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Thread: 11th July

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    Re: 11th July

    hiya all are we then? good I hope ...isnt it crazy ...Germany and the low countries are suffering terrible floooding ,and yet the yoosa canadia and us are in heatwaves ..apologiies for not posting yesterday butt I was too busy doing my garden photographer stuff .then had to go down to Julies dads there was a bit of a problem ...sorted now tho.

    Hiya Lav you then today? Hope all is well. Poison Ivy on her ? wow long as she is ok .Yes the Olympics are different from when we were younger ..there wasnt the financial pressures ,nor the drug issues ,nor in fact some of the sports ...more and more are being introduced every year ..skateboarding all sorts of things ..not saying its right or wrong but different hope your storm comes to fruition .

    hiya teegee are you today then? hope all is well with you .cleaned the outside of the van yesterday ,balancing on a ladder as my next door neighbour told me his friend had fallen off a ladder last weekend and broken his back ...nice timing .next Friday we are off .you take care .

    hiya ppqp are you then ? see you've got heat too. Glad you've had jab number 2 and your foot isnt swelling up ..hope you have a nice weekend

    Neil Diamond has been having an affair with a woman from Stockholm

    Swede Caroline

    My mates say I'm as thick as sh.t because I didn't know the Titanic sank when it hit an iceberg.

    As if a floating lettuce could sink a ship of that size ffs

    I know a girl with one leg shorter than the other. Lena.

    A man in Walthamstow has been arrested for washing and cutting children's hair.

    Police said he was grooming them.
    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 8..done that bimbling into year 9..tick ..done that one he casually strolls into numero 10


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    Re: 11th July

    Greetings folks

    We just had an hour of rumbling thunder & half a dozen rain drops. We need more that that to break up this heatwave, ugh!
    My chickens are consuming ice cold watermelon in the afternoons & whatever else I can find to cool them down. Egg production is way down of course but I’ve given them a pass.

    Cyn, the good news last evening was when my granddaughter showered all the week’s worth of dirt off my daughter realized it was eczema, not poison ivy, haha! Apparently they were using face paint at some point & she always reacts to that stuff. I hope you are enjoying your visit with your SD & relaxing as much as possible.

    PQ, I’m still trying to figure out the source of the infection in my gums last week. Sometimes we just have to accept not knowing I guess. The trick is finding the right antibiotic for the job. The Amoxicillin I took generally works on respiratory & soft tissue infections so that’s why it was ordered. Sometimes a culture has to be done to determine the exact bacteria to find the right antibiotic to do the job. I hope it gets sorted out soon for you!

    Mick, Swede Caroline ~ good one, Lol
    Now I heard today there’s a case of Covid in the olympic village so who knows if these games will ever get started. What a shame, really.
    Your garden 7 your bunnies are all looking marvelous

    Det, I’ve seen your fB & Instagram posts - good jog!!!! Keep going!

    Pauly, thinking about you.

    Hello to Sam & Pie.

    Have a nice night everyone.
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