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Thread: March 20th

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    Re: March 20th

    Greetings friends,

    Celebrating 13 AF years today
    I think I have this AF life down pretty good. I know it’s always a choice & it’s been a good one for me

    PQ, nice of you to give the family a tour of the facility. They will remember your kindness I’m sure.
    We’re expecting gusty thunderstorms tonight & then the temps take a nose dive to the 20’s, Brrrr.

    Mick, glad you’re getting so much done outside & inside too. I could be a bit jealous right now, haha!
    I was thinking this morning we both had sore throats before Christmas when we got that big head cold, yuck. We even tested for the virus but it was negative. Hope you feel better soon.

    Sam, so sorry about the cat, that’s sad. I hope your daughter is OK with the sad news.
    The wind is blowing in from the west, the clouds are pretty fierce looking right now.

    Hello to all & wishing everyone a good night!
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    Re: March 20th

    Lav...WOW 13 years!! I think you've aced the AF life too.
    I could actually go for a good thunderstorm. It was overcast and just above freezing all day, felt like a winter day. Managed to get my haircut today, boy did it need it. Did some necessity shopping including gas and was counting every penny, prices are crazy. The family on the tour was cute, father of the bride wanted to pay "right now". He figured 4hrs, setup decorating 1/2 hr, ceremony 1/2 hr and dinner 3 hrs. LOL The bride said whoa, there's a lot to figure out first.

    Sam...glad I'm not the only one in winter mode. Sorry to hear about your daughter's cat. You're properly right about the coyote. Take it the event at the lodge is outdoors. Stick with the fast tempos to keep your blood pumping. LOL

    Mick...I hope you can hold onto the sunshine for days to come. I'm sure 99% of your posts start with "surprise, raining again" LOL Good on you for finishing the water feature and I'm sure it will be surrounded in colour soon. I'm sure you'll get to the right decision about the train setup.

    Thinking of Det, Pauly and TG and hoping all is well. Have a good night all....PPQP

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    Re: March 20th

    alright Lav! Remaining sober is habitual!

    PQ, yep outside event. probably rain like hell on the day??***!!

    Mick, all better yet? You affected by pollen badly? I've noticed the older I get the more it bothers me.

    looks like a nice cool spring day, too bad I have so much inside work. Have a good one friends
    Liberated 5/11/2013

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    Re: March 20th

    Lav, congrats on your amazing accomplishment!! You’re an inspiration!

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