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Thread: April 11th

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    Re: April 11th

    Hello and how are we today then? Hope all is well over there . weather over here is absolutely glorious again. I went and picked the rabbits up this morning from their Hotel, they are now outside eating their own little patch of grass. Nice to have been away but also nice just to sit and chill . the next one we have planned is on the 14th of May, I thought it was a 17th but there we go I just drive.

    Hiya TG how are you today then? Hope all is well with you you. Happily save you a place at breakfast who is stop yes I've height quite a few of the coastal path in Cornwall, I've also done a bit in Wales as well especially when I used to go scuba diving there . We drive from here round Anglesey come back down over the Menai bridge and then down to the south . I'm going to see if I can get Julie to climb in the brecons, but I don't think it's a goer. Hope you have have a nice weekend and stay safe .....stay peaceful

    Hiya lav and how are you today then? Still all quiet with the grandson there? Yes I use Google Maps I've also got a sat nav that's about as much good as a handbrake on a canoe. Google seems to be the best but when you hit bad spots it is usually in places where you least need it I the internet goes down in the middle of Manchester which happened to me.... I went round the same roundabout about 3 times, the worst that was about 4 cars were following me! It wasn't me asking for the ice cream however if there's one going spare I'm not averse to trying it take care have a great weekend

    Hiya ppqp well how did it go today then? Hope all went well ...considering you were doing it for work . what's the weather like over there?it is absolutely gorgeous here in fact we can spare you some sunshine if you so wish. Take care and have a great weekend

    Hiya Pauly and how are you today then? Hope everything is going ok same with you have a nice weekend

    Right folks that's it short and sweet just like this post take care look after yourselves have fun

    I was writing my Autobiography into the wee small hours and fell asleep face down on the page. When I woke up the ink had fused the pages onto my skin and I couldn't get them off.
    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    Come in number 9 your time is up.
    Boss we’ve only got 8 boats.
    No 6 are you in trouble?

    Not saying I'm a lazy git, but just paid for a 12 month Gym membership and the bank have called to see if my card has been stolen.

    "Can I have a 60W bulb please?"
    "Screw or Bayonet?"
    "No, just the bulb thanks."

    I've recently opened up a working mans club in liverpool. It's been 4 weeks and I havent had a single customer

    How do you make a Belgian waffle?

    Ask him why they have never won the World Cup.
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    Re: April 11th

    MAE ALL...

    Pauly...if you're the $10 fill up queen, I'm the $20 fill up queen. LOL Never worry too much about the gas prices as I really don't drive anywhere and never let the tank go below 3/4 full. Easier on the pocket book. The boys are doing ok but everyone's patience is being tested these days.

    Mick...glad you were able to leave the site in spite of the nav system. Aren't computers wonderful! Glad you're home safe and sound and the peskies are happy and healthy. The workshop went very well and one of our corporate members supplied us all with breakfast. Even after the pandemic is over I still think we should have these workshops virtual. It's a gorgeous day here today, 20C, so got out for a walk after the meeting. Got to take advantage as tomorrow it'll be below freezing with 1/2 foot of snow on the ground. responsibility done, the rest of the weekend is mine. Hope you don't have to do another Costco run after having your grandson overnight. Our weather is going to be pinballing this coming week. Summer day today, winter tomorrow, spring for Mon/Tue, winter again on Wed and I don't trust anything they forecast after 4 days. LOL

    TG...following your orders and taking the rest of the day off. Every time I feel overwhelmed I think of you and figure I got this. LOL So is hideaway no. 6 the friends condo? Hope you can have some down time soon too.

    Shout out to the rest of the gang....PPQP

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    Re: April 11th

    Good evening friends,

    We had a bit of sun here & there today, still on the cool side but that’s fine with me.
    Looks like we get to keep grandson #2 for another night as his dad has been held up at work until at least midnight, then there’s the long ride home. We have grandson #1 here for dinner but will be taking him home, he’s in charge of taking care of the cats & dogs.

    Cyn, I can believe your dog is confused at this point but glad he’s flexible like you certainly must be
    No snow flakes here, just rain the past few days. I hope everything else is going well for you.

    Mick, so you were leading the ‘lost gang’, no one knowing where they were going?? Haha!!
    Glad your fur kids are back home & happy in their yard.

    PQ, glad your meeting went well. I can’t believe you’re getting more snow. I’ve seen pictures from my nephew in MA where they got 6” of snow yesterday, they weren’t happy either.
    It’s been pretty chilly at night here but it hasn’t hurt any plants yet, fingers crossed. I think I have enough food to hold us over for another day or two haha!

    Hello to Pauly, Det, Sam & Pie.

    Have a nice night all!
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