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Thread: 17th september

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    Re: 17th september

    Good evening group,

    Good day here plus we had a visit from our daughter & her family. I think it helped lift YB’s spirit at least for a while. Decided I wasn’t cooking today so I ordered food & took my granddaughter with me to go pick it up. She loved the new car & showed me how to add new radio stations because I didn’t have a clue, Lol. 12 1/2 & they know all this stuff.

    Mick, our weather should be heading your way right now. We have a big coastal storm moving in tonight. I guess it will make things too wet to woo haha!!
    I managed to get all of the coffee into the cups & pot today. Proud of myself Lol. Btw - I know a few tools as well!!

    Slo, congrats on the epic sleep. We have to be grateful as these things tend to be quite rare. Maybe talking to your friend relaxed you more than yo realized.
    Hope your weekend is good!

    PQ, I find getting distracted happens so easily these days, scares me a little. I’m already a major klutz, haha.
    I hope your early morning goes well.

    Wags hello to you!

    Cyn, hope you are planning an easy weekend for yourself

    Hello to anyone else dropping in & wishing everyone a nice night!
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    Re: 17th september

    TG - thinking about you and hoping everything went smoothly today

    Mick - your cabinet refurb looks fantastic! Sorry to hear your weather is still so soggy though.

    Slo - hooray for getting so much good sleep! I can't even imagine sleeping 8 hours. Sounds like you're having some good family time though. Hope the meet-n-greet went goes or went well.

    PQ - glad your boss had your back with the newsletter articles. Enjoy your beautiful weather this weekend!

    Lav - kids sure are comfortable with tech these days, aren't they? Hope you got some of your fave radio stations programmed

    Pie - hope you're doing well

    This past week has felt incredibly long. I have one class early tomorrow morning and then the rest of the weekend off, and am really looking forward to that free time. We've got loads of projects around the house as we wrap up the summer season and prepare for fall, but it'll at least be a change of pace from my very mentally draining work.

    Happy weekends everyone - hope you all have good ones!

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    Re: 17th september

    hiya all how are we doing today then? hope all is well ..really foggy this morning ,it was very autumnal.and cold....time to put the heating on ...including for the rabbits .It has come really sunny now ..Julie is away for paint to decorate the front room.

    hiya ppqp how are you doing today then?phone off?Good idea ...dropping the kids off at the door ...better idea....drop them off at someone elses door .ha ha .did you open the centre this morning? do you have to put it all back together afterwards ?take care and have a decent weekend .

    hiya Slo how are you? I slept pretty good last night too.first time for a wee while have you any plans for the weekend or is it a busy doing nothing one ...Im off up into the loft when madam gets back with the paint .

    hiya Wags ...weekend time can slow down now !!hope all is well with your dad ...

    hiya Lav .how are you? glad your grand daughters visit was useful!!!!congrats on getting the coffee in the cups was sunny here but it is clouding over now ........hope yb is ok ...

    big shout to everyone else..have a good one .
    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 12

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