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Thread: 20th August

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    Re: 20th August

    The boat ride was short since unexpected very dark clouds and a rainstorm popped up. So we rode in the boat in the raindrops, then stopped for appetizers on a restaurant patio, and it started to downpour. Raced the boat back to their house…then on my way home a double rainbow popped up, and it was a beautiful evening the rest of the evening! I suppose the weather can be unstable when the temperature gets so high (high 90s F -not as hot as it is by TG!). Today it feels almost downright cold.
    @NoSugar might be on her way home this weekend.

    I like the ‘kilt’ jokes, Mick!

    I’m thrilled for you that your life (and your taxes!) should be simplified and enhanced by your new job at Trader Joe’s, TG.
    What you said about the loss of our previous homes with all our trees: you’re right…that was then and this is now. Yes, losses were incurred, but we can do this. Yes, we can and we will. Thank you.

    PQ, were you able to sleep? You scheduled a day off at the right time. Yes, your last boss was fifi!
    I picked up some sweet corn to have with my dinner.

    I had my last Gokhale movement & posture class yesterday and, since I was in that area, I went to my niece’s soccer game yesterday evening.
    Tomorrow I am riding in the Slow Roll bike ride with my daughter and her nephew. My nephew bailed on us.
    My next door neighbor just visited with me outside for like two hours, between our houses. Some people are just so nice! Luckily I live next to one!
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    Re: 20th August

    So it’s finally Saturday for real haha!!
    Not going to lie, it’s hot as hell here today. The thermometer on my deck was reading 111 degrees at one point this afternoon, ugh. Of course we have the extra humidity too.
    Finishing up my 24 tote bags this weekend. Ordered another 24 - just in case since my wholesaler was having a good sale
    Speaking of Ikea, we have one down just outside of Baltimore. It’s not a bad trip on a quiet day, should go soon.

    Cyn, thanks for catching up with your address. Hope you’re feeling better today. It’s good to get out for some exercise but not if your temps are like mine. Maybe an indoor treadmill walk would be better. Thinking about dusting mine off, can’t deal with these temps.

    Wags, you have no idea how many times over the past 35+ years I’ve looked at or heard someone & thought - shut up FiFi haha!!!! It’s a good tool to have when you know you need to keep your mouth shut
    Hope your air is clearer now so you can be outside as well.

    Mick, sorry you can send the rain back my way. The weather geniuses are tracking tropical storms heading towards the US. Looks like Florida is on the target. Hope you stay off of the roof. I insist ob hiring people who do that stuff for a living & have the right tools. YB has been limping all day, claims to have slept ‘wrong’. Can you imagine what a fall from the roof would do to him? Geez!

    PQ, Slo & everyone - hello & hope you’re all well.
    Let’s all have a nice night!

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