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Thread: 16may

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    Re: 16may

    Greetings Abbers,

    Sunny & warm again today ~ sorry Mick haha!!
    Actually it’s going over 90 on the weekend - too much for me. Glad I got my haircut so the frizz will be minimal. Lol
    Sorry about the rain Mick but I’m sure yuo are making the best of the damp situation

    Hello to Cyn, PQ, Pauly, Det, sam & Pie.

    Have a nice night everyone!
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    Re: 16may

    MAE ALL...snow did not stick around but the cool temps are still here.

    Lav...I must have taken my hands off her neck too soon, things have come to an abrupt stop. At least I don't care, that's her problem. I've moved on to other deadlines. Our community centre was vandalized yesterday, time for these kids to go back to school! The community garden was hit the hardest with all our seating furniture ending up broken or all over the fields. Broken decking and stairs, what a mess. We do have the 10 year old culprits on camera and a police report has been filed. It's just so sad as our gardeners were just gearing up for the season.

    Mick...being dry in a metal box sounds scary if one didn't know the metal box was your perfect portable escape. LOL The rain/snow has stopped but the forecasted higher temps isn't going to happen. It may be a sunny weekend but it will be cold.

    Hope all is well with everyone and we have a peaceful night....PPQP

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    Re: 16may

    afternoon all.....well here we are ..thisis our final stop for the next 5 days ...right on the very coast ..we are here

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    the weather is lovely and sunny now,this park is pretty full but immaculate and so near the sea..Ican honestly say I have enjoyed this time away with the van....I think this is for us ...bearing in mind the travel scenario for uk ..Interesting that germany have banned brits from going ...despite the fact ..42%of our population have had 2 jabs and 72%one .they say its because uk is an area of concern because of the variant ...and yet in Darmstadt in Ger .they have quarantined off parts of the city .not to worry ..
    hope everyone is doing well...





    hope all is well..

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    Re: 16may

    Mae all,

    Sorry to be away... I fell flat on my back a few days ago and have been in pain management since. Waiting for the swelling to go down so I can see a doc and maybe get an X-ray... my bone density is not stellar...

    Lav, I know the vaccine protects us, but it's really not fair to have other health concerns come up as a result of the jab. I hope that you can get the BP figured out... it would be scary to go to bed with high blood pressure! Glad you got some tax-free shopping done. Hurricane season already? That sounds early... hope the rabbits didn't feast too long in your garden!

    Mick, thank you for the pics!!! That place you found looks so perfect - I loved the shot of the waters-to-the-sea. So glad you are having a good time and enjoying being in the van.

    PPQ - what a shocking story about the break-in!! 10-year olds did that? Are they pandemic-ed out? Sheesh, I think some parents need to have a little sit-down about property rights... We have had 3 days of snow on and off... it just quit here a little bit ago... it will be nice to see some sun...

    Hello to Pauly, Det, Pi and all who drop by... wishing all well...

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    Re: 16may

    Greetings friends,

    Cyn, so sorry to hear about your fall, ouch
    I wish you had the xray right away just so you could know for sure. Wishing you comfort & healing, please take care
    My B/P has been good for the past two days, maybe things are finally settling down, hope so anyway.

    Mick, coastal camping is fun, glad you are enjoying your stay. We used to take our kids down to Assateague Island (off the Maryland-Virginia coast). Of course we got eaten by mosquitos in a popup camper haha. I have a feeling borders will be reopening sooner rather than later, wait & see.

    PQ, I can’t believe a 10 year old did all that damage. I’d be kicking his a$$ from here to eternity if he was my kid, geez. He would also be required to pay the damages with future earnings.
    Glad your snow did not hang around, I wish you could have some of the hot weather that has descended on us, > 90, ugh.

    Hello to Pauly & Dat, Sam & Pie.

    Let’s all have a decent night!

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