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Thread: 29 Jan

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    Re: 29 Jan

    Greetings friends,

    Yes the polar vortex has arrived, super cold & windy out there!!! Not going out this weekend unless I absolutely have to haha. By Sunday it will be gone so it’s all good

    PQ, when I quit drinking i knew that was it & staying quit was a high priority for me. When I quit smoking a few months later I almost lost my mind. I just couldn’t stop thinking about the dumb things & even got in my car one day & drove to the nearest store to buy some smokes. As I was pulling into the parking lot I changed my mind, turned around went home. I knew that if I had JUST ONE my quit would be gone, possibly forever. Like with the AL I just knew I had no more quits left in me so these quits had to stick. Yes, the lozenges were a huge help, get some. Glad you’re watching your energy level & resting when needed. Nice that the boss understands too. Enjoy your ‘warmer weather’ this weekend.

    Ava, we’ve been here all along, LOL. Come back anytime!

    Slo, you really have some cold weather, be careful if you have to go anywhere. I’m glad you straightened things out with your daughter. You certainly do have a lot of steam to blow off after the year+ you have had. Don’t be hard on yourself. Nice you got out of the potty training chore, haha! I’m almost wishing the military would shoot down that Chinese balloon but they said they will not.

    Mick, I have the 3 cats hanging out in the laundry room, their food bowls, bedding & toys & tower are in there. Everything was fine until YB walked in there & turned the washer on. The noise scared Penny & she’s been hiding downstairs in my work shop all day. I took her bedding & food down there so she’s ben comfortable Lol
    Please leep your rain to yourself this weekend, don’t think I can deal with that too.

    Cyn, we have to teach you some nursing fundamentals so you don’t wear yourself out caring for your elder . Taking care of another human is not easy, never has been. Just make sure she’s safe & her basic needs have been met, you don’t need to overdo cleaning her place & wearing yourself out. Make sure you’re getting enough rest yourself

    Hello to all & wishing everyone a nice night!
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    Re: 29 Jan

    iya are we doing then? hope all is well.Glad to report no rain today..out detecting tomorrow.I have put a few coins up for sale on a London auction site ..7 in total, 1 gold the rest silver ..the auction is 21/22 this month a rough idea of what they will fetch ,Ive got a new metal detecting coil to try out tomorrow.
    both rabbit out this morning ,still lots of chasing and nipping going on ,but it looks like madam is going to be the dominant one .

    hiya Lav how are you doing ? hope all is good .glad the cats are sorted out .I think the last 2 days have been more fruitful for the rabbits than since we got garden is looking a mess though ,but it wont take long to sort it out once I get the fence down.hope you have a good weekend

    hiya are you doing today then?hope all is good and you are on the mend.heres a couple of ideas ...but you can do anything you want ..First one..keep a little notepad ...every time you want a cig ,write it down the time why you think you need it every detail etc totally honest ...then look back see if there is a pattern and how you overcame it ..secondly when you feel the need for a cig ,take some deep breaths ..inhaling and exhaling ,and just focus on the harm that the cig is doing to that breath .thirdly ...write down a lot of little tasks that are feasable,on little bits of paper ...keep them with you ,when you think you need a cig ,shuffle them and pick one to do.A variation on that is get someone else to write them without letting you see them.anther one treat yourself after achieving targets ..start with short term.and increase it ..lastly link your lack of lung function to cigs that every time you want to smoke ,blow the tube ...see if you can increase it ..turn the crave for cig at that time into a breath blowing challenge.just a few ideas ..ayway you take it easy this weekend ..

    hiya Slo how are you doing?hope all is well and you have a good weekend

    hiya avail...welcome to the bowels of are things with you in upside down land?hope all is good with your gang..just looking at your avatar..Im in the middle of binge watching the Australian Survivor series ..get yourself on it ..the sole survivor wins quarter of a mil Aus dollars .....or £186k in real money have a great weekend

    hiya teegee are you doing? hope all is good and you are having a decent weekend.

    and on that note dear readers Im have a grand weekend
    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 8..done that bimbling into year 9..tick ..done that one he casually strolls into numero 10


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    Re: 29 Jan

    Good morning,

    Young daughter came home from college for her dad’s birthday yesterday, and now I get to spend the day with her today! She slept overnight here last night, and will be back after swim practice.
    So I had a nice evening yesterday…Boyd my cat was snuggling & nuzzling on my right shoulder for the longest time while I sat on the couch, then my baby girl came and snuggled on the same shoulder while we watched the rest of Forrest Gump, one of my favorite movies.

    I get the oil changed in my car and got air in the tires the other day, so I’m ready to travel next week to visit D3 & her HB and baby Andy for 5 day days.

    I got near beer for a Christmas present, and I’m liking it too much…I’m really responding to that tiny amount of EtOH in it…better be careful to drink only 0.0% AF beer.

    Mick, I’m not surprised that Bonnie is the dominant one. Have a grand time on your detecting adventure tomorrow with the new & improved equipment.
    Those sound like great strategies for tackling NoSmo King. It’s a tough one, no doubt about it; and requires lots of diligent strategies.

    PQ, I hope you’re weekend is deeply relaxing and restful, as that’s what your body needs. Your weather sounds balmy! It’s very windy here, and still cold. Tomorrow it’s supposed to warm back up.

    Hi to Lav and TQ, and a shout out to @available from here in the bowels of hell!
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    Re: 29 Jan

    MAE ALL…

    Lav…hope you’re staying nice and warm and that the cold moves off tomorrow. I remember getting pissed off at work and driving to the liquor store with the thought “I’ll show them, I’ll get drunk” Sat out front of the store and then stopped remembering something Mick had said about Make a List, Pro’s & Con’s, so I did mentally and turned around and went home. I am basically taking it easy this weekend. I did pop into the grocery store for a couple of items and just walking around that for about 15 minutes was enough to wear me out. I’m ok just sitting and getting up and moving a little bit at a time.

    Mick…YAY, no rain. Good luck with detecting tomorrow and with the coins you put for sale. Thanks for the idea of the notepad, it reminded me of the pro’s & con’s list. I picked a small notepad up while I was out today and have already started. I just have to keep reminding myself it doesn’t have to be perfect just jot down the feelings I’m experiencing at the time. I have been using my spirometer every time I feel like a smoke and it is helping. Both with riding the wave and exercising my lungs. Win/win.

    Slo…it’s sounds like you had a lovely evening, how special. Have fun visiting with your family and grandson next week. Glad you got the car/tires checked out. I tried the near beer when I first quit drinking and thought what a waste. Didn’t like it at all. It has been balmy here and am enjoying relaxing. Hope your warm up comes tomorrow.

    Everytime it’s time to move I head to the kitchen and do the next chore. Time to dry and put away the dishes I washed. LOL Have a good night all….PPQP
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    Exclamation Re: 29 Jan

    Greetings friends,

    9 degrees F this morning, pretty cold for these parts. Glad all the cats are inside although i think Penny will want to go back out when it warms up.sheís still so nervous & hiding downstairs. I make a point to go visit her a few times per day, bring food, haha.

    Mick, glad you have some good detecting weather this weekend. Good luck selling your coins, sounds very cool. I think itís OK if Bonnie wants to rule the roost, why not????
    Iím ready for spring but itís going to be a while I guess.

    Slo, thatís nice you get some daughter time this weekend. I love spending time with my daughter too. They grow up into really good people
    Will Boyd stay home alone while youíre gone or do you board him? Enjoy your trip & baby Andy

    PQ, glad this was only a 2 day polar vortex visit, not so bad especially since we have heat!!!
    Distracting yourself when you get those smoking thoughts is really the best thing. I know this is all a big pain in the a$$ right now but you will be grateful to get that monkey off your back. Your lungs will thank you as well.

    Cyn, hope your day was a little less hectic. I keep thinking your friend would really benefit from an Assisted. Living place. Something to think about anyway. Hope you get some rest this weekend.

    Have a nice night all!
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    Re: 29 Jan

    Mae all - another short post from me... I was working on a client project and suddenly looked at the clock and saw it was 11 pm! So off to bed for me...

    SLO, glad for your daughter meetups...
    Lav, of course YB started the washer! Glad you could rescue Penny.
    Mick, hoping the coin sale is good, and that detecting today was worthy!
    PPQ, sounds like the spirometer is a good tool, so glad...

    We have a new schedule w/my elder friend... granddaughter and I are toggling... now I will do M, W, F and 1 weekend night. Much easier than all 7! Relieved.
    Tomorrow Iíll take my cousin to breakfast and a little shopping, then have some hours off...

    I had a nice sunny walk this early afternoon... what a joy to see the snow melting!

    Wishing all well ...

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    Re: 29 Jan

    Evening all,

    This thread is not easy to find, thanks Slo for @available -ing me so i could find it again.

    Benny, me in survivor, like i get exhausted watching it and i dont think i have the tolerance to play the politics in the game and make friends with people that annoy the crap out of me.

    Slo, how lovely to have a visit from your daughter, funny how life moves on. My 35 years waiting to have the house to myself is coming to a close, my daughter is moving home. It was fun while it lasted i must say. I've missed you on the NN.

    PQ, it took me 5 years to give up smoking after drinking. I am sure it was harder than giving up drinking. i didnt drink first thing in the morning or at break at work or driving home but i did have to put in the rules of when i stopped drinking and i had all the nicotine stuff they sold at the chemist and i did some stress counselling. I relapsed so many times before i put in a grand effort. i still fell like a fag when i get stressed but i'd need a loan to buy a packet in Ausland. they are so expensive, when i stopped it was $30 for 30 smokes and that was bad. 4 years on 1st April.

    work tomorrow so sleep time for me. thanks for welcoming me.
    AF free 1st December 2013 - 1st December 2022 - 9 years of freedom

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