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Thread: 20 june

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    Re: 20 june

    Hey all,

    I’m here Mick
    We got home around` 9:30 last evening but I was pretty much brain dead by then as usual, haha!
    The turnout out was pretty low for the craft fair due to it not being advertised as usual, oh well. I did make 4` good sales so I’m happy enough. Maybe the August show will draw a bigger crowd.
    The heat & humidity have arrived & it’s going to last quite a while I understand. I’ll take my outside wanderings a little at a time for sure.

    PQ, I hope you get all the time off you want! What’s the point of having 4 weeks of accumulated vacation time & they won’t let you use it?? Never made any sense to me. Those are the things that make me glad to be retired, Lol

    Cyn, sleep has been awful this week. Even YB is up & wandering out to the garden at 4:45 am, haha!!
    Yep, saw the strawberry moon but tried to not look at it too much. I remember working evening/night shifts & all hell would break loose on full moon nights. Don’t miss that a bit!!
    With this current weather pattern we could be getting a storm or two almost every day for the next week. Glad you got some moisture too.

    Mick, I did read about the Matt Hancock affair. A little while ago, Lol. Don’t you know rules are for EVERYONE ELSE? Haha! there are plenty of dumbasses on both sides of the pond!!
    I see Trump is out holding rallies in Ohio today - for what I don’t know. The immediate concern is most of the crowd was unvaccinated - same sh*t different day I guess.
    Glad you got out with your friend. What a shame he’s having a hard time neurologically. Why people are so cavalier with tis virus beats me.
    I read a little while ago that a structural engineer warned the condo building had serious issues with water running underneath the building instead of away from it 3 years ago!! So whoever is in charged ignored the warning & now there’s a massive collapse. They are still searching for people & putting fires out that have been burning underneath the rubble, horrible.

    Hello to Pauly & Det, Sam & Pie. Hope everyone is OK.
    Have a nice night all!

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    Re: 20 june

    Quick hello and good night. Sorry to be away, just "under the gun" to get the Program Book to the printer... I feel as if I am going blind from proofing and typing!!

    Mick, the holiday sounds wonderful... will you spill the beans on the birth-date? The walk with your friend sounds lovely, so nice of you to get him out and about. Take care, and enjoynthat new garage door.

    Lav, so sorry for the low turnout at the fair... but happy to hear that you made good sales. Good luck with the upcoming weather, that sounds taxing. I used to work in restaurants, so I agree on the full moon nights... nutty!!

    Pauly, hoping you are okay, you too PPQ. Det, how's it going?

    Hello to all stopping by - take care and be safe all...

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