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Thread: 10th April

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    Re: 10th April

    Hello everyone and how are things with y'all today then?A cracking day here weather wise,so didn't do the guttering, instead I borrowed a scarifier from my friend and did the front lawn .I got a full wheelie bin of moss from it..tonight I will water and reseed it. Went down to Aldi and got some seedlings...£1.89 for 12..and yes they had red cabbage cauliflower, cabbage and purple broccoli. So that's all planted up in the greenhouse.

    Hiya lav how are you then?all OK?I can do better than the yb one..I remember fixing the outside light in the pouring rain and getting zapped off the ladder!throat and tooth site feel tons better today hope you have a lovely Easter weekend.

    Hiya teegee..and how are you doing?all good?ladder work will be tomorrow now are you going to trace your ancestry?Julie did hers I know but it isn't finished .hope you have a good Easter ...

    Hello everyone else..hope you are well and have a great weekend x
    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 8..done that bimbling into year 9..tick ..done that one he casually strolls into numero 10


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    Re: 10th April

    Good evening friends,

    Sunny here again which was nice.
    Daughter & granddaughter stopped by to visit. Unbelievably she was invited to my younger grandson’s birthday party at a bowling alley in town. I almost feel like a miracle occurred that my son reached out to his sister after avoiding her all these years since the DIL blowup way back. Fortunately the DIL was at work today, not at the party so everything worked out nicely. The cousins were happy to see one another

    Cyn, I just found out that the cemetery where my family is has an online lookup available. I know where my parents & grandparents are but there’s a few others I would like to look up. It’s good having memories & a few pictures close by. Get yourself some rest this weekend too, OK?

    Mick, we just let the grass & weeds grow together - it’s all green, haha! We have about 2 1/2 acres & am not about to worry about perfect looking lawns, haha! I’m sure yours will look lovely.
    Every year we grow older I worry about a fall from a ladder or roof, ugh. YB has gotten a bit fearful I think & has hired young Amish guys to do the laddet work around here, I’m grateful.

    PQ, hope you are having an easy weekend.

    Pauly, Det & Sam, hello.
    Wishing everyone a good night & Happy Easter

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    Re: 10th April

    Happy Easter/Full Moon/Spring holiday to all -

    I went to the cemetery and (finally) found my family. Though I have been there several times, it's difficult each time. Now there is (sadly) a new big marker close to the road... so I have a better landmark to look for. I found my grandmother's gravestone nearly covered!! I will ask if it can be lifted... it is sinking down a bit, and so the grass really started to cover it... so glad I was there to clear it off. I had brought pansies, and had plant stakes in the containers, so hopefully they'll last at least through Easter. I then went to my parents... that one is easier to find, and I placed yellow pansies for my mom and purple pansies for my dad. I'm not sure why I was so determined... maybe because this is the first spring in my home-state, so all the relatives feel closer. I also found a bunch of photos from the 20s as I was looking for stuff. My grandmother and grandfather - he was so handsome, he died young and my grandmother never really was the same - he was the love of her life. So many stories and emotions.

    Lav, what a nice thing for your kids to start to thaw out that relationship! A great Easter gift. Any plans for tomorrow? I will be taking a little repast to my brother. HIs wife is with their son and family in Coronado, and on Monday my brother will join her. He is big in the Anglican church, so has to be at all these services this week. He's worn out! So I will bring a little celebration for us.

    PPQ - hoping you are getting some rest, and your eye is better.

    Mick, SO glad that you finally got red cabbage! Congrats on that and on the lawn work. I have to admit I am glad I don't have to even think about that stuff anymore... you have so much energy! Hope Julie is feeling better and that the rabbits won't overeat for Easter.

    I am still worn out from my trip, and got smacked with a huge tax bill to pay, so my head is reeling. Right now I'm doing a Scarlett O'Hara... "I'll think about it tomorrow..." (or Monday)

    Wishing all well -

    Det, Pauly, Sam and all others, hope you will enjoy this gorgeous moon - happy spring holiday time.

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