Hey kids,

Last of the nice days here for a while, tomorrow the nor’easter rolls in. We’ll see how much rain & wind it brings along.
We actually dragged the Christmas out today & got it set up. I’ll get around to decorating it at some point. This is early for us, I usually prefer to do all that after my birthday. Heard from the grandsons today & they reported the kittens are doing fine. Glad to see them taking such good care of them. For all of us crappy sleepers - good luck trying to sleep tonight & tomorrow night. There’s a huge electromagnetic storm going on that could wipe out communications & a lot of other things including sleep for some of us. Why are we so lucky?

PQ, hope you found time for your haircut & work today. Nice of you to supervise the weekend activities.
I am actually trying to put together a quilted Christmas wall hanging for myself right now. I may or may not get it done in time, we’ll see. I’m not a quilter but have always wanted to learn. So definitely no more embroidery jobs this week.

Mick, glad the storms have calmed down for you. It’s good to get outside & enjoy the views. My younger brother & his wife were in Sicily this week, due to get home today. All their outdoor pics looked lovely, no storms. Such a long trip from California to Sicily, geez. Is there any place Hard Rock cafe hasn’t found yet? Lol

Slo, yeah the Herrs drive thfru is a freebie, I wouldn’t wnat to pay for it either. So many people around here work there so I guess this is a gift to the entire community . Back when YB was first diagnosed with melanoma we visited an oncologist who was very excited about immunotherapy. Fortunately YB hasn’t needed it yet but it’s good to know you have the option available not too far from home. I hope your friend’s therapy is effective for her.
Several year sago when I had the stress fractures in my left foot I was surprised because I had no injury but there was an incident involving my 100 lb dog standing on my foot while trying to stand up. That’s all it took. I imagine your daughter’s fertility treatments are to blame, what a shame. I hope everything works out for them

Cyn, hope you are OK today - working the afternoon shift I think?

Hello to Pie, Wags, Sam & everyone.

Have a nice night all!