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Thread: 25th September

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    Re: 25th September

    Mae all - sorry to be posting so irregularly... I have yet to get a “rhythm” going for the work o am doing here... all is decided last-minute, and not a lot of boundaries... something I am addressing ASAP as that is a trigger for me. Doing okay, though.
    Lav, I hope the birthday party goes well! I have a friend that a feral cat “chose” to have her litter at her house. She is now an inside/outside cat, and as sweet as can be... but maybe your dog is not interested in a cat in the house? Good luck!
    Mick, what a nightmare situation! So glad the Good Samaritan picked up the plate and brought it to the right place! I hope you have a good send off for your trip - Bon voyage!!!
    PPQ, sounds like you are setting great boundaries! Good for you, and wishing you a wonderful (call-free) weekend!!
    I hope all are well - greetings to anyone stopping by... May we all be well...

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    Re: 25th September

    Hiya all..well it hasn't stopped raining since yesterday and pretty high winds too.Jeeves is poorly too. Was up most of the night with him,no better today, so got an emergency appointment at the vet..they gave me some more meds and to carry on as I am doing..if he is no better tomorrow then they will admit him.125 dollars for that as well as a 40 min drive across Manchester. Was going metal detecting tomorrow..that ain't going to happen just in case. Same as going away on Monday. We shall see.
    Hiya teegee, glad to hear from you .hope all is going well for you. Make sure you take care of yourself. We have just managed to get the last place on a site for the great Yorkshire Show. Next July..they are like rocking horse poo .

    Hiya ppqp..hope all is well with you good idea switch phone to mute.let someone else carry the can for the weekend. You have your own life to live

    Hiya lav,how are you doing?how is the new resident doing?was at the vet s this morning, there was only one vet .another result of brexit.. they have made it so hard for foreign nationals to work here a lot of them aren't bothering. The whole brexit was based on false and uncorroborated information ..and we fell for it .hope you have a good weekend
    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 8..done that bimbling into year 9..tick ..done that one he casually strolls into numero 10


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    Re: 25th September

    Evening greetings friends,

    We only had just over an inch of rain last night, a little windy but nothing terrible. I guess the rest of the weekend will be cloudy & damp & it’s definitely cool out in the 50’s.
    I think I’m all set for the birthday party tomorrow. It will be nice having the whole gang here for a few hours.

    PQ, I hope your phone is now silenced & leaving you alone, Lol You certainly have had an intense week at work, enough is enough.
    Make the weekend all yours & relaxing

    Cyn, glad you’re OK just extra busy. Don’t know if Ian is moving inward enough for you to see any action. Be sure to keep an eye & ear open, stay safe.

    Mick, sorry to hear Jeeves is having difficulties again. We don’t have much control over these things. Hope he rallies quickly.
    We are saturated with Vet offices here so there’s really no problem finding help when you need some. There are a few places that only deal with large animals (horses, sheep, cows).
    I guess the rain is also putting a damper on your plans, sorry about that too. Hang in there!

    Hello to everyone else & wishing a nice night for all.
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    Success comes one day at a time

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