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Thread: 22nd October

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    Re: 22nd October

    Greetings friends,

    Mostly cloudy here today with a light & brief shower, not bad really. I’ve spent my day feeding & watering all the zoo members here, haha!

    PQ, I leave my bluetooth on on my phone simply because I use it with my air pods every night to listen to my guided meditations for sleep. I can turn it off, just too lazy I guess haha! 15” of snow is a good bit, be careful out there especially when the idiots are on the roads. I read a CNN story today about a 75 yr old woman in Italy trying to get help evicting her sons. They are 40 & 42 yrs old still living with her & contribute nothing to the household expenses. She’s living on a widow’s pension & wants them out. A judge heard her case & agreed, they have to leave by Dec 15. They are countersuing her, for the love of god, Lol. We raised our kids to want to leave asap, haha!!

    Slo, all the grandkids have apparently outgrown Halloween at this point. Time really flies, geez.
    YB has had multiple office MOHS procedures on his back & one very large spot that he had to go be admitted for surgery. It’s been going on for several years now. I noticed all these spots on him decades ago & pleaded with him to see a dermatologist but of course he ignored me. It wasn’t until our son-in-
    Law’s dad had a huge spot removed from the top of his head (requiring a graft) that he finally started listening. So now he goes willingly every 3 months for a skin check. I’m sorry you’re having so much difficulty moving about & dealing with constant pain. Your grandson sounds like my younger grandson - crazy!! I have to say now at age 12 he’s much better but he’s on several ADHD meds & an antipsychotic med. he needed all that to get his sh*t together along with a good doctor. Don’t hurt yourself trying to deal with him right now. Someone else can watch him day to day, you can just be his grandma. My social worker DIL has some very strange child rearing practices, I stay away from her too. Take care of yourself

    Pie, it’s not likely I will sit & watch the World Series, haha. Professional sports never interested me.
    Sounds like you’re making progress with your dog transport, cool

    Mick, you battle with the internet more than anyone I know, haha! Sorry you lost your posts. Great pics again , thanks!
    Enjoy that extra hour of sleep this weekend.

    Fly, yep we’ve been on the melanoma warpath for several years now. I’m just glad he finally listened to me when he did, geez.
    Happy to hear Frieda is coming along nicely. I can’t imagine what our pets think when they have to go through surgeries. It’s hard enough dealing with people patients. Your MIL has every right to want to slow down if that what she wants. I took care of my mom the last 8 months of her life & she was the same way. She was only 65 when she passed but she was fed up with life as it was. People have to make their own decisions, right?

    Hello to Cyn & Wags, hope you are both doing well.

    Have a good night all!
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    Re: 22nd October

    MAE ALL...TGIF! It's been a long week, I'm so ready for the weekend, phone is off! I went for my lab work at noon today and there was only 4 people in the waiting room. I actually got in early. I said it looks like it's a quiet day and she said it wasn't, there were 25 people out there when she went for lunch. My timing was perfect. LOL

    Slo...I'm so sorry to read about your day with the 3 grandkids, what an ordeal. You don't need that while dealing with everything else you're going through. Time to concentrate on dealing with your own constant pain. It did feel good to have the winter programs done, made for an easy wind down Friday.

    Pi...I couldn't imagine all the moving parts involved in doggie transport. How cool that the receiving foster is a pilot in training and willing to participate in the flying. Enjoy the World Series.

    Mick...I concur, you are not dim. Hard enough when it's one sent to the ether. Thanks for persevering and posting the pics, they're great. Glad you clarified the last pic, I too thought it was trees. Thanks for the reminder about the clocks going back, I had to look it up for us. We're the first Sunday in November, so still have a week before it's pitch black when I head to work in the morning.

    Fly...Being in Canada I'm just amazed at the carrying a concealed weapon. I'm always very cautious while driving in the US.

    Lav...sorry, didn't mean you imply you didn't know about bluetooth. I often wondered how people listened to guided meditations for sleep, so now I know, thanks. I always thought I'd have to hold my phone up to my ear while trying to go to sleep and it didn't make any sense to me. LOL Now I'm thinking air pods for Christmas. Unbelievable about the 75 year old evicting her sons and they're countersuing! If you hear the outcome I'd like to know. LOL Have to work on the craft sale as I had 2 vendors pull out due to deaths in the family, so sad. I just didn't have the energy to deal with it today so that's my task for Monday.

    Have a restful evening all...PPQP

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    Re: 22nd October

    Mae all - just a quick shout out to all? I started reading back through the posts, but I so tired that my eyes are not focusing? so, will be replying to sll tomorrow?
    Wishing everyone all the best../

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    Re: 22nd October

    hiya all how are we doing today then? hope everyone is ok ...started off raining here but it has cleared up a bit...yesterday was a real pain in the butt day for me ..I missed a lot of it out because I had lost the posts ,but it was a day from hell for me.My shoulder and back were absolutely killing me ,but I got some heat into it which eased it off a good bit ,then I noticed Argyl wasnt walking properly Ive seen it before,but it seemed a bit worse yesterday..Picked him up and he yelped a bit ..straight to vets ,where they checked him over ..she checked his spine and back legs and gave him a real going over ...he was ok ..but what she said was somewhere in the past he has suffered a trauma hurt his leg and he compensates for it similar to using a cane .and to prove it she showed me his paws ..The back right claw and front left wear down quicker ..the choices are ..leave him, or they can investigate further ..I am leaving him as he is ..he is doing good so I aint messing with him..He is bright as a button in the best of health.I biult an extra step for him from the garage where the hutch is to the conservatory ..reduce the height he has to jump...not that it bothers him..then on the way home I nearly got side swiped by a foreign artic ..he might be foreign but he damn sure understood hand signals .but apart from that twas a quiet day.

    hiya Fly how are things with you?hope all is well..was playing with the camera again this morning ..took these pics ..

    if you look to the side of the trees on the top of the hill you will see some "blobs"


    this is the blobs zoomed in ....


    and this is almost at full zoom before it starts getting distorted ..a magpie on the back of a coo

    I am still trying to work out how to image birds in flight......

    hope you have a good weekend ..

    hiya Lav ,how are you doing?hope all is well.Yep we have always had trouble with the internet ..ok so there may be a teeny weeny bit of operator error involved ..but where we are doesnt a valley in the hills if you look at it ..I have even got a booster on the laptop.hows yb doing ?yeah our parents wanted rid of us too...everyday they would send us to school with lunch wrapped in a road map with different coordinates marked up...I have just cut back the lavender in the border ..its had a bonny old haircut ..hopefully a good bloom next year.

    hiya teegee,how are you doing? hope all is well with you ...quick this post before it disappears somewhere !!!!

    hiya are you doing ? hope all is well..yes its the weekend work to live not vice versa...the stalls can wait ......

    hiya pie how are you doing? any progress on the pilot and paws? dont know whay ..but as soon as you mentioned about the dog and flying ..a vision of muttley appeared in my head..

    hiya wags howare you doing today mate? hope all is well.

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    Why did the man cut his camping trip short? It was in tents.

    What do you call someone with no body and no nose? Nobody knows.

    Why couldn't the bicycle stand up without help? It was two-tired.

    What do you call a boomerang that won't come back? A stick.

    Why do golfers always bring an extra pair of pants? In case they get a hole in one.

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    Why did the shopping cart go to therapy? It was tired of being pushed around.

    When does Friday come before Thursday? In the dictionary.

    What did one horse say to the other? You mustang out with me.

    Where do polar bears vote? At the North Pole.

    Why don't cats tell a lot of stories? They only have one tail.

    What do you get when you cross a grocery store and a scientist? Market research.

    Why aren't there any restaurants on the moon? There's no atmosphere.

    I excel at sleeping. I can even do it with my eyes closed.

    Someone glued my deck of cards together. I don't know how to deal with it.

    The past, present and future walked into a bar. It was tense.

    I got rid of my vacuum cleaner. It was just gathering dust.

    Did you hear about the guy who stole a calendar? He got 12 months.

    I always pronounce one word wrong. Wrong.

    I don't file my nails. I prefer to throw them away.

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    Did you hear about the witch that went into the desert? She was having a dry spell.

    I avoid highways in winter. I don't like getting the cold shoulder.

    What do you call a crocodile wearing a vest? An investigator.

    A dinosaur was in a car accident. It was a tyrannosaurus wrecks.

    My dog sat down on a piece of sandpaper. It was ruff.

    I avoid hanging out with pigs. They're a boar.

    What's stranger than seeing a catfish? Watching a fish bowl.

    Did you hear about the polite clown? It was a nice jester.

    Carbon and hydrogen went on a date. I heard they bonded.

    I got help for my ATM addiction, but went through withdrawals first.

    Two walkie talkies got married. I hear the reception was amazing.

    I bought an automatic shovel. It's groundbreaking.
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    Re: 22nd October

    Here we are on the weekend!

    Daylight Savings Time starts Nov. 5 here, so the same as Canada I guess. There’s a bill here in the works that, if it passes, will keep us on Daylight Savings Time permanently.

    I looked up your coveted boots, Pie: the Chelsea boots? They’re cute! A bit pricey, the way boots are, as compared to shoes. That said, I just dropped that amount on shoes: good, solid shoes that will work with foot orthotics.

    My orthotics are in! I can wear them 3 hours per day for the first half a week, gradually increasing by an hour each half a week. Pain will get worse before it gets better as my body straightens out and adjusts. I’m so excited! I am on my way now towards healing some.

    Mick, poor little Argyle! Thoughtful of you to modify his way in & out of the conservatory.
    I love the photos of hat bird with the orange head & yellow wing, the animals reflected in the water, and beautiful waterfall up close.

    PQ, there’s nothing wrong with living inter-generationally…as long as everyone gets along and everyone pulls their weight.
    You really did hit the lab (or was it the doctor’s office?) at just the right time!

    Fly, your MIL brings back memories for me too; of how my MIL just needed to be allowed to go as the dying process was beginning to get underway and she was so tired and at the end, but my FIL just kept shoveling rich food into her against her will and insisting she live.
    And memories of when I was a rehab nurse, and the patients often couldn’t do much more than sleep between rehab sessions.

    Lav, goofy parenting ideas indeed. My son-in-law is actually very good with Beckett, but he gets the same treatment that I do. If he speaks to Beckett with firmness yet kindness (like say after Beckett has hurt Mabel yet again) , then he too is told that he is yelling, and that he is emotionally dys-regulated and not modeling emotionally regulated behavior like an adult should; and he is sent away too (“Just go, Matt! Go do your work downstairs. You go.”) It’s ridiculous.
    But my daughter highly educated too, like your DIL (special ed teacher, then school psychologist). I guess common sense gets lost with education.

    Thanks for the shout out, TG! Hi, Wags!
    Once a pickle, never a cucumber again.

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    Re: 22nd October

    Good evening friends,

    We had a warm & sunny 80 degree day here, strange. But the cold air is to begin moving in from the west so it should level out pretty quickly!
    Finally got around to buying a pumpkin today, just because. I have no intentions of carving it or anything. When it starts to get wilted looking I’ll toss it to the chickens. They LOVE pumpkin haha!

    PQ, I hope your weekend is peaceful & relaxing. I’m still giggling about the Italian sons refusing to leave home. That’s something that would never happen in my household, trust me haha!! Our kids knew what was expected of them & they didn’t disappoint. Our daughter did have to move home twice due to some very rotten & inadequate roommates but everything worked out. Check Amazon for air pods, they’re on sale I believe. I’m very hooked on mine

    Cyn, I hope yo got some good sleep & rest. Are you off this weekend?

    Mick, this is the time of year when just about everything hurts I think. Hope your back & shoulder are happier now.
    Sounds like Argyl compensated for his injury well. He should thrive under your watchful eye . Love the pic of the bird on the cow’s back, Lol Cheaper than calling an Uber ride!!!

    Slo, adjusting to the orthotic is a slow but steady game but glad you’re on the way to comfort.
    These overeducated young women make me want to !@#$%^&**, honestly! My DIL’s head is stuffed with theory but when it comes to applying it effectively it’s just a damn joke. Who needs that BS? Funny, my son’s name is Matt too & he doesn’t deserve that treatment either. I don’t know how these young guys put up with that crap either. Keep looking after yourself

    Fly, hello to you & hope you had a good day. Same to Pie & anyone else stopping by later.

    Have a nice night all!
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    Re: 22nd October

    Mae all,
    So nice to read back through the posts i’ve missed or just skimmed... and hopefully thus post will be without Question Marks!

    Mick, because my posts were getting so difficult to “keep on the page” , i finally taught myself to ALWAYS copy the post... the auto-retrieve doesn’t always keep up... that way way (even if i have to log out and log back in, which happens) i can always re-post. Maybe that will help... it’s so frustrating, i know! Thanks for your patience and for sharing those wonderful pictures... the birds look so close! Argyle had a very lucky day when you found him... hope everything works out. That’s lovely that Amy is engaged! And how wonderful of her guy to talk to you first...

    Lav, sorry to hear about the spots of melanoma reappearing.. food that you are on top of it. Hope all heals well. Yes, the cats seem to have you well trained... sending good vibes for being able to catch the momma and stop the litters... enough!

    Pi, how interesting about the flight people helping you. Did i mention that i am considering a Rescue? Unfortunately, not one close to me - she’s in MN. But it is a well-regarded Rescue, and she’s a elder dog - what i was looking for. We would have to figure out getting her here, or meeting in between... any thoughts, concerns?

    Slo - that was an astonishing story about your son’s household. It really sounds like a break is needed for you, especially while you are trying to do so much to heal yourself. And too much driving!!! Here’s hoping that your therapies will work for you and all will be well.

    PPQ, things sound busy at work as always - i hope you are getting some time in when you can do something fun for yourself...

    Wags, how are all your students? How is the pup, all healed?

    Fly, in the state where i’m living there also is a “no-permit concealed carry law”... absolutely ridiculous. Why?.. good luck hope your temps stay in the “nice “ zone..

    I took my SIL to the airport at 4:30 AM this morning to catch an early flight. The came back and slept, but i have felt sleepy all day. Was a little depressed about work, and worry about my cognition, but i’m trying to stay positive... i do get so tired though... it is very physical work. Off today, so that helped, but back on tomorrow 2 to 10...

    Thinking about everyone and hoping all is well... cheers,

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    Re: 22nd October

    What an absolute turd of a day this turned into, thanks to American Airlines. I'm so tired I don't feel like telling the story. Tomorrow is another day. Good night all.

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