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Thread: 2 may

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    Re: 2 may

    MAE ALL...

    Lav...don't give me any ideas. LOL Things are coming together as far work is concerned and the rest of it I just ignore. Got better things to fill up my mind with. LOL How did it go with your LNP? Hope you got things figured out. They're forecasting snow for tomorrow morning, I'll let you know if they're right.

    Pauly...waves back at ya.

    Mick...what a pain in the a$$ with those contractors. Glad you were able to deal with it and I hope you can persuade many more businesses to drop them. Hope Jeeves is ok, any chance you've kept a log of when this happens? Maybe his jealous Bonnie got to the new grass before him. Even with the added restrictions it turned out to be a busy day for me. Accomplished a lot so am feeling good about things.

    Taking the weekend off and going to kick back and relax. Hope everyone has a good night....PPQP

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    Re: 2 may

    Good evening friends,

    Rain just starting here & itís quite a bit chillier. I knew that summer, muggy heat was a mistake, haha.
    Yes, I saw my NP this morning & convinced her to let me try doubling the dose of my B/P med. It just doesnít make sense to expect the same dose that worked for you 17 years ago to still work now. Weíre not getting any younger & neither are our arteries. Iíll be having a ton of bloodwork done on the 17th including a Lyme titer. Surprising she told me a lot of people are testing + for Lyme & their only complaint is a chronic headache, uh oh!!! So, just to be safe weíll see what comes of that. Iíve been avoiding caffeine for a few days hoping it would help with the B/P but it hasnít. Iím having some half caffeinated coffee now & itís easing the headache a little ~ go figure. Decades ago we gave patients APCs for headache - aspirin, phenacetin & caffeine & they worked wonders but eventually went out of fashion. Hmmm.

    Pauly, good to see you stop by!

    PQ, Iím not usually a vindictive person BUT sometimes people do ask for trouble, if you know what I mean, haha! I hope you fully enjoy your weekend off & I hope itís snowless

    Mick, your bunnies certainly keep you on your toes. Maybe you should hire a private nurse for them so you can take a breather.
    Thatís sad that your FIL had to go 2 days without heat. Spread the word about those goof off contractors so no one else gets screwed like that.
    Iím hoping to improve my B/P & regain some energy with the med change. I have been seriously dragging my a$$ for the past few weeks, frustrating to say the least.

    Hello to busy Det, hope all is well.

    Cyn, hope you have reached Tahoe by now!

    Hello to Sam & Pie.

    Have a nice night everyone!
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    Re: 2 may

    Mae all - reached my destination safe and sound... and tired. The place where I am has no internet at the moment (fixing that asap), so couldn't communicate. It's 7AM and I'm at my favorite laundromat doing the launders, have a Peet's coffee, and great internet...

    Yesterday from9 AM to 12 was a Zoom Seminar/workshop on Trust with the Board and Staff of the organization I've come out to work for... sheesh, after driving across the country that was a little cruel, but worthwhile I guess, and I lived...

    Lav, my pulse rate has been elevated since I had my mild case of C last spring... I noticed that it jumped again after the Moderna dose.... I'm so sorry you have to deal with this - almost like they have you a mild case of Covid. The good news about Lyme is that they are finding that the monoclonal anitbody treatments are working to give people,some real relief -some after decades of suffering... Wishing you well - we need a healthy Lav!!!

    PPQ, glad to hear you have a bit of warmth and will be taking the weekend off... enjoy!

    Pauly, good to see you - yeah, I am glad to have that drive over with.

    Mick, sending healthy vibes for the bunnies... and hope your hand and leg are healing... and that the plants didn't freeze!

    Greeting to Det and Sam and all else...

    Clean laundry will give me a sense of control and accomplishment... then need to get things sorted at my place... what a relief not to be moving anytime soon...

    Wishing all safe and well...

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    Re: 2 may

    hi all how are we today then? hope everyone is has been abit of a "to do"Jeeves better ,not eating stomach not moving ,phoned the vet ,but no one there ...emergency vet only ..who will ring back the mean time I have medded him up ..given him critical care food and syringed water into him.Massaged his belly I can hear it moving and he has eaten a dandelion the vet phoned Ive got to phone back at 5 see if they are going to take him in ...but to be fair they will do more than I have ...and to balance that against the car journey which will stress him out .we shall see.

    hiya Lav are you feeling today?hope you are well will take time to let the meds kick in. do you not think that some of it is due to the change in lifestyle forced upon us .?Ive told another couple of people about British what they do is up to them ..Did I every tell you that thy have chickens in my old nick?they were ex battery hens a real mess the nick adopted them and apparently they are doing brilliantly......anyway you take care and have a good weekend .

    hiya ppqp are you then ?hope all is good ..not sure what made him poorly ,but it certainly whacked you are having a doss weekend ?Im on my last book in the series of need to find a similar author .you take care and relax .

    hiya teegee are you? catching up on sleep?take care

    Pauly det pie and sam ...take care yall...

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    Re: 2 may

    Good evening friends from teh land of crazy weather!

    So far today we’ve had sun, clouds, rain then sun again followed by a hail storm, LOL
    Now at 6:30 this evening the sun is out & it’s in the low 50’s.
    Didn’t sleep much last night so my a$$ is dragging still. I did have a much improved B/P this morning & less headache so we’ll see what happens.
    I had to do something with a cup of sourdough starter discard (hate throwing it out) so I created a big sheet pan size pizza crust, topped it with good marinara & dairy free cheeze shreds, fresh basil & a little turkey pepperoni, yum. I have enough for a party, no kidding so I cut it up & froze it in individual servings, to reheat & enjoy

    Cyn, so glad to hear you have landed safely & are getting settled. Enjoy your stay & try to relax a little too

    Mick, poor Jeeves, I hope he’s OK. That fella sure has a sensitive belly.
    I think British Gas is going to wondering what happened to all their customers, haha!
    That’s great that those chickens were rescued. I know they’re just birds & all but i hate to see them suffering. We rescued a small flock years ago, poor things were starved & tiny when they got here but ended up doing well.

    PQ, hope your day has been completely RELAXING!

    Hello to Pauly, Det, Sam & Pie wherever you are.

    No walks for me today, maybe tomorrow, we’ll see.
    Take care everyone & Have a nice night!

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