Hello all!

I certainly hope everyone is enjoying a peaceful weekend
I started my day with a trip to Walgreens & got my 2nd Covid booster shot. Cases are up 61% in my state this week & that scares me a bit. Better to be safe especially when you donít consider yourself a real lucky person. Word is that my friendís injured son is off the vent now & thatís great. There are so many areas that need to be addressed in his care plan. Iím keeping up with the prayers & positive thoughts.
The grandsons are bringing their parents over tomorrow for a visit (haha) so I baked a big batch of snickerdoodles this afternoon to keep everyone happy. Still cold & rainy here , my little weather station is reading exactly 3Ē of rain & weíre still having big rain gusts. Definitely not a spring day here.

Cyn, youíre always so nice. Thinking of others
Hope your weekend is milder than mine has been so far.

PQ, hello to you!

Mick, Iím sure youíre doing something exciting today, have fun.

Hellos to Pauly, Det & Sam.

Have a decent night all!