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    Thread: July 31 st!

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      20th July, 2006.
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      July 31 st!

      Hi all!

      We did it! Note to me from the Universe this morning, I think it is appropriate for the day.

      The mightiest works, start with the smallest steps. Like the skipper who simply hoisted the sails for the yacht to circumnavigate the globe. Like the farmer who simply planted the seeds that grew into an abundant harvest. And like the little angel who simply imagined the day... they'd become all that you now are.

      You're on a roll.

      High Five -
      The Universe

      I like that some of you are making rules for yourselves. I think those really help keep your guidelines in place and help keep you counting and aware. Good for you!

      I really don't think too much about drinking like I use to. For me I decided for awhile no rum in the house. I am easily getting past thinking about a drink without it there calling my name.

      Saturday evening, went to the Jazz festival, had ice tea with the dinner. (Caffeine kept me up later though!)

      Yesterday I had one glass of red wine with dinner. Lasted a couple hours. (sort of like the beer for you Jen, can take or leave it.)

      Busy, horrific week with over 7 project deadlines today so gotta run.

      Wish you all the very best day to end our July mods! I am so proud of all of you and being a part of this wonderful group!


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      20th July, 2006.
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      July 31 st!

      happy 31st!!

      Hey there all!! thought I wouldn't get a chance to get to post for quite a while, but snuck in here while my co-worker is out to lunch!! Hope you all had a GREAT weekend!!!! I did ..........got a tattoo in memorree of my dead brother (tattoo artist )and in celebration of my only living brother making it back alive from Iraq!!, and bought a horse trailer!!YEAH!!! so now I can travel all over w/ my guys (don't know how much of that I will do with the price of gas as it is!!??)

      Judie, are we still on for Vegas??!! looking forward to that and this weekend in PA.....Mary ,Sounds like you are doing ok, I have been ok, but drinking a litte too much again, need some abs days under my belt to make me feel better.........have dinner w/ in laws tonight, so maybe tomorrow, huh!?

      Love you all. tallk to ya later..........oh ya, had a really wonderful horse back ride yesterday out at a beatuiful park where they have equestrian trials every year, was very pleasureable...........enough about me................you guys enjoy your day!!!!:h
      Mary Anne

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      22nd July, 2006.
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      July 31 st!

      High Five right back at you Mary

      Ok here is the recap, without to much back history, this is not the "my story" thread and I will try not to write a novel. My dictionary and I spend to much time together.

      I restarted the program Sunday July 2nd, I was in terrible mental pain and suffering from a vicious hangover AGAIN

      When I restarted the program, I had everything I needed in the cupboard already. All the new supps and I had ordered the Topa, but I had not used it yet. I spent Sunday morning re-reading the book and buying bigger pill cases. I think I waited until Monday to sign in here to say Hi! I went 5 days AF the first week, that was easy, I was pretty sick for the first couple of them. Every week the drinks got less and less on the non-AF's days.
      So I will recap this last week as I am happy with these results and my hope is maintain at this rate.
      I did 2 AF days this week.
      I drank 1 glass of wine or 1 vodka drink during the non-af days. I like my wine and did notdo not want to give it up.
      I drank 2 drinks each day on Fri, Sat and Sun.
      I have not been buzzed, drunk or hungover in 30 days. I also have not put my life on hold. We went boating, camping, to a wedding, had lots of company, had PMS(can't get rid of that one) a little cold, a sick child (going to the doctor today), and the normal everyday fun stuff you get with kids, always hungry, spoiled, bored, hot, fighting, etc.
      That's my story for now, I am ready for next month!

      Notes from this weekend's posts:
      Jen, get the cd's, I agree with Mary. I know the cd's have made a huge impact on my ability to stop excess drinking. I have a suggestion in mine to relate that alcohol "buzz" with feeling sick and although it may seem a little harsh, when I was at the reception on Saturday I have absolutely no urge to overdrink, so it has got to be working.

      Deanie, that is great about your family support and your date sounded so nice.

      Great days ahead,

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      21st July, 2006.
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      July 31 st!

      Hi Everybody... well, I've been MIA, since Sat night... had a migraine come @ work. Not good at all; especially waiting tables, busier than sh*t.. with the sun shining straight into my eyes... I did finish out my shift.. it wasn't pretty... I took an extra dose of topa(which I've never done @ work.. but I could tell this wasn't an ordinary headache coming on..& topa is supposed to be for migraines). I was desperate. I think it helped. I got thru my shift, but this is the first Iv'e been out of the dark bedroom since late Sat night... . Had to call in & have my shift covered last night... Very frustrating ... having something "take over" your life... like that. But hopefully it's just about run it's course. I'm sittting here typing with sunglassses on, because the light from the monitor is too bright. Guess kayaking is out for today...
      Sure brings back memories of self-induced prisons though... Maybe it's God's way of reminding me what I have to go back to if I don't behave...

      On a lighter note... Mary Ann! Yes Vegas is definately on!

      Hope everyones doing OK !! will check in later!....:l , Judie

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      20th July, 2006.
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      July 31 st!

      Hi all
      This is only a super quick one because I am at work and its a super busy day so far but just wanted to say hello and love you guys - good job to you all -I am thinking of you!! Will post more later.
      Jude - I am sorry about the migraine - those are terrible - I used to get them once in a while and they really can take over your whole day!! I hope you are feeling bette, hon
      Laura - you should be proud of yourself - you are doing great and probably feeling strong. I am confident you will continue on the path you are on. We are all here. Hugs
      Mary Anne - glad to hear you had a relaxing horse ride - never been riding myself but its something i always wanted to try. The hubby used to ride a lot - I hear it is very relaxing...
      Mary I hope your week isnt too horrific (projects etc) but i know you are strong
      Sorry to anyone I missed - because of tight time here right now I just responded to people who wrote today on this thread but i love you all

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