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Thread: Jan 8 th

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    Re: Jan 8 th

    Good evening friends,

    It’s turned quite chilly here, only 29 degrees at the moment & windy, geez. No precipitation though so I guess that’s good.
    Looks like we will get some rain next week.

    PQ, it seems our winters are going to be a bit delayed, ugh! That always makes me sad, haha!!
    I hope the childcare folks get their act together next week so you can get your work done. The last time I had fish & chips was in Ireland, nearly 20 years ago. Americans just don’t get it right so I won’t order it here. Hope your weekend is a good one

    Cyn, glad you enjoyed your guest but it sounds like you need more rest & chicken soup. Take good care of yourself, get your immune system back in good working order. Winter brings so many cooties, we need to protect ourselves. Luna is still boycotting her cat cave. I may end it giving it to my granddaughter for her cat. Have fun with the puzzle, love doing them

    Mick, tell Julie the chandelier is very funky looking, I like it Lol
    Sounds like the weather will keep you working on your train stuff & that’s not a bad thing. Say Hi to the bunnies for me.

    Slo, tell Boyd to pick out his favorite cave: Cat Cave Co - Luxury Felted Wool Hand Made Cat Beds
    Yep, Beast loves his so far, perfecting for napping the afternoon away. Glad Beckett likes the puzzle, they learn a lot from them. Hope your daughters feel better soon, no fun being sick. Take care of your knee too.

    Hello to Sam, Pauly & Det.
    Have a nice night all.

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    Re: Jan 8 th

    MAE ALL…

    TG…sorry the virus is still hanging on, I understand taking the starch out of you. I’m sure you enjoyed your apartment guest and I hear you about back to normal. Your visit with your 96-year-old friend reminded me of my sister. She said friendship was a two-way streak. You had to put the effort in for it to be reciprocated. I struggled with that for various reasons. I love the gift of a “real” puzzle, I love them. I currently do not have the space to do one but did get one for an xmas present. I’ve seen a jigsaw puzzle table for sale where you can lay it all out and then fold it up. I’ll be investigating that. I have no expectations of being interrupted by work this weekend. LOL

    Mick…sorry about the weather. Hogsmead station with the disappearing wall? How cool that the railway station was so close to you. Was wondering about Julie’s dolls house, great job and pic. We’ve been approached by Sports Illustrated to offer our private tennis court available bookings. They would promote, advertise availability. He also wants to charge for guest players which our software currently can’t handle. It would mean a major programing reconfiguration, and for now I have other things to dal with.

    Slo…so glad you are there to help your daughter at this time. The floor puzzle gifts were always a hit. I loved them. Sorry to hear that that your daughters are sick.

    Lav…I hope our winters have decided to be nice. So far we’ve been able to continue with our Learn to Skate programs but it’s getting a little slushie. The school contacted me hoping to have their Winter Carnaval early February, we shall see. Boss checked in with me after I met with one of the program instructors to increase program fees. I asked if he approved the childcare fees and he said he hadn’t received the request. Doesn’t really matter as I’ve now poked the bear. LOL

    Shout out to the rest of the gang. Have a good night all....PPQP

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