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Thread: Thursday Mods

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    Thursday Mods

    How is everyone in ModsterLand today?

    I was disappointed in a presentation I did last evening so am trying not to beat myself up about it. It was with a tough group, so even if I had done my most dramatically wonderfullest, not sure the outcome would have been different. Just an opportunity lost. Maybe next time.

    On a better note, hit the 1/2 way point in my weight loss journey yesterday so feel good about that. And modding all the way, so no worries there.

    Hope you all are having a spenderiferous day.


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    Thursday Mods

    Morning Ask, don't beat yourself up over the presentation, I am sure you did fine....anyone who can get up in front of people and give a talk or presentation to I give alot of credit, I have NEVER been one to be able to give oral presentations, sometimes wonder how i made it through some of my classes, beet red, stumbled.........even to this day i have problems talking in groups......

    Congrats on the weight loss!!!! I can't seem to make much progress in that category, but am trying like heck and feel so much better when i keep myself busy.

    Hope all have a great day too....kind of dreary around here after a few beautiful days!

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