Mae all,

Hello from a very cold and very Windy City, with some snow thrown in...
Today was the day that I had promised to take my “differently-abled” cousin out for errands and lunch... we made several stops, but she was happy. I even took her with me to a knitting shop... I have a project that’ I’d like to work on (looking for mind-enhancers that aren’t on the computer...) and needed some help with the right pattern for beautiful yarn I already have.
She was a trooper, and during lunch we had a substantive conversation about family, and grief, and some other deep subjects... I’m not sure of her diagnosis... some one of the schizophrenic disorders, but it has wrecked Her body mostly. Her mind is still sharp.

Later I went to see my sweet elder friend... Lav, somehow I need to convince her to shower... and then I can launder her jammies and change the sheets... she is always very tired and keeps putting it off. I told her I don’t need to help her, but would just like to be “around”... we’ll see when she changes her mind (or the family gets home-health in for at least that.) This evening I did get her to take her pills (victory!)

So not much going on personally for me... I just skimmed the news and now am ready for bed!

Lav, be careful of those bites, I know they can cause such infections... he is a little terror!
Mick, good luck on your “hunt” tomorrow, I hope the weather holds.
SLO - enjoy whatever “me” time you can have.
PQ, glad you are home... looking forward to you getting your patches and your lungs getting stronger.
May all be well,