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Thread: 6th June

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    6th June

    hello are we ...firstly let me introduce myself ..Im the new accident free Mick....well for today that is,.been tidying up the come tidied it up not so long back and yet there is loads of stuff to go.Weather has been lovely today,

    ok without further ado...

    hiya Lav,thanks for your thoughts..Ill be honest with you ,things dont really bother me too much ,but it was pretty damn close with my the extent Im shelling out bux for a news set up ...yep a Jock spending money !hows the bp doing ? hope it has settled down .yes Im glad I dont drink anymore ..that would have been a racing cert .You take care and have a lovely day.

    hiya pauly ,how are you doing? Hope all is well..apart from the groaning grannies take care n have a good weekend.

    hiya Det ...hows things now with you mate ? have things calmed down ?ok so you had 4 beers big deal compare that with yonks go what you would have supped ..all I want say is ...ask yourself 2 questions

    did the beers help
    could I have done something else ..

    I suspect I know the answer ..a session of cardio perhaps? keep going mate .we are here for you...never forget that .

    hiya ppqp ...Julie is off next Friday I wont be diy ing ....hows you then? all doing good I hope.Hand /wrist /forearm sore but moveable so nothing broken ..hope youre weekend is going is good .

    Teegee how are you then?hope you are doing good .I didnt realise it was your birthday so firstly ...apologies and secondly best wishes to you .Enjoy the time with your faithful friend

    just been on the news ..they are not looking at opening up the country on the 21st of June as was supposed to happen we go again ...take care folks ..

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    My boss asked “what companies? “

    Gas, water and electricity

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    "if you don't mind I'm trying to rob this bank, shut the fu** up!"

    My friend Emit’s parents are time travelers.

    They turned time backwards when they named him.

    I was trying to put a new bag in my bin but it just kept saying "no, no, no" it was a refuse sack.

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    Zuckerberg: "He's not your dad"

    Today I watched a documentary about crustaceans and I saw a crab take another crab's food...

    ...crabs can be so shellfish right?
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    Re: 6th June

    Good evening folks,

    Grossly hot & humid here just like they said it would be, yuck. I’ve only been out to run some chilled snack over to the chickens a few times. They don’t do well in this excess heat & humidity either.

    Det, I’m sorry you were put in that situation. It wasn’t something you asked for certainly. No damage done with a few beers but they also probably didn’t really help anything either. I’ll be completely honest here, my years of crazy drinking had everything to do with my inability to accept the reality of what was going on in my life ie husband. He seemed determined to do exactly opposite of what I thought he should/would do in almost any situation. This was after 25 years of marriage, he was turning into something unrecognizable. I finally had to emotionally detach myself so I could get a grip & survive. I read a good bit of buddhist teachings & they made sense to me. Detach yourself from other people’s behavior, you can’t control them or change them, They have to want to do that themselves.
    I hope you can find a group nearby & get some local support. Like mick said, we are here for you too!

    Cyn, Happy Birthday to you a little late
    Sorry to hear Zander is starting to fail. We love our pets & suffer right along with them. Glad you can stay home with him, that’s comforting to hear.
    No change in my whacky B/P. 106/70 in the AM & 164/96 by 9 pm - crazy!! I’m gong to email my NP tomorrow & let her know doubling up on the meds hasn’t helped.

    PQ, hope you’re having a good weekend. We just harvested & froze more broccoli today. Had some fresh for dinner, yum. We will have a fall harvest too so those seeds will be started at some point.
    Glad it was all harvested before this 96v degree weather settled in which would have ruined it for sure. YB also has some cabbages about ready.

    Hello to Pauly, Sam & Pie.

    Be well everyone & have a good night!

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    Re: 6th June

    Mae everybody, Mick glad to meet the new accident free you Cyn hope you had a wonderful birthday,I love Zander in the pics and videos hes got such personality,it's sad to see them sorta "slow down" I can see it in Winslow sometimes then he turns around and acts like a puppy sometimes, came up with a solution I forgot to tell you all about ,he loves to run out when the door is open always,rain sun or sleet he don't care, came up with the idea to build a small fence just around the door area,it works great and looks cute too! Hubs did a great job on it The work situation
    is dumb,those girls are fighting over customers, one of the new hires is a very pretty, awesome stylist who's from the Philippines, we have a very large Philippines decent customer base and of course they like to go to her cuz she can speak the language and the other girls resent it saying she's stealing them,I sat bullshit we don't own these people and if they choose to go to her so be it! Her feelings were hurt and she threatened to quit,she just had a new grandson and wants to spend time with him so hopefully Kell can put her on an oppsite schedule than the hags Aya aye aye. Det, hope things are settling down in your family you know we care about you tons,PQ big waves from Vegas, hope we all have a great BF day
    I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

    I'm taking care of the "tomorrow me"
    Drinkin won't help a damn thing! Will only make me sick for DAYS and that ugly, spacey dumb feeling-no thanks!

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    Re: 6th June

    Heya ABers near and far,

    thanks so much. Doing just fine in comparatively at least and zero unapproved beverages. Mick, didn't realize you had an accident of some kind? glad you are still at the keyboard mate.
    did the drinks help? temporarily...otherwise that desperate coping mechanism I developed very early in my life (age 11) never would have been imprinted so strongly in my brain. been watching some Dr Gabor Mate teachings on addiction and he's a fascinating cat.
    His interview on the Tim Ferriss show is particularly brilliant. I'm learning to allow my challenges, shortcomings, and coping mechanisms to teach me more about what's really going on under the hood so to speak. It's a game of subtleties and inner awareness that I'm
    not naturally adept in, hence my need for the peace, and calm thoughtful introspection that I do get when I'm actually engaged in an active group therapy + meditation practice, which I've managed to not find until very recently. It's really easy for me to just
    say screw-it when left to do these practices and healthy things at home alone so the group practice helps on many fronts.
    Last night was another rough night with the wee one and it was again quite tense but i did manage to do my version of emotional detachment as Lav puts it and got through.
    Thankfully Darlene and I are still a very strong bond and I've got you great peeps, so I'm grateful. Have martial arts tonight and then Refuge Recovery this Thursday. And a slightly more positive attitude...
    be well loves
    nosce te ipsum
    (Know Thyself)

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    Re: 6th June

    MAE ALL...

    WOW...breaking heat records last week and now there's a Winter Storm Warning in effect just west of the city today. It's raining here and only 38F!

    Mick...glad you didn't do any permanent damage to yourself.

    Lav...hope you can get your B/P sorted out. I can't believe you're talking about a second harvest already. I guess it's true, location, location, location. the little fence inside or outside the door? Kell's in charge of the schedule? Have things changed?

    Det...I was wondering about you and Darlene and so glad to hear everything is good. Girlie will eventually grow up and move out.

    Just took a minute to pop on in-between meetings. Next one is just about to start so have to get ready.

    Have a great day all....PPQP

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    Re: 6th June

    Evening greetings,

    We have had another 93 degree day so it’s officially a heatwave, ugh! The humidity just smacks you in the face when you step out.
    Finding plenty of things to do inside where it’s cool, thank goodness.

    Mick, I hope you have had a peaceful no injury day today

    Pauly, glad you have ruined Winslow’s escape hatch, haha! I ended up putting a wireless electric fence around my house so even if the dog runs outside she can only go so far or get zapped. She was pestering people walking down the road & I am worried about her getting run over by a car or horse & buggy. Works like a charm
    I give you a lot of credit dealing with those dysfunctional women at the shop, I wouldn’t have the patience. They sound miserable & just plain rude.

    Det, glad you are OK! Life is always going to throw sh*t at us, we have to learn to duck, right? The emotional detachment tool works & I have found it very useful. I also have a DIL who is bi-polar & can go off like a rocket with no notice. How my son & grandsons choose to deal with her is their business but I prefer to keep a safe space between the two of us. Do whatever you have to do to keep your peace.
    As adults we have to ‘unlearn’ a lot of what was taught to us when we were kids.

    PQ, strangely enough my B/P last evening was almost as low as it was in the morning. If that trend keeps up I’ll be happy
    We are having an early summer here obviously & probably a zero chance of snow LOL. I hope your weather warning is a fluke.

    Hello to Cyn, hope you are well.

    Hello Sam & Pie.

    Have a nice night all!
    AF since 03/26/09
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    Success comes one day at a time

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    Re: 6th June

    Mae all -

    Quick hello from me; it is 8:30 pm here but feels like midnight... I am up quite a bit in the night to help my poor pooch change his positions...poor guy hardly has a leg to stand on at this point. Just waking up a lot and then not going back to sleep... hopefully go to sleep early tonight!

    Mick, glad to hear no injuries today.

    Lav, good deal with the BP! Hope it keeps up. We've had warm weather for a week now, but o guess it's going to change... we'll see...

    PPQ, are you sending me your cold weather? Thanks... but...

    Pauly, hope it works out at the shop, so sad when people,get so territorial... good job on the gate!

    Det, you sound like you have got it all headed in the right direction, great job... good luck!

    Hello to Sam, Pie, and all,others.

    Must go close my eyes now....

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    Re: 6th June

    hi all...another boiling day over here ..tis really hot ..went up to see my friend on the farm today …first time for a long time ..Got a phone call this morning ...van goes in for fixing of Friday...

    Teegee ..I woke p this morning at just after 4 ...never went back to sleep again was light so I got up and read my kindle are you ? hope all is good and the same with zander.

    hiya Lav injury free day again..glad your bp is coming down. Ive got to get my annual check up done

    hiya ppqp..hows you then? meetinged out?nope no permanent damage to me ...sounds like your weather is as crazy as ours ...hows work doing?

    hiya det are you mate?hope all is well.sounds like you and darlene are sound someone said she will leave home one day ...the attitudes change then me .Stick to the game plan mate you are doing good .

    hiya pauly yes it s me,
    Ive done bugger all so Im accident free.,
    Winslow escaping each time without fail..
    methinks its time for doggy jail.

    take care all..

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    After the last child was born, she told me we had to cut back on expenses - I had to give up drinking beer. I was not a big drinker, maybe a 12-pack on weekends.

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    Re: 6th June

    Good evening all,

    Went to visit our daughter today & ended up driving home in flooding rain, thunder, lightning the whole bit. No storms were even predicted today, haha! The weather folks are now saying we had 3-5” of rain this afternoon, crazy!! Glad we were able to deliver 6 dozen eggs & a quart of our strawberries to her anyway.

    Cyn, sorry your not getting a whole lot of sleep. I know how hard it is when your pup is not well. Maybe you can schedule some nap time in your day.
    My B/P was great for a day & a half. Last night it spiked right back up to 164/96 for absolutely no reason. Starting to me me a little crazier than normal, Lol

    Mick, glad things are coming along for you & the van will get fixed. How about the garage door?
    This severe heat & humidity we’ve been dealing with is firing up these massive storms. Even after all this rain today tomorrow the heat & humidity are going right back up, ugh.

    Hello to Det, hope you are having a good day. Stay focused friend!
    Pauly, hope your day was good as well.

    PQ, we stopped at Costco on the way home & I saw a display of motion activated flood lights & thought of you haha! I hope the little creeps are leaving your garden alone.

    Hello Sam & Pie.

    Have a nice night all!
    AF since 03/26/09
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    Re: 6th June

    morning all....7m here and the sun is cracking the is so sunny here ..the peony roses in the front are wide open in bloom this morning ..Well we are in the middle of a surge testing programme in Greater Manchester for covid ..the trouble is ,in the north west there is such a migrant and young population that have not been jabbed up either through ignorance or blatant em attitude ...the latter in a majority of cases,The indian variation is progressively increasing ,but on the other side the deaths have decreased dramatically.13 deaths in the whole of uk yesterday that have some connection to covid within 28 days bifgggest issue is they will lock us down again ,but I dont think they will..unless they made it law no one would heed it thats for sure ..we have done the hoop jumping for over 15 months now .

    hiya tee gee is Zander? and you ? didhyou getsome sleep? I hope so take care ...

    hiya Lav ..hows the bp?has it gone down?do you take any other meds ..?only asking because Im on the same ones as you ...but every now and again..mine does exactly the opposite of yours drops so low it sends me dizzy etc .and I feel like a bag of spanners .Went to see my friend yesterday on the farm ...havent seen them for ages ..lovely to see them..

    as for their animals jeez ..

    3 horses ,10 lambs,52 sheep,6 goats ,14 dogs ,5 cats ,2 ferrets ,11 guinea fowl ,2 roosters ,some rare birds from overseas that they hatched ,doves ,pigeons ,and more..He has also made a treadmill for dogs which has sold like hotcakes especially in the lockdown .

    The swelling in my arm is starting to go down for the garage door ...a new one has been ordered ..should be fitted in a fortnight .this one has the failsafes fitted.

    hiya everyone else ...hope everyone is doing good ....take care
    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 8..done that bimbling into year 9..tick ..done that one he casually strolls into numero 10


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