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Thread: Mar 28

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    Re: Mar 28

    Greetings friends,

    It was 29 freaking degrees this morning, geez! What happened to spring??
    Yes, I still have old Maggie here, hopefully the kids will be back late tomorrow & pick her up. She’s been pretty good, considering haha. I baked up six 3D chocolate fudge bunny rabbit cakes this afternoon, hope the kids like them. I’ll have to give that baking pan to someone, I think my grandkids are getting a bit too old for that kind of thing, haha!
    The landscaper was here all day, not done yet. He’s coming back tomorrow with some helpers & wil hopefully finish up. It’s looking so much better already out there

    PQ, are you planning a ‘Go the hell away” party for your neighbors?? Haha! Glad they’re levaing & hopefully you’ll get some quiet replacements.
    Glad you’re keeping your vision in good shape, we need that. Hope your weekend is relaxing with no precipitation.

    Mick, I couldn’t see your pics but it sounds like you’re still working like a madman, Lol
    We did a good bit of camping when the kids were you but I grew tired of it, honestly. As long as you still enjoy it then have fun. It’s nice to have the hookups ready for your comfort

    Pauly, we usually do have plenty of rain here but there have been a few years where we had ‘drought conditions’. The last one I remember was 2003 when we built this house & moved here.
    I hope you have some fun stuff planned with teh kids this weekend.

    Hello to Cyn, I imagine you have this biting cold wind too, Brrrrrr! Stay warm!

    Hello to Det & Sam & Pie.

    Have a nice night all!
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    Re: Mar 28

    oy peeps, sorry to be so brief, blasting down to Moab/Arches national park! woooo! back in a couple days
    love to all
    nosce te ipsum
    (Know Thyself)

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    Re: Mar 28

    MAE ALL...

    Couldn't get onto the site yesterday and when I tried this morning got the same error. After texting Mick and Lav I decided to delete my shortcut and try the browser. Success!
    Been a quiet Easter Weekend and I haven't logged into work once. Will have a read back to see how everyone is. Have a good day all....PPQP

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    Re: Mar 28

    hiya are we today then? hope all is well with you all.27 degrees out there today, it is lovely ,these is cracking the flags ,and yet ....wait for it.. snow forecast in a weeks time...yes thats right the week we go away....Van has been checked over and it is fine .I saw Bonnie in a place where she shouldnt have been ....I watched her jump a height straight up of over 3 feet .Watching the deer again this morning ,.
    And Ive got a problem ...I am allergic to something ..Idont know what but something gives me a blocked up nose ,sore and red eyes mucus /congestion ..there is a choice of what I think it could be based on activities.Now bearing in mind Ive got scarred lungs from newmoanya many years ago they are allergic to all sorts of rubbish ...

    so its either

    dust ....from the sanding
    sawdust from cutting wood
    hay from the bale and handling it for the rabbits
    hay fever ,
    allergic to rabbits

    I dont think its the last one ..if it is then tough with it ...but I really do need to find out what it is...any answers ideas or suggestions welcome

    Hiya Pauly how are you then? hope you are well?...Im sure you will have the mad crowds over the weekend there as well as we have. mind you... 10 bin lids.thats your own crowd!!take care and stay safe.

    hiya det ...hope you enjoy yourself down at the R Cheese park

    hiya Lav ,hope all is well with you ? hows the landscaping going?..nearly finished? you are NEVER too old for cake ...or ice cream...but hope you have a great weekend

    big hello to everyone else ..happy easy to yizall....remember chocolate over easter is calorie free...

    My Chinese mate is a sound engineer

    Wan Too

    Now on ITV4 the long awaited documentary, "When Men Expose Themselves".
    WARNING: Contains flashing images.

    Maricopa County officials in Arizona are refusing to allow use of their premises for an audit of their 2020 presidential election. They have offered to deliver the records for auditing.

    Anyone know if I can get odds on a very specific truck catching fire?.

    Just rammed my shopping trolley into Asda's surplus Easter bargain bin, trashing everything.

    Serves them right for keeping all their eggs in one basket.

    An Australian greeted me in town yesterday.

    He said G'friday.

    Paddy: "I can't wait to see Godzilla vs. Kong."

    Murphy: "Why?"

    Paddy: "I hear it's based on a true story."

    Vladimir Putin is voted Russia's SEXIEST man: Survey of 2,000 Russians finds the president is the country's most good-looking male.

    Gorbachev came in a close 2nd.
    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 5..done that bimbling into year 6..tick ..done that one he casually strolls into numero 7


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