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Thread: July 10

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    Re: July 10

    Good evening kids,

    The craft fair went very well, made >$300, woo hoo!!!!
    It was hot this morning but by the time we were leaving the event, around 3:30 it started raining so it’s not so bad now. I received an invitation to another craft fair today in the end of October, haha.

    Mick, you & your sore head!!! OUCH!!!
    I am so paranoid about anything touching my head after that big injury & surgery I had nearly 22 years ago, ugh. Hope your noggin is OK.
    Hope you’re staying cool now!!

    Hello to PQ, Cyn, Pauly, Sam & Det. Hope everyone is OK.

    Have a nice night all!
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    Re: July 10

    Mae all -
    So sorry to be away for so long... the combination of traveling, then hosting a friend here in Tahoe, and the startup of the Festival (even though I have nearly no official duties...) has taken the starch out of me. For some reason I am extremely tired all the time, so I get through the basics, but then can’t focus well enough to do the fun stuff (like posting). I thought it might be O2 related, because of the altitude here, but I should be over that by now. I finally got to see my beloved chiropractor today... maybe she has opened up some energy channels. (I keep testing myself... no COVID).
    In the meantime I seem to be experiencing more memories that bring up feelings of grief for me... This place holds a LOT of mixed emotions. But I am sticking to my plan of “less is more” and training some young pups to do the things I used to take care of. Hopefully that will work... at least when I’ve had enough of people I can just leave, and I don’t have to stick around and pretend to be nice... that’s a big help.

    Mick, sorry about your extreme heat... that sounds very hard to live with, in a place not used to it at all.
    Lav, congrats on the Craft Fair! And of course they want you back - you are a Star! Sorry about the heat - glad the you g chickens have gotten the hang of things. The Swiss cheese sounds good!

    PPQ, so glad that you wrote an honest and powerful rival of yourself. Sending good vibes for your meeting with the boss. Wow, you are experiencing weather extremes... we are always under a fire Watch here, but so far so good. My NE home is looking at 90s all next week. If I stay out of the sun, the high temps here are bearable - but at nearly 8,000 feet, the sunshine is a scorcher!

    Sam, sorry about the floods - I hope you stay safe... and Wow on the truck mileage! I agree with Mick, you should be in an advertisement! Take care - how is your health keeping?

    Okay, I hope to get back to some kind of “normal” and get ahold of myself before the 3 weeks of Classical concerts begins next week... last week was a Jazz Camp...

    Sending greetings to Det and Pauly (hugs!) and all stopping by...

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    Re: July 10

    MAE ALL... and your poor noggin. Glad you tried them out before your next road trip.
    I too have experienced the tar on the road sticking to my shoes. Way too hot! some people totally abuse the privilege of being stupid I'm going to use that! Been hiding indoors so all's well.

    Lav...well done on the craft fair. Are you going to go for the October craft fair? That could be your Xmas advertising. I have one new grand niece and one stubborn he/she who's still deciding when to arrive. Will be putting in my Christmas order soon!

    TG... you've had a lot on your plate and no wonder a lot of memories have triggered emotions. Good for you on sticking to your plan of "less is more" and helping get the "young pups" on board. Always good to have an exit plan. LOL You make sure you take time for you whenever you need it.

    Thinking of Sam, Det and Pauly and hoping all is well.

    The boys made dinner tonight, YAY, now if I can only get them to clean the bathroom. Oh well....PPQP

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