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Thread: 3rd october.

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    Re: 3rd october.

    hiya all are we today then? all good I hope ....been a bit of a lazy day today ...out metal detecting tomorrow ..05.30am pick up I mad ..or what .Julie has just taken her dad for his covid booster...Its getting pretty dark earlier now .

    hiya Lav ...hows you then? all good I hope.well done on the wooden spoons ...we use them all the time cooking ....I have one that was either my mums or Julies ...its the one that has been used the most ..charred and everything its the favourite.Yes im going to the youtube school of learning ,but out on tuesday with my friend .Well done on the hour today .

    hiya ppqp ...hows you then?all good ?let the accountant do her own thing ..if she sinks then she sinks ..of her own volition ..yes there are a lot of regs ,

    The Drone and Model Aircraft Code | UK Civil Aviation Authority if you are bored have fun reading it !!! have a nice weekend .

    hiya teegee wheree are you ? hope all is well ..and you Pauly det sam etc

    Thousands of eggs have been stolen from a local farm.

    Police suspect poachers are to blame.
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    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 8..done that bimbling into year 9..tick ..done that one he casually strolls into numero 10


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    Re: 3rd october.

    Good evening all,

    I washed my car today & found out it’s red, haha! Haven’t been able to see the color under all the road dust yuo pick up around here. Got the walking done & weeded my lavender beds & tossed all that to the chickens. They were grateful

    PQ, sounds a little like everyone is losing their sh*t in the office & that’s sad. I hope things level out real soon for you.
    I’m still cleaning. Out garden beds so I don’t think I need any of that snow just yet, haha! Hang in there!

    Mick, I hope you enjoy your day out tomorrow & find some good stuff. 05:30 is a bit early for me these days & only do something like that when it’s absolutely necessary haha!
    My neighbor was on his tractor cutting grass in teh dark last night. I think he’s forgotten about the extra early sunsets these days. I hope Julie’s Dad did OK with is booster shot.

    Hello to Cyn, Pauly, Det, Sam & Pie.

    Have a good night all!
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