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Thread: Dec 4th ish

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    Re: Dec 4th ish

    Bonnie doesn’t want to sleep in the bed you made her! It’s good that Bonnie was with Jeeves, so that she knows what happened to him. You’ll have a matched pair with that new bunny!

    I’m just laying low all weekend…I think the CBD cream must help some. It does not go on the broken knee, because I need to feel that one so that I don’t overdo it while it heals.

    I have been able to fall back to sleep the last two nights after awakening during the night. Victory! For some reason I often tend to wake up at 4:38 am exactly. Weird.
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    Re: Dec 4th ish

    Good evening friends,

    Well the tree decorating (and more) went well, the job is done . My granddaughter did the tree decorating herself, not bad for an 11 yr old. We made some preliminary plans for a Christmas eve gathering here so we’ll see how that goes. Not sure what the son & his family want to do yet.
    We had sun today but tomorrow will be a rain day. The weather folks are talking about snow up in the northern part of the state, I’m happy for them, haha!

    Slo, I went thru the years of disrupted sleep, glad they’re over. I know how exhausting & basically unhealthy poor sleep can be. I tried a lot of different things to help me sleep & finally came upon an herbal concoction called Mellodyn. It has melatonin & a bunch of other herbal things, I buy it inline. I have my favorite guided sleep meditations I listen to when I go to sleep. You just have to keep switching & trying different things until you find the right combo. You deserve a decent night’s rest so you can continue to heal.

    Mick, Argyle looks like the perfect mate for Bonnie, hope it works out
    Maybe staying home for the holiday was just in the cards for you this year. Next year you can resume your travel adventures. My daughter & her family are flying to London for 5 days then taking the Eurostar to Paris for another 5 days in late March, they are so exited. The last time my daughter & I went to Paris was in the early fall of 2000. Ijust sent her home with the album of pictures I took on that trip so my granddaughter can get an idea of exactly what to expect.

    Hello to PQ, hope that phone stayed turned off today!

    Cyn, how are you getting along today?

    Hello to our folks who haven’t checked in for a while, hope you are well.

    Have a nice night all!
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