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Thread: 4th June

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    Re: 4th June

    MAE everyone!

    Treegirl - nice to meet you! Sorry to hear about your loss during COVID. How are you liking the Midwest after living in the East?

    Mick - I can so relate to the day you've just had. I hope everything went smoothly.

    Slo - hooray for your bike ride! One of my all time fave activities and definitely a good way to relieve stress. Yes, my dad is having mostly good days at this point and it's a huge relief.

    Porquoi - thanks for sharing more about your work with the craft sale. Do you get to organize lots of different types of events in your role? That sounds pretty fun!

    Lav and NS - so great that you are both sober and able to fully enjoy (and help) as your grandkids grow up.

    Hellos and waves to everyone - catch you all again tomorrow!

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    Re: 4th June

    hiya all...and how are we doing today then? hope all is good . you will learn a different language over here too by the way ,we use local words ,a mixture of words ,and if we cant find one ,we make one up !yesterday didnt go quite as bad as we thought it would though on a 1 to 10 rating for feeling lousy I would give it a 9!Julies dad had an appt at the hosp .in Manchester the patient ambo picked him up ..turns out he has a lo grade skin cancer which is localised so they are going to take that off.In the meantime ,I go to his house collect bits and pieces meds telly blah blah and take them to his room in the assisted living home .When he is finished at the hozzy ,the ambo crew and the nurses who were absolutely fantastic ,told him that part of the skin op was to go for respite care at the home ,he was well up for it there and seemed to settle straight away ,not a lie ,ok a slight deviation in the truth road I will accept!.I can honestly say it was a pretty horrible day .,so we shall see where we go from here .I was in bed at 9 last night and slept solid till 5 this morning ..A new day .

    hiya wag ,hope all is well with you today mate?as time goes on I may pick your brains if thats ok .

    teegee ...the explorer are you doing?typing on a phone is lethal either ends up as an enigma code or it takes wings and flies off never to be seen .thanks for your good wishes and hope all is well with you .

    hiya are you today then? hope all is well ..sounds like you are going to be busy this weekend looks like our weekend is on the turn ...but at least the rain will be warm!.My friendsent me a pic of the smoke over there..he is in Alberta somewhere ..looked like a big massive cloud .best of luck on the cpr course .

    hiya slo are you doing ? didnt realise you went out biking so much .Glad you picked the positive bones out of the wedding scenario ...good for you .whens the next outing never stay home long .

    hiya Lav ,did you get the orange sunset?I know that feeling with the smoke when they set the moors alight here.I was surprised when I wentto see the care home yesreday ....I was expecting something along the lines of a jail with cells I guess ...but nope well kept maintained and the staff have a brill attitude .You are def right about the more of those feelings of eill I be over the limit ,the freedom to jump in a car /van any time etc .hope you have a good day .

    hiya NS ,how are you doing?hope all is good.Ive been retired since 2011...I retired when I was 12!!Retired is great ...I cn be busy if I want or not ,and just sit down ...yeah right!I keep rescue rabbits ...a pair of them ..the current one took a while to bond but they are great now .got a motorhome which we like to bimble about in ,Being Scottish I collect anything thats free.hope you have a good one

    hiya 3.142 hope all is well ?

    right good people time to let the rabbits out ...take care and have a great day


    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 12

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    Re: 4th June

    Slo, it was so brave of you to go to the wedding when all of your family was going to be together elsewhere. Your confidence must be growing and I'm so happy for you .

    PQ, Molly hasn't been in the Nest but she does post on the Army thread. Available and Kensho post in the Nest periodically. Kensho currently is vacationing in Italy so we might not hear from her for awhile.

    I'm so sorry about the loss of your husband, Treegirl. I hope you are feeling comfortable in the Midwest. I've always lived in this part of the country and like it very much. But I do love to visit the coasts and other parts of the US.

    Lav, we have a bit of the smoke here but nothing like the photos I've seen of NY and PA. I guess there are a lot of reasons to wear masks!

    Mick, loved the dude in the stroller! I hope today is a better day for your FIL and that your dad continues to do well, Wags.

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    Re: 4th June

    Welcoming Waves to NS, Wags, and Steady! Grateful Greetings to the regulars who saved my seat for a few days, annd sent such caring sentiments. All is calm in Pieland. I stayed AF, so was able to be fully present for my pup. Am still getting used to her absence, but can do so with no feelings of guilt or shame.

    PQ, I remember how I found my way to this thread. It was Mick?s jokes that drew me in!

    NS, I?m kinda still here, but more accurately recently returned after taking a years long detour to drink myself silly. Think I have more saved quotes from you than any other MWOer. Such a smart cookie you are.

    Wags, was it you who posted photos of a PNW house for sale years ago?

    Mick, I went for the implant consult, and signed on the dotted line. Appointment at for 6/26.

    Hello to Lav, Slo, TG, and others who may drop by.
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    Re: 4th June

    Good evening friends,

    We’re in a Code Red today with the wildfire smoke, tomorrow may be a Code Purple they say. It’s downright yucky & apparently not going anywhere.
    MLB has postponed games tonight for NYC & Philly. Lots of graduations are being moved indoors as well.

    Pie, I’m sorry you lost your friend but we are proud that you stayed true to your quit & have remained AF. Take good care of yourself

    NS, this smoke doesn’t mix well with my allergies & we have tons of pollen hanging around still since there’s been no rain. Hope the smoke stays out of your area.

    Mick, there generally are no cells in assisted living facilities Lol. I know we do imagine the worst in these situations but it’s almost always not that bad. Hopefully Julie’s Dad settled down after his transfer, it takes a little time. Yes, the sun is red here, missed getting a pic last night. The air quality is worse today than yesterday & tomorrow looks like it’s going to be even worse sadly. Hope you were able to relax a bit today.

    Wags, hope your day was good.

    PQ. Did I tell you that the craft fair I do in September (the Apple Festival) has grown in size again this year & there are a total of 98 vendor spots!!!! I think they have used up every available inch of space in the park
    I hope your day was good too.

    Slo, glad you got to go to the wedding. Seeing other people do dumb stuff when they’re drinking makes me happy & grateful for my quit too. Who needs that BS at this point in our lives? Sounds like your knee is doing OK, am I right?

    Cyn (TreeGirl), I haven’t posted on my phone for years, good for you!
    I hope everything is going well for you!

    Hello to all & wishing us all a peaceful night!
    AF since 03/26/09
    NF since 05/19/09
    Success comes one day at a time

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    Re: 4th June

    MAE ALL...well I was told I could go after the test so guess I passed. LOL The instructor was great and she had a lot of humor in her lessons. She gave us a hint for the test, if the question has "all of the above" as an answer choose that one. LOL First 4 questions were a snap. She asked for a google review and wrote her name on the whiteboard. When I went up to copy it down she said "I just wanted to say that you have a great smile. Every time I looked at you, you were smiling. It made for a lovely day." Well, that made my day!

    Slo...we must have X-posted yesterday. Glad you're home safe and sound. Sounds like you turned lemons into lemon aide and had a good time in spite of everything. Didn't quite get the craft fair registration launched, just a couple of tweaks in the morning and it'll be good to go.

    TG...thanks for checking in I'm sure you're swamped with your volunteering and elder responsibility. You take some time for you.

    Wags...there are a couple of events I organize and we're planning new annual ones which I'm learning to keep my mouth shut. As you get to know me you'll understand why I feel that way. Hope you had a good day.

    Mick...and don't forget about "history", we love your knowledge. That's a huge accomplishment yesterday, at least he's in. Sorry it was such a horrible day. How great that the ambo crew and nurses told him it was part of the skin op, that surely helped. I'm sure the 8 hours of sleep helped. We are under a heat warning right now but it's supposed to be cooler with some rain this weekend. I'm glad I put my foot down and said the garage sale will be indoors. CPR course finished, onto to the dentist. LOL Loved the "Kevin" pic.

    NS...that's right, I followed Mick over to the Army thread at one point and got to know Molly. I now just stick to this thread, it gets to be too much for me.

    Pi...glad to see your post, I was wondering how you were doing. Well done you staying AF and I'm glad things are calm even though it will take some time getting used to her being gone. We're here for you. Sounds like the implant consult was a success, I'm way too chicken to do something like that.

    Lav...I take it Code Purple is worse that Code Red. We really only had one day when conditions were like you are having now. I hope it clears out soon for you. We're getting random grass fires here with all the poplar fuzz catching fire. Wow, and I thought dealing with 60 vendors was challenging. I hope you have a great sale and will be watching for pics.

    My day started early with trouble shooting some tech issues, nobody in childcare could log onto the network. Wasn't expecting that but got it sorted and had plenty of time to get to my course. If it's not one thing it's another. Now to figure out dinner. Have a peaceful evening all....PPQP

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    Re: 4th June

    Mae all,

    Lovely to have you new/old folk here Wagmor and NS. Thank you for your kind words... our little group here has been a lifeline and saving grace for me. Welcome!

    SLO - I also meant to say congrats on the weekend that you handled so brilliantly - not sure I wrote that! Hope all is well - I think we're lucky that the smoke is not heavy here, though I did get some alerts on my phone. take care!

    Lav - I'm so sorry about the smoke - it is dangerous, and hard to deal with... I know you know that, but please do be careful. My friends in NYC sent pics - horrible, just like Tahoe a few years ago... but I can't imagine being stuck in a tiny NYC apartment and not able to get out for fresh air... poor folks.

    PPQ - you sound great! Congrats on the course, and getting everything at work fixed - you are such a valuable commodity there!

    Mick - whew, that sounds like quite the day... glad to hear that the transition is accomplished - I'll be sending good energy for the situation to "stick". I hope you and Julie continue to get some rest...

    Pie - hugs hugs hugs. I'm glad that you are hanging in - a tough time, but you gave her a gift. WONDERFUL news about sticking with your quit. You win the blue-ribbon for steadfastness. great to hear, and inspiring!

    Well, even here in the middle of the country we got some smoke, but a nice little thunder shower just rolled through so that's a bonus. It's been unseasonably hot here, but it looks like there will be a bit of a break in the coming days. crossing fingers.

    Thanks to our new friends for joining us! Hello to Det, Sam, and Pauly... still thinking of you and hoping all is well --

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    Re: 4th June

    Hello to everyone!

    You have a lot of smoke there, Lav. It sounds horrible. We were at level orange here yesterday.
    My knee is bothering me; I overdid it trying to do too much today, and without anti inflammatory pain gel, as I hadn’t applied it yet (waited to shower until after my bike ride). I haven’t heard a thing back from that pain clinic that I had an appointment with.

    Mick, that was a brilliant ploy they employed to ease FIL into his new place.
    Those are both funny jokes! The Kevin one especially tickles my funny bone.

    PQ, you were a pleasant person to teach CPR to! It was probably nice to get away from everything at work to go do something different.

    Pie, you said you were going to be away from us for a few days to get over the hump with your declining dog. So glad you made it through AF.

    I’m so lucky that Young Daughter is here with me this evening! I start feeling lonely otherwise.
    Tomorrow I drive up to help out with the three young grandchildren. Mostly to be there so Daughter can get out for appointments.
    Once a pickle, never a cucumber again.

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    Re: 4th June

    MAE everyone - had a pretty rough day and am pretty exhausted so gonna keep this short and just check in AF. I'll post tomorrow after I get some sleep. Thanks for understanding

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    Re: 4th June

    mae all ,and how are we today then?hope all is well..another early up for me ...0500 this morning ..just fed the rabbits so they are up and about too.Julie went up to the care home yesterday to see her dad ,surprise surprise ,he had settled in well..ok very early days yet ,but he was interacting with people eating chatting and seems to be a lot more mobile .the staff were expecting to have to get him out of bed in the morning ,but nope he was up and dressed I say early days yet,but hopefully he will settle .
    weather over here is changing ,getting pretty blowy ,still sunny but not jotting about in speedos weather ...for those with vivid imaginations ...only kidding .ok brew time .

    hiya Wag are you doing? sounds like yesterday wasn't a barrel of laughs for you..hope today is better my friend.

    hiya slo ,sorry about the knee ..have you not got a sports bandage or something for it?take it easy driving your car an automatic or manual?

    hiya teegee how are you doing? hope all is good ..yep we have a weather break coming too.Thanks for the good wishes .Julie slept well too .probably the deepest and least troubled for a long time.take care and have a good one .

    hiya are you then?congrats on passing the course..did you have a good day /pleasant day /hassle free day /or all of the above??yep I am the font of useless knowledge I know more rubbish than wikipedia!!So you put your foot down over the sale ?do it 3 times and you can call it a yard sale ..ok ok Ill get ma coat ..did you figure out dinner?I had chicken in black bean sauce with potatoes..ermm potatoes were sliced and chopped and done in the air fryer .ie chips fries ...whatever you call them.hope today is a good one for you .

    hiya pie ...hope all is good with you .well done on the af are doing great cresting that wave.Best of luck with the implant feels strange at first ,but for me it was a game changer and after a while you dont notice it .you have no need to feel guilt over the pup....I know that crappy feeling but you gave it your best saved it pain ...end of . you take care and have a good day .

    hiya Lav how are you doing?hows the air quality ? you look after yourself in that .Makes me wonder though there a world office of meaningless somewhere? who thinks of these colours?red amber green I get ..the traffic light system,but when you start adding purples etc ,who thinks that up? is it the same gang who name tropical storms hurricanes and tornadoes .?wow 98 tables at the craft fair? good for you... pile em in .yep I guess there aint any cells in assisted living ..but my knowledge of residential living accom is kind of limited..ha ha .You take care .

    hiya NS .Ta muchly for your thoughts ,it was a better day yesterday.hope all is well with you? ..have a good day whatever your plans are .dont know what we are up to today though I have an idea .

    and thats it folks all here and looking in ...stay safe ,sane and sober ..





    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 12

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