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Thread: 7th August

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    Re: 7th August

    hiya all ,,how are we then today?hope everyone is good .we have a really hot day again today ,but it says thunderstorms are on the way.

    .Monday is our destiny day .Van gets its habitation check on tuesday and off to southport on the Thursday ,it will be nice to see the place again ...its 20 odd years since I lived there .Bonnie forsome strange reason has started burrowing....I got some red crocosmia ,I much prefer it to the orange ,so hopefully it will take next year.Not going metal detecting tomorrow ,going for a walk early doors instead .nothing clever ,just about 12/15 ks .

    hiya ppqp ...computers ..dont mention them.Mine has picked up a virus ...the Bing redirect ,I usually use chrome as my browser and whenever you search for anything bing takes over the search.there are loads of supposed ways to get rid of it far none have worked for of luck with what was said at the meeting .hope we get the thunderstorms .

    hiya lav ,hows you then?good?did you get the chicken feed ?yes the gas prices are still coming down though the gap between petrol and diesel remains pretty high..thats becausethey want to bin the diesel cars off.
    did Luna like the cat house?has she been in it?tes we are def keeping an eye on Julies dad ..hope you have a great weekend .

    hiya pauly and teegee hope all is well with you
    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 8..done that bimbling into year 9..tick ..done that one he casually strolls into numero 10


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    Re: 7th August

    Ahhh, it’s so nice out on the deck, 79 degrees & sunny. FINALLY, haha!!
    I really hated that feeling of having to hide inside all day just to keep from keeling over in the heat. Out here I can enjoy the hummingbirds, lots of butterflies, Luna my deck cat & a dumb half beagle who is about to get her nose scratched off, Lol. It would be awesome if this weather stuck around for a few months

    PQ, sorry about your heat situation & I hope you found everything in good order at the garden today.
    Luna is currently resting on the deck right next to the house I got for her, I’ve seen her looking at it & checking it out so hopefully she’ll get the idea it’s there for her. Luna actually walks with me over to the chicken house each night as I close it up, funny.

    Mick, sorry you’re dealing with the heat too.
    Sounds like you have another interesting trip coming up, cool! Computer viruses are a pain, hope you can get rid of it quickly.
    So what makes a rabbit suddenly start burrowing? Escape plans?
    I haven’t even looked at diesel prices lately, neither of us buy it so why bother? Stay cool as possible!

    Hello to Cyn & Pauly, Sam & Det. Hope everyone is doing OK

    Have a nice night all!
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    Re: 7th August

    Mae all,
    Thank you for your very dear good wishes, I am so grateful for this safe place to drop into!

    Mick, I hope Julies father continues to perk up... hydration is key for all of us! I hope Bonnie decides to knockoff tunneling... Your upcoming trip sounds great!

    PPQ- I hope the garden event went well, and that all things smooth out at work...

    Lav - how cute that the rescue cat is taking to you, and is okay around the chickens. So sorry to hear about the one that passed away, sad. And also that Amish boy, what a shock. Here in Tahoe there is a huge search going on for a missing 16-year-old girl who was at a party in a state forest nearby... 200 kids, smoking dope and who knows what. She texted her mom around 10 pm saying she was coming home, then nothing... it is incredibly sad... hundreds of searchers are out looking for clues... they think abduction is possible... heartbreaking...
    So, I am grateful for every good day. I am now working with my next door neighbor here (who just lost her husband). We will start organizing her garage tomorrow, and I think that will pick up her spirits...
    Pauly, are you okay in Vegas? Those rains sound frightening. Sam, hows your weather? Your truck? Hope all is well.

    Cheers to all stopping by...

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