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    Re: the 7 and 20th March....

    Hello all and how are we today then? Hope everyone is doing ok. We got our test results back last night Julie's is positive mine is negative. She is convinced that I had it over the last couple of weeks and passed it on because the symptoms she has got what a more or less exactly the same as what I had. I do not accept responsibility! She feels a bit rough today, this is the fourth day, she has block up nose sore head and a gunky throat and aching. That's normal for me haha. Frost over here last night, it hit quite a few of the plants especially the camellia. Dry over here today not very sunny however and pretty cool. Hope everyone is doing ok, I'm going to do a little bit on the railways today day keeps me busy and out of the road give Julia chance to get up and Potter about in the house. I think I visit to the dentist next week is an order as well, despite trying to hang on for it as long as possible I think it is time that me and the wisdom tooth parted company. Take care everyone hope you have a great weekend wherever you are and whatever you are doing. A big hello to everyone else out there. Stay safe
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    Re: the 7 and 20th March....

    Good evening friends,

    Sunny but quite chilly today so it was another inside day for me. Got a few things done, here & there. I think we’re in for rain tomorrow, oh well.

    Mick, unfortunately Covid symptoms are almost identical to colds & other respiratory infections, even allergies except with Covid you usually have fever. Julie should be getting through the worst of it soon. I feel bad that happened on her final day at work, bummer
    With the both of you being retired you’re going to have to learn how to share the house again, haha, stay out of each other’s way, etc. One thing I made clear to YB was that he was NOT to plan my day for me!! That’s so annoying when someone makes plans assuming you have nothing on your To Do list haha!!

    Hello to the rest of the crowd & wishing everyone a nice night!

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