wanting to post all day

I've been following the July mod board all month, but not posted. I feel like I have been moderating pretty well with some slight bumps in the road, but want to jump on to the August Mod event for sure. Reason to butt in on the July post is that I am fascisnated with the way you all have handled the family "triggers" as in Sophia with your mother and how eloquently you handled that!!! and Rebecca how you beautifully you can shrug off a comment from your husband and not turn that over to a glass of wine...or in our case, a bottle of wine, or in MY case, a box of wine!
I say this because family issues are such a tiricky thing! I am getting ready to go to a family reunion tomorrow...leaving at 4am to drive to another state (where hopefully it's cooler---I too am in a state where it's 107!! SWEAT!) and I'm looking forward to it, but also dread the dynamics and although am armed with supps and topa....I am fearful!!! My sister (older and controlling) called last night with some last minute "suggestions" and after I hung up, I managed to drink way more than I intended to, for what reason, I don't know, accept for hearing her voice!! Frightening!! Let alone spending 3 days with her!! I woke up with a headache and I was furious with myself!! I went for a walk, sweated out some wine, felt better and swore that this "reunion" will be great!! Wanted to let you all know that it will be great!!! Thanks for letting me butt in to this thread--You keep me inspired! Here's to us!