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Thread: 4th July

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    Re: 4th July

    Greetings all & thanks for the pics of the locomotives today Mick
    Glad you are enjoying your vacation trip. Have a safe ride home!

    Sunshine & blue skies here today for the most part after yesterdays storms. I’m feeling mostly human, glad to report & have only grabbed the ibuprofen bottle once today. There’s just a little bit of swelling left, hardly noticeable, grateful for that! Wow, that was one harsh week that i hope to not repeat anytime soon. Looking for soft foods to eat i found this recipe & boy was it ever good
    Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff Mac and Cheese | Rabbit and Wolves
    Makes a lot so I have leftovers. Also sauteed a fresh local zucchini. Oh & of course pork chops for the huge meat eater in the house haha.

    Hello to all the regulars -PQ, Cyn & Det. Hello to Pauly, Sam & Pie. I hope everyone is doing well.

    That’s about it so I’ll wish everyone a nice night!
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    Re: 4th July

    MAE ALL...was going to post (#%&)-9#()% yesterday but decided to just take a deep breath and wait. Program coordinator has been delayed getting back and she texted me around 2pm yesterday to say her and the boss have changed their minds on a certain procedure and wanted me to change things. I'd only spent 2 days getting the original procedure programmed and tested!!! The change they wanted isn't available so would mean spending the weekend doing a work around. And of course with the time difference there was no support available. Finally got a hold of the boss and said nope this isn't happening. Suggested a work around which puts the onus on me to manual manipulate the program for the next 3 weeks but that's better than wasting my weekend. Frig!!

    Lav...I'm glad the swelling is almost gone, what an ordeal. I have only ever had one root canal and it was a disaster, refuse to get another one. We have hit another heat wave so am staying put indoors.

    TG...sorry you're dealing with sadness, and it sucks that's it's all part of it, I know. I hope you can find some peace and get some rest soon.

    Mick...sounds like your birthday was a huge success and what a gal you have in Julie. Pics didn't come through on my FB so will check my phone. Safe travels home and I'm sure the Peskies will be happy to see you.

    Time to get this foot elevated again. Hope we all have a restful night.....PPQP

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