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Thread: July 11

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    July 11

    Re: hi to all

    Sorry I cannot get into every one's posts just yet -- but wanted to check in. Today --thus far -- after a funerral & car trip -- 2 rum-gingerale -- Wow - was that refreshing in 95 degree weather -- BUT -- did not even have a craving -- that is kinda sad part as the reason is.. I jus t could not figure out what to do with myself once home. I fussed with my flowers. Now I am sipping wine spritzer & will go to sleep soon from emotional sorrow. But I may not & may have more wine - I do not know yet. I am pathetic how much I sleep ..but hoping coming off the topa ..I will be more peppy & get my energy/health back ...

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    July 11

    Hi All!

    Checking back in!!

    Yes, believe it or not, I have never had a blackout!! Or perhaps I have, but I was too blacked out to notice I had one!:lol No, that is one way I have been fortunate, and I am grateful for that. I feel better for having shared some of my sense of discouragement this morning with everyone--it really does help!! I appreciate your kind words back.:d :d Also had a good therapy session today, and that helped as well.

    Mary, the pillow from B,B and B plugs into the cd player, but if you have a Best Buy around, they have a good basic portable cd player for just $19.99 that you can plug it into, as well. I figure it's a good investment. I don't think I could abide sleeping with headphones on!! I also bought a set of rechargable batteries and a charger so I can always pop in a new set when the others wear down. It's a real help.

    Hang in there, Janet!! I'm sorry that things are so stressful. Do your relatives understand much English??? Can you say mean things to them with a sweet expression on your face and get some of your anger out that way??? It could be very gratifying, but only if they REALLY don't understand what you are saying!!!:lol

    Well, Judie, I don't believe in counting beans, but I don't think it would hurt to have some sense of what hubby's doing with his drinking too--just making sure the pot's not calling the kettle black here, ya know?? Even if you don't challenge him about it directly, it might save you from having your own feelings hurt if you know that he's not being quite the angel himself!!

    I'm sorry about your lousy day Mary Anne, and espec about your horse. That makes me feel bad. I love animals and hate to see them hurting! Try not to get too worried about the topa, though, and just see how it works for you!! Everyone is different. Donna, who is over on the abs board, feels like it has worked so well for her, and she has experienced NONE of the problems that some people have had. Everyone is different!!!

    I think we need to start a TV show named Everybody Loves Becca!

    Tawny, you are making good points all around. The only good thing to be said about the 4th glass on is that if it is cheap stuff, you no longer care! And then, why bother??

    Gina, you are SOOO welcome to be here and spill the beans in my eyes. I am glad that you are here and hope that we can be of use to you in your journey!

    Chrysa, I hope you are sleeping now and don't even read this til tomorrow if at all. You've just been wrung out, my dear. Hang in and keep trying. If the topa isn't the answer, well you'll figure out something else. We just have to keep trying until we make it work.

    My daughter fell in love with Boston University and Boston itself on her trip this weekend. Her time with her father and stepmother was not as gratifying, however, and I have gotten quite an earful in the last two days! She said that other than taking her around to colleges, they pretty much made her do what they wanted over the weekend, even though the weekend was supposed to be for her. I felt bad for her. He is such a schmuck!! I can see she is trying to love him and make excuses for him is a process that she is going through. It is sad for her.

    Anyway, I have written a freaking book here. I just wanted to let you all know also that my cucumber soup turned out well, if I may say so, and I posted the recipe on the recipe thread.

    Hugs to all!
    Kathy (In a better mood!)

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