Lav...the old boss is actually working with a buddy of his that he used to work for. He'll be working from home. As far as I can figure out he used to contract to business's to, get this, streamline their operations and enhance an open and cooperative workplace amongst employees. The more I see of what didn't get done the more I believe he was in over his head. Those veggies looked great, thought you had pulled them out of your garden. Bet they were delish after roasting them. With the cold front in your neighbourhood we're having summer tomorrow, 68F.

Mick...great pics and if it's not one it's the other, keeping you on your toes. Good luck with detecting and droning tomorrow, will be anxiously awaiting results on both. It's going to be good weather with summer temps tomorrow. Plan on cleaning out the car, taking decluttering items to goodwill and generally getting ready for winter. Going to get ahead of it this year.

TG...I hope you're not stressing over unpacking/reorganizing boxes, take some time to regroup.

Det...have been thinking of you, we've had some fantastic northern lights here and could just picture you taking shots like this


Shout out to the rest of the gang. Have a good night all...PPQP