Good evening friends,

Sunny, no rain today . I’ll send this weather right over to you Mick, tomorrow is our turn for rain. Just read our locals stats & we have had over 26” of rain so far this year, more than usual. Everything is pretty lush & green, usually the lawns are dried up & brown this time of year.
Made an interesting vegan wonton soup for dinner. I stuffed the wontons with minced baby bella mushrooms & a ton of garlic instead of some meat substance. It was surprisingly good, haha!

Mick, we don’t have local police departments around here or those people would be moved along if you know what I mean. The state troopers are usually too busy with other stuff.
Last night one of YB’s Amish customers was out somewhere with his young son (in their horse & buggy). Some idiot set off a loud firecracker or bottle rocket around 9 pm, it spooked the horse & the horse & buggy ended up being flipped over on a dark road. Luckily no one was hurt, fire & EMS personnel helped them put things right. Can’t make that stuff up, really.

PQ, glad you got an early start to the weekend, yay!
Staying home in a heat emergency is the smart thing to do. I’m starting to wondering about the wisdom of sending all the kids back to school in September. I know they’re all ready & the parents are ready to have them go back, haha!

Pauly, hope you are well!
Det, busy as usual I imagine

Hello to Cyn, busy with a wonderful music festival, wishing you the best!

Have a nice nice everyone!