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    Re: the 19th of September. Its nearly Christmas.........

    MAE ALL...

    Mick...all set for more adventures, take advantage while you can. People here don't seem to be hoarding yet but man have prices gone up. The lineup I was in today was to pick up a prescription. I couldn't believe how many people were there to get their covid test results instead of just getting the vaccine. You really can't fix stupid! I've learned my lesson waiting for the boss so I dug in today, got our policies and procedures finished, amended the rental agreements and sent them out. I have 3 long term renters returning next week. As far as our inhouse programs the prog coord can figure it out for herself. was a beautiful day here, just like summer. Here we go with winter in the morning, summer in the evening. Bring on the flu season. LOL Now I know why you do so much cooking, you need all those leftovers for unexpected guests. To be honest, if I was closer I'd be showing up on your doorstep. I phoned the rheumatologist's yesterday to get my blood requisition emailed to me. There is such a long wait time to book for lab work I always do it early. The office called today to say they'd email it and that my appointment on the 4th will be by phone. Disappointing but we are at a critical stage with covid right now and ICU doctors are calling for a total shutdown. All the work I did to get my renters back into the facility may be for not.

    Thinking of the rest of the gang and hope we all have a relaxing weekend.....PPQP

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    Re: the 19th of September. Its nearly Christmas.........

    Mae all,

    This will be short, as I have had a long day, ending with a lovely dinner with an elderly friend who I didn't get to see much this summer. Trying to get it all in before I depart...

    Worn myself out, though not doing a fraction of what I was doing... I guess it might just take some time to get really back on my feet.

    Det, sorry about the trip, but maybe it is for some other reason in the Grnad Scheme - glad you had meditation tomturn to... good luck!

    Lav, those boys keep you in the kitchen! Good luck -

    Mick, sorry to hear about the quest, but glad you are getting all set.

    PPQ, hold tight until the boss is gone, sheesh! Glad to hear about the leg...

    Wishing all well... I!m in for an early night to rest up before going to see SD tomorrow... wil write again on Sunday... 💐

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    Re: the 19th of September. Its nearly Christmas.........

    hiya all ,how are we today then? hope all is well ...niceday here with Bonnie in traing for the olympics .still as crazy here today about fuel ,people have just gone nutso ..lots of garages have shut ,but the govt have agreed a new visa scheme to allow 5000 +foreign drivers to work in the uk..It would be interesting to see how many low risk prisoners have the qualifications ,and also how many claiming unemployment benefit ..

    no rain today Lav lotsa sun ..hope you are getting the same ..yo yo blood pressure?hope it sorts itself out for you ...bouncing about all over the place .hows the chickens doing?

    hiya teegee how are you then?glad you enjoyed your dinner ..yes the summer was so great for a lot of folk ..kind of like this ...


    you take care...

    hiya are you then?sounds like you have been busy ..yep the selfish and stupid queues are growing worldwide ..are you looking after you this weekend as opposed to work?

    take care

    big shout to everyone else ..

    A man walked into a bar and was surprised to see a tiny little man playing the piano. The man expressed his surprise to the barman who explained that he found a fairy trapped against the wall by a barrel. He said she was so grateful when he freed her that she granted him a wish. “Trust me to free a hard-of-hearing fairy” he said pointing to the 12 inch pianist.

    As a kid I was constantly pelted with cherries and cream....
    It was tough being brought up in the Gateaux.

    My missus told me she’ll slam my head on the keyboard if I don't get off the computer
    I’m not too worried, I think she’s jokinlkjhfakljn m,.nbziyoao78yv87dfaoyuofaytdf

    I got arrested last night for being drunk in charge of a helium balloon.
    The police held me for a while but eventually let me go.

    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 8..done that bimbling into year 9..tick ..done that one he casually strolls into numero 10


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    Re: the 19th of September. Its nearly Christmas.........

    Good evening friends,

    It was a real nice day, sunny & 73 degrees
    Grandson still eating his way through my food collection haha. Picked up the other & a friend of his for dinner so now we’re really cleaned out, haha!
    My chicken in the sick bay is looking pretty good, eating & drinking & enjoying snacks of apples & graham crackers. I’ll probably reintroduce her to the flock soon & keep an eye on her. She’s completely stopped laying, maybe she’ll restart, maybe not.

    PQ, good you took the bull by the horns at work & got some things accomplished. Who needs a boss anyway? LOL
    We still haven’t gotten our flu shots yet, I will try to get that done this week. Changeable weather drives people crazy but there’s not controlling it either. Stop in for dinner anytime, you never know what you’re going to get here haha.

    Cyn, hope you enjoy your weekend visit. Try to save some energy for your trip home. I hope you’re planning frequent rest stops on the way. I’m honestly no good at sitting in a car for hours on end - I get too stiff, ugh.

    Mick, I had. To stop in a grocery store today for a few things. There’s a Walmart across the road & the line of cars waiting to pull into Walmart must have been almost a half mile long. What? Are they giving away freebies today or what? They were likely waiting to get in & buy up all the toilet paper like they did previously. People are strange. I hope your Olympic bunny is having a good weekend too.

    Hello to Det, Pauly, Sam & Pie.

    Have a nice night all!

    AF since 03/26/09
    NF since 05/19/09
    Success comes one day at a time

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