one just to see provided I could meet my weird dietary needs.

    Det, i hope your trip to Park City was enjoyable, sounds like fun!
    I let my daughter pick out the birthday gifts including a pair of funny looking animal slippers & two huge white fluffy throw pillows for granddaughter’s bed. I’m going to pick up a Roblox gift card locally so she she be happy

    Mick, how nice of you to build a new hutch for your fur friends. We actually have heat in our garage that’s always turned off unless I have some young chicks out there. We do a lot for our animal frineds!
    I’m not buying any kid an iPhone but I will buy a Hello Kitty, haha!!

    PQ, I know the arctic air is on the way so I’m just going to stay in my work shop & ignore it the best I can.
    The chickens have a red heat lamp to provide a little heat for them, not much more I can do out there. The younger chickens seem fine, the older ones are slowing down, it’s pretty obvious.
    Hope you got those work emails squared away.

    Hello to Sam & Pie.

    Pauly, how are you today?

    OK, heading back to my work for a bit,
    Have a good night all.

    AF since 03/26/09
    NF since 05/19/09
    Success comes one day at a time

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    Re: Feb 7th

    hiya all are we today then? goodI hope.Lovely and sunny here today overnight temp of -6 it turned out glad I got that hutch made in the garage ...they both seemed to do ok in it last night .on the right hand side I made a big section with the wire mesh on it ..false floored it so that I can put hot water bottles in it for them ..but nope they turned that area into the toilet and sleep at the other end of the hutch ...also where they sleep I can put hot water bottles underneath and they cant get to them ...the heat will rise thru the floor .
    lots of arguing over here about the vaccine and should we help other countries now that we have done so many ..
    Snow still lying on the ground here .Julie worked it out ..she retires next May ..
    hiya Lav ,hows you then?hope all is well for the snow can have ours too then for the meal delivery services ..we do that ..a company called gousto.We make the meals but all the ingredients are provided .the variety and choice is brilliant ..I wasnt up for it to start with ,but in fairness cant complain at take care .

    hiya ppqp and me both ..its different seeing these 2 in a hutch in the garage as opposed to them being in a hutch can actually interact with them completely in the garage hutch..yes my mate certainly helped the Calgary revenue with booze ..he always did like a few .Each to their own ..hows work doing?

    hiya are you then? hope all is well.yes they are both at home enjoying life ....or being spoiled !!hows Zander today then?hope all is good . you take care .

    hiya pauly how are you then today? hope all is good with you today.

    hiya Sam ,Det Pie (where are you?)

    After building my new wardrobe outside the IKEA store, I couldn't fit the thing in my car.
    I'm not sure their "Assembly Point" is such a good idea.

    I'm not having my pet on the bed again.

    It took half an hour for my goldfish to settle down and go to sleep.

    Asked my neighbour if he would help me find out what DIY means.
    He said "do it yourself"
    What an unhelpful!

    Just my luck... I went on that programme A Place In The Sun and they shipped me off to North Korea

    I don't think my wife loves me anymore. I walked in to the kitchen this morning and said "is that coffee I smell". She said " it is and you do."


    If you should receive an email from the NHS Direct warning of catching swine flu from eating tinned pork.

    Ignore it.

    Its just spam

    At a high school in Montana a group of students played a prank on the school.

    They let three goats loose in the school.

    Before they let them go they painted numbers on the sides of the goats: 1, 2 and 4.

    Local school administrators spent most of the day looking for #3.

    A teacher is explaining biology to her 4th grade students. 'Human Beings are the only animals that stutter', she says.

    Little Johnny raises his hand. 'I had a kitty-cat who stuttered'.

    The teacher, knowing how precious some of these stories could become, asked little Johnny to describe the incident.

    'Well', he began, 'I was in the back yard with my kitty and the Rottweiler that lives next door got a running start and before we knew it, he jumped over the fence into our yard'!

    'That must've been scary', said the teacher.

    'It sure was,' said little Johnny. 'My kitty raised his back, went Sssss, Sssss, Sssss' and before he could say "Shit", the Rottweiler ate him'!

    The teacher wet her pants laughing.

    Two Priests Decide to go to Hawaii for a Vacation...

    They were determined to make this a real vacation by not wearing anything that would identify them as clergy.

    As soon as the plane landed they headed for a store and bought some really outrageous shorts, shirts, sandals, sunglasses, etc.

    The next morning they went to the beach dressed in their 'tourist' garb. They were sitting on beach chairs, enjoying a drink, the sunshine and the scenery when a 'drop dead gorgeous' blonde in a topless bikini came walking straight toward them, They couldn't help but stare.

    As the blonde passed them she smiled and said 'Good Morning, Father ~ Good Morning, Father', nodding and addressing each of them individually, then she passed on by. They were both stunned. How in the world did she know they were priests? So the next day, they went back to the store and bought even more outrageous outfits.

    These were so loud you could hear them before you even saw them! Once again, in their new attire, they settled down in their chairs to enjoy the sunshine. After a little while, the same gorgeous blonde, wearing a different coloured topless bikini, taking her sweet time, came walking toward them.

    Again she nodded at each of them, and said 'Good morning, Father ~ Good morning, Father,' and started to walk away.

    One of the priests couldn't stand it any longer and said, 'Just a minute, young lady'.

    'Yes, Father'?

    'We are priests and proud of it, but I have to know, how in the world do you know we are priests, dressed as we are'?

    She replied, 'Father, it's me, Sister Kathleen'.

    A lady and her dog were enjoying a stroll in the park when her dog was mounted from behind by a large Rotweiler. The Rot was really humping away and the lady was frantically trying to break them up, to no avail.

    A small boy walked up and stuck his finger in the Rot's butt, and the action immediately stopped.

    The lady was amazed. "How did you do that?" she asked.

    The little boy said, "That's my dog! He can dish it out, but he can't take it!"
    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 12

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    Re: Feb 7th

    Mae all -

    Whew, sigh of relief for Jeeves. Well done Mick, making them a lovely new house and taking away all the strange things to eat. One of my dogs was like Jeeves and eating... she was small, so I assume she was the runt and had to fight for her food. Mealtime was always interesting, she seemed as if she was going to die of anticipation! Loved the proctologist joke!

    Det, so great to hear from you - you took a big chance, followed you inner guidance, and are living in a beautiful place. Congrats! Some day all the "putting together" will be done... Park City might be mobbed with skiers.. hope it is fun.

    Pauly, how's things? I hope Vegas is staying safe for you... everything changing daily...

    PPQ, you take the cold, I'll keep the snow! I really am having such a good time, watching the snow, shoveling the snow, brushing the snow, whatever. In the early morning light the crystals look like diamonds... makes me feel rich! I am slowly carving out a path around my Tree (from the 2-ft accumulation) got pretty close this morning... close enough to see fresh deer paths right close to the tree... they are probably looking for food, but they just seem to keep walking - there were several sets before the last storm. Company.

    Lav, yes, I think I am getting some more snow than you, but it's okay by me! I've had a coat for Zander for years (same coat... I looked carefully, and it's time for its yearly washing ��... I have leg supports, foot grippy pads, harness, his coat... it's quite the scene when we go outside! But he's shedding terribly, so we went out without his coat this morning so I could use the "hair remover strap" and get some of it of outside instead of inside. There's only so much vacuuming that I'm willing to do...

    Sam and all, hope your days are becoming more light-filled...

    I send grateful memos to the Universe today especially... one dear friend has disc problems in her back, and is looking at surgery... another has a mysterious Vasculitis that has landed her in a University medical ward - locked, because she is exhibiting some signs of psychosis. She had an angiogram yesterday, I am waiting to hear results. Always so much to be grateful for.
    Grateful to you all --- feel the Light-- and PS, big deal new moon tonight... powerful...

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    Re: Feb 7th

    Good evening Abbers,

    Cyn, I sure hope your friend is OK, sounds serious.
    Will the new moon bring me some sleep? I sure hope so, the last few nights have been kinda crappy.
    When you mentioned Zander shedding it made me think of Maxie, good lord that girl shed some hair, haha! Those heavy double coated girls start early to get the shedding done before the heat arrives.
    I haven’t seen any deer for a few weeks but they’re always around. Something is wandering around out back that drives Matilda nuts when it’s dark.

    Mick, sounds like the bunnies are making themselves right at home in the new hutch ~ nice
    Having a retirement date on the calendar is the best, Congrats to Julie!
    We did have another 3” or more of fresh snow overnight so my neighbor came over & plowed the driveway & I made him a dozen donuts. I’m sure his boys are happy haha!!

    Hello to PQ, hope your day was good.

    Hello to Pauly & Det too!

    Sam & Pie, time to check in with your old friends.

    Just took a batch of sourdough donuts out of the oven, good with a cuppa tea
    Have a nice night all!

    AF since 03/26/09
    NF since 05/19/09
    Success comes one day at a time

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    Re: Feb 7th

    Hope all are well... something fun (from across the pond of course) to share with all... perfection... it's all about the jab...

    "Have The New Jab" - "Hallelujah" adapted by the Marsh Family - YouTube

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