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Thread: April 18th

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    Re: April 18th

    Mae everybody, Mick sorry about the geraniums Cyn, ((hugs)) my dear friend, it'll never go away but gets tolerable over time, you've been such a strong woman through all of it and I'm impressed by you, I want to be like you Lav, I bet the snow looked nice at least haha, wonder if Det is dealing with any snow right now? Not much going on here, no news is good news, I'm a bit pissed that they want to open up 100%here by June first, it's not just our country that has covid, it's affecting alot of different countries bad right now so obviously they're not gonna travel here duh, probably lose money by opening but I'm sick of thinking about it, much love to all and wishes for a great BF Saturday!
    I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

    I'm taking care of the "tomorrow me"
    Drinkin won't help a damn thing! Will only make me sick for DAYS and that ugly, spacey dumb feeling-no thanks!

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    Re: April 18th

    hiya all are we then?yet another cracking day over here ...its supposed to change on tuesday ...another sceduled do nothing day gone wrong ...moved a load of plants ,redid the floor in the rabbit hutch cleaned the rabbits not a lot .The farmer cut the hay on the field at the top of the hill...Ive been snottering since and a at least I know what could be the problem....

    hiya tee gee hows you then? hope all is well?doesnt matter how bright we think we are we still all forget stuff name places faces so you arent on your own ...Malcolm...oops what am I reading?seafaring fiction author called Julian Stockwin. he has written 24 books ..Im on the 19th book ..other authors I like ..Douglas Reeman Simon Scarrow ,etc have a great positive weekend

    hiya Lav ..hows you then?I bought 8 fuschia plants this morning less than 50 cents a plant I question sometime the worthwhileness? of growing them..I know just exactly how your son feels ..Iwas operational for probably 22 of my 25 years. And the 3 years at a grade where there were lots of meetings, interaction with other agencies audits all the stuff that never interested me..fortunately at that grade I surrounded myself with people who were happy to do all that stuff.hope you have a good weekend .

    big shout to yall..pauly ppqp detand anyone else who has sailed close to these shores ...

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    Re: April 18th

    Mae all - good tidings...

    A beautiful spring day here... awake most of the night worrying about whether I had screwed up some estate stuff.. will find out,,

    Thx, Mick, for your vision of of what is... evertything is always changing, right?

    Take care all, will be looking for you tomorrow-

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    Re: April 18th

    Saturday evening greetings friends,

    Nice day here now we’re expecting 12 hrs of rain. Saved me from watering anyway, haha.
    Kept myself busy with indoor & outdoor projects, now I’m sitting.

    Cyn, I’m sure you’ll have a chance to amend the estate stuff, try not to worry
    I’m finding it hard to stay focused on any one project myself but i’m blaming it on the high pollen count. Some days I feel like a real nitwit.
    I will gladly share any of my plants with you so I hope things grow as planned.

    Pauly, how’s the allergens out your way this spring? I think I would be in even worse condition if it wasn’t for the mask wearing, honestly.
    I’m not anxious to jump into 100% openings either. I think i’m getting used to having my own space & may not be willing to give it up now.

    Mick, you accomplish so much in a day’s time you should give yourself a small break now & then. What would happen to you if you ran out of projects anyway? Haha
    My son does know his limitations & sitting quietly behind a desk is just not possible for him. He needs to be out & about & moving around ~ kind like you
    I’m sure he will settle into something that meets his needs, he always does. Good luck with the fuschia, I’ve never had much luck with them myself.
    I’ll have to remember your advice: Never miss a good chance to shut up!! LOL

    PQ, i’m guessing your laptop has met it’s end? Check in with me on Messenger so I know you’re OK. Hope your day was good!

    Hello to Det, must be busy

    Hello to Sam & Pie too.

    Have a nice night all.
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    NF since 05/19/09
    Success comes one day at a time

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    Re: April 18th

    Mae all -

    Misty morning here, but the moisture is good... easier to take than that wild storm a few days ago.

    Pauly, open 100%? That must be just Vegas... in North Tahoe, where I am heading for the festival, there are still distance requirements... I guess the Governor just is letting each county decide what to do... good luck, and stay safe. Thank you for the kind words.

    Mick, thanks for the jokes! I love the sound of your books... it's so great when there is a series of books to get through...

    PPQ, hoping you are okay...

    Lav, I understand your desire to keep life quiet after everything opens up... it has made many places much more peaceful. And I think generally everyone is healthier... we'll see what happens. Hope your geraniums are doing well!

    Det, here's sending you more good vibes - hope you are getting more work!

    Sam, Pie and all others, wishing you the best--

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